It's all one flower.

2201. Acquisition of land going forward

In Rufus, the capital of the Arterial Republic, land has increased mainly in the lower towns.

Even under these circumstances, the Artel government will not stop pushing for a corporate park in the capital, Rufus.

Because it's President Podérez's policy.

After the special needs of reconstruction from the half-century of civil unrest subsided and the economy began to burgeon, bankruptcy increased to small and medium-sized enterprises that entered the cheap coastal areas of the land in an unregulated manner.

It attracts foreign companies with large capital and high capital adequacy. Transformed the industrial structure by surrounding skilled workers in small companies with a weak management base. It seems that the plan is to protect technology by working in a stable employment environment, and to boost the economy.

Rubelle, a fiendish soldier, tilted her head as she read the abridged version of the newspaper in Rufus's library.

Looks like they're selling technology to a foreign company. I don't know if that would protect the technology, but I didn't think it was very good.

Foreign companies with high capital adequacy have the impression that they are more likely to go bankrupt than small businesses, but if business here is not profitable, they may quickly withdraw.

I felt like I couldn't say that the technicians could work in a stable environment.

In fact, many companies have pulled their hands lightly due to communication interruptions and the appearance of a large number of demon beasts. Since it was at the planning stage before the entry, it may have been easy to judge the loss, but the decision to withdraw the blank paper was quick.

Barbatum Federation's Rigornet reported that it was well on its way to acquiring the site and had no intention of withdrawing it at this time.

The company says it will build a large-scale logistics hub to boost economic recovery after the end of the Artillery War.

Although it is an industry that seems to have nothing to do with the technology of local small and medium-sized factories in small towns, it is quite large as a receptacle for employment.

Although Lubero has no experience in Internet mail order use, even if it can be easily thought of, it needs manpower such as order reception, payment processing, inquiry handling, purchasing, inventory management, product delivery, shipping preparation, return handling, and transportation.

Economic benefits also affect local businesses, stores, and related industries, such as packaging supplies such as cardboard and gum tapes, and restaurants intended for employees.

In reality, we don't even see any signs of a truce yet, and we don't even have an order to stop the attack.

In the morning and evening along the coast, [Flying Swallow] School Engineer Nayaburi hangs [Dense Fog] to block the view of the Artelians, and Engineer Squad Leader Wutra detonates the bomb appropriately on the lake and raises the water column irregularly to capture the maintenance ship of the lake bottom cable.

According to the prospectus of the Nemolaris government, telecommunications operators did not want to start work on the restoration of the lake bottom cable until the end of the war.

When ordered to do so, the Rubells attack the Artillery Base.

Today, Lieutenant Razzutchik will report to General Command alone to investigate and procure what Rubell has ordered.

Even after the war, Rigolnet will not be able to do business in the Aatel Republic until the internet connection is restored. Although it was unclear how many years it would take to acquire the site and build the warehouse, it was impossible to wipe out the sense of being cut off.

The other industry that seems to have no intention of withdrawing is the Lanun Cruz battery industry.

A weak press release was issued for the time being, but when we reconfirmed the other day, it was clearly stated that there was no intention to withdraw at this time.

We are also headquartered in the Federation of Barbatum, but we have already entered the Republic of Zigopetalum in the Lake District a few decades ago.

The company dropped factory waste into Lake Lacus, and local fishing associations, the Panissea Uni Flora Shrine, and faith-based organizations, mainly people from the lake, were driven to purify the water. As a matter of course, they filed a lawsuit for damages, but it is still in dispute.

Nonetheless, the decision not to withdraw from Rufus's business by the Ranunculus battery industry is probably due to a desire to recover the land purchase fees already paid.

In addition, the Republic of Artel is officially a Kirkland where there are no followers of the goddess of the lake and where there is no fishing. Maybe he didn't have to worry about the waste regulations.

If the Zigopetalum Republic branch office and factory were to be relocated to the Artel territory, it would be possible to manufacture them cheaply without incurring environmental conservation costs. In addition, I thought that if I moved to a place where the country's judicial power did not extend, I might be able to trample down the damages.

When Lubero previously surveyed companies participating in the Lacus Regional Joint Committee on Enterprise Parks, the official websites of other companies saw wording such as "environmentally friendly", "reduce environmental impact", and "strive to preserve the environment".

For some reason, it is necessary to insist on common language consumers and investors, so I put it on the list.

... I wonder if the layers of customers are different than those of Ranunculus?

The demonic soldier Rubel finished his notes and left the library. Take that leg to the shopping mall.

The largest shopping mall in the capital, Rufus, is packed with visitors who can't compare to the markets and shopping districts.

It has a large parking area, and there is no exposed ground on the site. I guess it's because I don't have to worry about being attacked by an earthen fish. There were many parents and children with them.

Large buses come into the parking lot.

In addition to the logo and name of the shopping mall, the car's body also features a map showing the route and the words "free transportation". In the upscale residential area of the capital, Rufus, a ghost lurks in a rumored mansion, and I saw several buses in the city when I fed them to the magic artillery.

Restrictions on the use of private cars due to soaring fuel prices, vehicle types, and traffic restrictions by industry, and free shuttle buses are packed with people.

Lebel filmed an overcrowded bus on a tablet and stepped inside the mall.

I wrote my work clothes with spells and marks embroidered on them, and I could tell at a glance that I was a wizard, but the Artelians didn't look at me. I was completely accustomed to the existence of a demonic beast exterminator.

Ah, um, the exterminator?

A woman called out to him, and Rubel stopped and turned around. A young woman holding hands with a girl who looks like a kindergarten girl. Behind them is a boy with a very similar face.

"Are you hunting demon beasts here?" What's in there? "

"No? No, I just came to buy a map." I can't connect to the internet. "

"Ho, are you sure you're not there?" Isn't there a demon beast? "

“At least I haven't been asked to do this, and if I stay here, I'll close the store.”

”Ho, are you sure you're okay? Well, isn't there a demon beast?"

The young mother pushes again and again in a trembling voice, apparently still anxious.

Elementary-school boys glitter their eyes and look up at the louvre, while girls look around unusually.

Rebel repeated the same explanation over and over again, but the young mother grabbed the hem of the work clothes and did not let go.