You're fired.

That was what happened after defeating one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, The Gigabrand of the Earth.

After returning to the city, stay at the Inn......

After the meal, he was summoned to the room of Arios the Brave.

Arios' room also had three other companions.

Agus, a warrior who takes on enemy attacks in one hand and serves as a shield for his people.

Lean, a wizard who uses more than a thousand magic and is called a walking strategic weapon.

Mina, a cleric who can heal any wound and resurrect even the dead.

My people are listening to me and Arios...

Each had a tough gaze this way.

"Uh... just hang in there. All of a sudden, I don't understand the situation...... what is this all about? Could it be dodgy or something..."

"There's no way!

Arios slammed the table so as to express his frustration.

Subsequently, Agus also tongues at this.

"Are you serious...?

"Oh, I mean it"

Doesn't look like you're joking.

"... can you tell me why?

"You don't even know that?

Leanne came out of her mouth.

"There's only one reason. Because you're your luggage. Yeah, I'll correct it. If I put you with the luggage, I'm sorry about the luggage. You're right about garbage."

"Leanne, that's too much. How much, even though he's not doing any good, for once, there must be pride."

Mina also speaks harshly.

What, is this...?

Am I, until now, being thought of like this by my people...?

"Why, like this... we're one of them, right? And yet, how..."

No one answers.

I'm just gonna look at you like you're looking at garbage.

I mean... that's what I'm talking about.

I was the only one who thought I was one of them, and they, they, they didn't think anything of it.

"Let me put it plainly for you"

Arios opened his mouth again.

"Like Leanne said, you're our party baggage. It's like it's not helping. No... if it's just not helping, it's still better. In your case, you're pulling everyone's legs, and your very existence is negative."


"You know what I mean? I won't let you tell me there isn't. Inability to deal decent damage to enemies, conversely, the beginning and end of being targeted by enemies and annoying the hands of their allies. When it comes to being able to do it, it's enough to use animals to explore the surroundings and carry luggage."


"I didn't say this was useless, what can I say? If there are any other appropriate words, I'd like you to tell me the other way around."

There were no words.

Everything, because Arios is right.

My profession is to use Beast Tamer... as a demon by entering into a contract with an animal to use its power.

As Arios said, use birds to scout from above, or sign a contract with a bear to carry luggage...

Suitable for that kind of support.

But it's not suitable for combat.

I don't have much power myself, just to use animals.

In the battle against the Four Heavens, the harm caused by the lack of power appeared as it were.

Nothing can be done.

I can only escape.

Just pull my buddy's leg...... regrettably, Arios was right.

"We are a party open only to the chosen, with the noble mission of defeating the Demon King. But you just hired him on a whim. Still, at first, I was hoping, right? Maybe even you, like garbage, can help. But the result... is unexpected."


"Will you not disappoint us any more?

"... Quiet and leave. It's annoying to be followed by a child who can't do anything."

"When I'm with someone like you, you're in real trouble. Come on, will you be aware?

"It's a story I couldn't do from the beginning. For both sides, I disagreed… well, it could be taken for granted."

One by one, my buddies showered me with hard words, and pitifully, tears were about to spill.



I was going to hang in there for myself... but my people wouldn't admit such an effort.

I felt like they denied everything about me, and I felt like I could strain my heart.

Now, this is happening...

I thought we were important people.

The result is... here.

But there's no choice.

It's true that I wasn't strong enough and I was causing trouble.

Now, let's be honest about that.

"... ok. Today, I'm gonna skip the party."

"It's a wise decision."

"You did a good job at the end. I'll give you a compliment, kihaha"

"Leanne, that's too much."

"As much as this, it's nothing good. How much hardship we've been given because of this uselessness. Mina's really relieved, isn't she?

"That's, well... undeniable"

"Aren't you glad you got a decent job at the end? Quit, that's the job. Hahaha."


Grab a fist.

But there's nothing I can do but 'quit', and Leanne's right...

I can't say anything back.

"... Rain, leave your gear"


I'm stuck with Agus' words.

"The gear we collected. It's not a toy to give to a kid you're not ready for."

"... Okay, I get it"

Sure, I got this gear from my buddies.

My people won't forgive me for having it.

"... is this it?

"Chris Dagger"

"The Robe of Light"

"Empty Ring"

They're all the finest gear that you can play and live your life with just selling one.

Give them to Arios...

At that time, I felt completely out of touch with my people.

No... Originally, maybe he wasn't one of us or anything.

If you're a true companion, you don't do this.

Even if you ever get out of a party, you shouldn't be able to say these words.

When I thought so, I could see my heart cooling rapidly.

"It's a pity we traveled so far together. We'll pay for this inn."

"... that would help. Bye."

I turn my back on the line, brave man...

I left the room behind without ever looking back.