NR, New World

NR, New World

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In 20XX, the

USA announces a global ban policy. Countries included in the


interception policy form a coalition system, and'Training the Soul' becomes the capital of the allied state.

In 20XX,

the central government of Training The Soul issued a statement of renunciation of public authority .

In 20XX, gangsters begin to fill

the vacant spaces in the public sphere , and'The Age of Gangsters' arrives in Training The Soul . The gangster's dominance, which lasted for decades in 20XX, is ended by the sudden appearance of'four heroes' . Each of the heroes establishes a >clan named after their own, and the'Era of Solving' begins. So the order due to new money, which fringed the day ... the training Soul " a show llama duck ' is raw punk that appears. This saengyang-arch is running wild as he wants to live , so this is called'Magsanism ' , and he started to run wild with a knife like that.

It is called'natural rhythmical' .

'Natural rhythmic', currently in progress.
NR, New World

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