Necro Master

High Fantasy [Fantasy]
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Why do gods like this kidnapping like this?

It's great if you just help me.

Did you really

want to make a hero who was

kidnapped and trained and born in the great chaos where the dead are born? This is what I felt when I read the Return Master, the Returnee to the Hunter World, and so on.

If you can just help me, is it good?

But so is this work.

It is brought to a place called 'Helios' by a certain being.

However, it is not that the main character was taken alone.

Periodically, people who have been sleeping well overnight disappear one by one as if possessed by a ghost.

People always disappear periodically at the beginning of the month, so please stay overnight and my family wants my friends not to disappear.

In the midst of this, the protagonist is alone in peace.

No matter where he was dragged, his life was so lonely that no one knew, and there was no

family to worry about disappearing,

and no family to want to disappear. That's why he thought he would never disappear.

Something ... alright ... a rejected being who doesn't even receive any attention ?? Because I thought of myself as.

But where is that ^^ The main character is poor.

Chongryul is abducted overnight.

Awakening is a world full of graves.

It was interesting to note that every tomb was written, and all the comments of the tomb owners were written.

So, for example, if I say that I have a grave, then I, the owner of the grave, can leave a comment there.

Whatever you say, my freedom, whether you use the truth or t


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