My Archangel

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Qiao Wen traveled to another world, and there is a ritual called "Heroic Spirit Summoning"...

"Listen to me, everyone! Yesterday I called a tauren. Although it was a bit naive, guess what? That guy has panel attributes. It’s ridiculously high!"

"Cut, what's so good about Tauren? The Lord only called the character explosion last time. He sent a single draw and directly summoned a Master Sword Sect. It is also rare in this world. Exist!"

"Sword Sect? I think it's almost the same as the ancestor. Yesterday I saw with my own eyes that you recognized the long sword as a sword and gave it to others. You were hung on a tree and beaten!"

"I...I didn't. It's so innocent out of thin air!?"

As the tavern was filled with cheerful air late at night, Qiao Wen, who was leaning in the corner drinking and socializing with the opposite sex, suddenly felt his head poked.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw a blond beauty staring at him with a smile.

Three pairs of light wings loomed behind her. Although the woman was smiling, she did not.

The talking eyes narrowed slightly, as if asking him something.

——Why haven’t you come home so late?


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