NPC Town-building Game

NPC Town-building Game

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An unknown parcel arrives to Yoshio, a 30-years old NEET. The content is a game disk titled “The Village of Fate.” A beautiful CG game with real-life images gets started.

All of the villagers in the game are high-performing AIs, who strangely behaved like human beings. In that game, Yoshio is the god of destiny and will be in a position to guide the villagers. But what can be done in the game is only to give a message, a prophecy, once every day. The villagers will execute the instruction, and their gratitude becomes the power of miracles, that the god of destiny can use.

Yoshio is worshiped as God but in reality he lives like a shut-in. Thanks to villagers he will again learn the joy of life and thanks to him the villagers will be saved.


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