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Si Joon
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Park Min-hyuk, an 18-year-old boy, fell in an accident on a plane to Singapore determined to be a high school math destination and met death with all the students and teachers who were going on a math trip. It was the gods of the world who greeted him. God said, "Life is already over in your world. I will never go back to your world, but I will allow you to live in the world you now rule. Instead, fight the monsters who devour the world. 'Instead, I'll give each person the right gift. The protagonist who did not want to end his life like this accepts God's recommendation and chooses a new life. And in the process, you get the benefits of a unique gift because you did something you liked about God. And waiting for him to fall into this world is a group of dead friends or teachers and priests who lead them. He has undergone basic survival education with others and agrees to act together with his friend Lee Jin-wook in order to survive. And then I bumped into Jojin. Lee Jin-wook, the only friend in the process of being abducted and escaping from slave hunters' conspiracy to adapt well with such basic gift abilities, dies and Jo Jin-wook runs away to live alone with Lee Jin-wook and Park Min-hyuk. Shocked by the death of only one friend and the betrayal of a trusted colleague, Park Min Hyuk awakens a unique gift to make an item and now lives alone as a weapon in this world. For revenge and survival.


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