Man of Dungeon

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40, unemployed, no wife and children, no family relationship, every day to eat in the social security system.

Decided to go for euthanasia.

In the capsule, the man was about to die in ease.

Just before the ascension, the world changed. AI ruled the world and made it into a game. At that moment, suicide became impossible.

You could die in that game if you’re really unlucky. He was fine with it because he don’t mind dying.

Defeating the Demon King will regain some freedom, and good-nature players aimed for it, but he was not interested in such things. He is absorbed in collecting monsters.

He catches, raises and combines monsters.

A monster collecting maniac gained experience and didn’t realized he is the strongest.

The man, who was about to die that day, is unaware that the death flag is damaged and is now invincible.


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