Otherworldly White Dragon Lord

Chapter 1 Meeting with the Creator

Turning around and sitting helplessly on the ground, looking at the purest white marble platform in front of him, the boy looked at his hands. Both hands are now slightly transparent like white mist. , I just took a picture of myself by the pool of the platform, it seems that my whole body has become this peculiar state, just like the so-called soul state often said by the world!

If I remember correctly, I should be dead.

That's right!The young man nodded affirmatively. After all, there is no abnormality in his body now, and even the pain that has been entangled with him for many years has disappeared without a trace. Everything is incredible.Looking back carefully, the teenager can only playfully think that he has also encountered a plot like countless online YY novels?After death, travel to an unknown space┉┉

Thinking of this, the young man stood up depressed and shouted at the empty platform: "According to the plot, is it time for a character like the creation god to appear on the stage? Hey! Is there anyone here?"!

Is there anyone here┉┉Is there anyone here? Is there anyone here?┉┉

The boy's voice echoed in the platform. Seeing that there was no response, the boy sat on the ground again in disappointment. Damn it!It seems different from the plot of the novel.I had tried to jump off the platform before, but the result was that I was teleported back to the original place again and again, and it seemed that I couldn't leave this place.

When the teenager was depressed, a ray of light suddenly flashed across the center of the platform, and a huge ball of light shining with white light appeared in the center of the platform. The strong light made the young man in the soul state subconsciously block his eyes and turned his head and dare not straighten Looking at the light ball, a majestic voice suddenly came from my ear, and I couldn't tell whether it was a male or a female, as if it was coming from a distant place.

<Selected!After receiving the baptism of death and rebirth, you will become my messenger, my incarnation, and represent my will┉┉>

Before the voice was finished, the boy had already yelled out: "STOP"!

In an instant, the voice in the young man's ear quieted down, and the light emitted by the light ball was also reduced a lot in an instant. Taking advantage of the weakening of the light, the young man turned his head and stared at the light ball and took a deep breath and said slowly: "I don't know what you are, and what you want me to do next! But I want to answer all your suggestions in three words"!

Said that the young man paused and then gritted his teeth and said three words: "I" refuse "reject""!

The atmosphere on the platform seems to have fallen into a cold field because of the three words "Juvenile". If it weren't for the dazzling light that continued to radiate, the teenager would have noticed that the light ball floating on the platform was shaking slightly and seemed to be holding back something. .

"Hahaha┉┉hahaha┉┉haha"!Suddenly, a huge laughter came out from the ball of light, without the feeling of majesty and heavyness just now, some just laughed like a young man.

The boy was also overwhelmed by this sudden change. The ball of light stopped laughing and began to slowly creep up and change its shape. Soon the boy was surprised to see that the ball of light in front of him changed into an age when he was alive with him. A boy about the same age.

The ball of light, which turned into a boy, floated to the side of the boy and said: "Maybe this look can better talk to you"!

The young man squinted his eyes and carefully looked at the boy whose light sphere changed in front of him, and the boy also stood there indifferently with a faint smile!

"You are ┉┉" The teenager pointed at the boy and said, "God ┉ ┉ alien ┉ ┉ or something else"?

Before the boy could answer, the boy's expression suddenly became distressed, and he tapped his head vigorously with his hands.

Seeing the behavior of the boy in front of him, the boy seemed to nod with satisfaction, and gave a thumbs up like admiration, saying, "Very good! It only took 2 hours and 23 minutes to get used to his condition after waking up, and he was also mentally good. It is relatively stable and has no insanity! It's amazing!"

Clapping his hands gently, the boy laughed and said, but the boy seemed to be a little annoyed and took a deep breath and directly sat down on the ground and asked: "Okay, can you tell me who you are?"

"who am I"?The boy pointed to himself and laughed exaggeratedly: "I have been given many identities. Humans call me God. In the Quran, I am called God. In the Bible, I am called God. In Taoism, I am Hongjun. In Buddhism, I am Lord Buddha, of course sometimes I am also called Satan, called a demon, called destruction ┉┉"

The boy suddenly stopped his exaggerated private prosecution and squatted down to look at the puzzled-faced young man in front of him and said: "The Internet novels you create usually call me the creator of the world, the creator"!

"Creation God"!?After hearing this word, the boy showed a weird expression and supported the ground with one hand, and pointed at the boy weakly with the other hand and muttered.

"Actually ┉┉ you can call me'the seeder', literally understand that I was the first being born in the universe. In the unknown number of years I traveled in the universe to spread life on countless planets. seed".The boy stood up and looked at the boy condescendingly: "If you are not used to this name, then you can call me'Glasses Panda'."

┉┉┉┉The teenager's brain seems to have crashed because of this sentence. For a long time, he just stared at the boy who claimed to be the'glasses panda' in front of him.

"You┉┉Are you really a panda"?The mysterious CG maker has always been the boy in front of him, and he is actually the god of creation!?

'Glasses Panda' nodded affirmatively: "Are you surprised?"

The teenager looked at the boy in disbelief.'Glasses Panda' watched the young man stretch out his hand and gently nodded on his head. In an instant, the young man felt a coolness pouring into his heart, and his excitement immediately calmed down.

"This┉┉this is┉┉what is going on"?The young man touched his forehead and looked at the'Glasses Panda' incredibly.

'Glasses Panda' lightly shrugged and smiled: "It's nothing, it's just a trick to calm your emotions, otherwise your emotions are always in a state of excitement ┉┉Now we can talk nicely"?

The young man stood up slowly facing the'glasses panda' with his hands on the ground and said helplessly, "What is there to talk about? I didn't expect that the first good friend I made who thought to be "sincere" was actually God".

