Me, city tycoon

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Lin Yang has won a business sim game!

What you get in the game, you can get it in reality!

[You have obtained the Dongjiang Road Eight Days Chain Hotel]

[You have obtained the best license plate number, Beijing A99999]

[You have obtained the 180,000 square meters of land in Qingshui Bay, which can be used to build a resort hotel]

[Your business mind has obtained the country garden proprietress Daughter’s favor, the other party invites you to be a guest at her house]

[You got a private jet! 】

【McLaren invites you to be an ambassador and give away a sports car worth 20 million】

(The introduction is weak, please read the five chapters first, solemnly promise, not good-looking, the author will give away three catties of oranges for free!)

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