Omnipresent God of War

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In the desolate land at the last days, the third year of Emperor Shi Zong’s reign, the world is in chaos, the people have no way to make a living. The Central Dynasty collapsed, and the various regions were divided into groups and independent sects. The Demonic sects is hiding in the shadows and causing trouble, and the gangs were fighting against each other, causing chaos everywhere.

The people are struggling for hope and salvation as they suffer from drought, cold, rain and insects. In the midst of the chaos, various sects have emerged to fight for resources and land to establish their own rule. There are ambitious people who tries to sweep the world and establish a dynasty, and there are also righteous people who tries to save the commoners and rebuild their homes.

The body, martial arts, immortal law, a supreme martial arts powerhouse, becoming a legend with similar fame to the Buddha. Wei He holds the Pojing Bead that can help him breakthrough, traveling through the chaotic world and creating his own legend step by step.


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