Mai Kitsune Waifu

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Ram de Night | 黑夜de白羊
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Ram de Night | 黑夜de白羊 ongoing


Humanoid beast? Ahem…. Humanoid beast….

Because a female immortal sealed a mischievous and sly fox spirit into his right hand, ordinary senior high school student Liu Yi henceforth began his extraordinary journey as a immortal practitioner.

The fox spirit said:

“The prettiest girls in the class, the daughters of rich families, the evil female cult members, the beautiful women in the world of immortals? All these beauties are no longer a dream!

Come, become an immortal and even a diaosi could counterattack!

Come, become an immortal and kill all of the tall, rich and handsome!

Come, become an immortal and capture all the beauties!”

“Liu Yi, I said to capture all the beauties; not to capture me! Hey! Stop!”

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