"That's why you should feel more glorious"!"Glasses Panda" said with a haughty expression with hands on hips.

This sentence seemed to irritate the teenager a little: "But so far, your manners do not even have the majesty and temperament that'God' should have. This really disappoints me."

'Glasses Panda' was stunned and then said with a smile: "I just think it might be more convenient to talk with you like this, if you want to say majestic words┉┉"

Halfway through the talk, the'glasses panda' snapped its fingers, and the surrounding scenery suddenly twisted, and it began to spin like it was in the center of a storm. For a while, the boy closed his eyes in horror, but when he opened his eyes, The young man found that the empty platform had disappeared, and he was actually in a spacious and solemn room.The floor is neatly covered with a red carpet, surrounded by quaint rosewood furniture, the bookshelves are full of exquisite books, and there is a party flag and five red stars hanging on the walls. The whole room looks like an older generation of revolutionaries. The same as the study.

This is how the same thing?The boy walked slowly to the round table, where several cups of tea were steaming.Reaching out his hand and gently touching the teacup, the boy found that he could not feel the temperature of the teacup.

"Now you are in a state of soul, you won't be hungry, you can't feel the temperature without pain.Following the voice, a towering figure came slowly.

As the figure suddenly turned his head, the boy felt his heart jumped out of his chest with excitement when he saw the person walking by. Of course, the premise is that he still has a heart now┉┉

"Don't be nervous, comrade, sit down and talk."The visitor sat on the sofa for himself.

Sitting down like a conditioned reflex, looking at the familiar great man in front of him in disbelief, the boy stammered: "Lord┉Chairman┉"?

The once great man did not answer, but took a sip of the tea gently.

At this time, the door was pushed open and several people entered the room. The greatest diplomat after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the commander-in-chief of the Volunteer Army to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the chief designer of reform and opening up, everyone is the most familiar person in the memory of a teenager!

"Oh! You have arrived first?"

The Premier in a decent tunic suit smiled and found a sofa and sat down

After being surrounded by these older generations of revolutionaries, the boy felt his whole body trembling slightly. Suddenly the boy's eyes caught his white misty transparent legs. The boy immediately recalled that he was dead. Talking to the "glasses panda" who is the creator, where did these older generations of revolutionaries come from?

An agitated young man almost bounced off the bench and asked suspiciously to the chairman in front of him: "Panda, hello! You are a'glasses panda', right"?

"Bingo! Guessed right, but no reward"!The chairman, who was originally a serious face, showed a smirk that only young people would have.

"Hehe, the young comrade's adaptability is very good! I reacted so quickly." The chief designer of reform and opening up smiled, then took a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it and took a sip.

Not only looks and voice, but even the look and behavior are exactly the same as real people. The young man stared at the great men in front of him intently, turned his head back to the'glasses panda' and asked: "Are they ┉┉"

'Glasses Panda' put down the tea cup and shook his head and said, "It's not'them' but'us'. Everyone in this room is myself except you."

what?Could it be that!The boy seemed to have reacted to something, and looked at the other people in surprise.

The commander-in-chief of the Volunteer Army in military uniform nodded affirmatively, and everyone present at the moment said in unison: "I don't have a fixed life form. I can imitate any posture as I like and split into countless numbers that can be under the same will. A new entity to manipulate".

Four great men, four different voices, but at the same time, said the same word verbatim, the boy felt that this originally solemn room became a little weird and terrible for a while.

"Forget it, it seems that this way makes you feel more nervous."

Sitting on the sofa, the bodies of the'glasses panda' and the other three people began to slowly split into countless tiny spots of light, and the room began to twist and change as quickly as it did before.

What will happen this time?Although the fear that he had at the beginning was gone, the teenager still slightly blocked his eyes with his hands subconsciously, and soon the whirlwind stopped again, and the room became a Victorian-style living room, and the sunlight poured in from the window. Let the whole room be full of brightness and vitality.

And in front of the boy's eyes, with black wings and blood-red pupils, the silver-haired girl in black Gothic costume put one hand on her chest and bowed gracefully, then smiled and said, "Maybe you will feel more at ease this way? Father? grown ups".

Mercury lamp!?That’s right ┉┉ The teenager is sure that she is not mistaken, the girl’s smile has a trace of evil charm, even when she bows to herself, she still shows a lonely posture, except that she is taller than the original doll. It is much taller, and is closer to the height of a normal human little girl. This is exactly the popular character in the anime "Rose Maiden", the first puppet mercury lamp.

The cute mercury lamp in front of him was like an exquisite porcelain doll. The boy was a little stunned for a while, but because he had already had his previous experience, the boy didn't appear so surprised and uneasy this time.

The boy gently walked to the'mercury lamp' and bent over and looked at her carefully. Looking at the delicate face and arrogant demeanor, the boy's mind suddenly came up with the thought of'cute to death'.

The boy shook his head violently and quickly lost his strange thought: "Panda"?

"Bingo! You guessed it right again, but still no reward!"The'glasses panda' who turned into a mercury lamp lifted the skirt and turned around gracefully and said with a smile.

With the appearance of the mercury lamp, the "glasses panda" can almost be regarded as a malicious and cute saying: "Do you like what I am now? Oh Dusa (Japanese pronunciation: father adult)"!

Oh, it’s so ┉┉ even deliberately pronounced it in Japanese. Although the sound is exactly the same as that of a mercury lamp, the boy felt awkward because he knew it was a “glasses panda”. Therefore, the boy gave a bad comment: “In addition to let I don't think you have the temperament and majesty that a god should have at all. I now doubt if you have a split personality!"

The'Glasses Panda' looked like I was hurt by your fragile heart and said: "It's a sad evaluation. Haven't you always liked the character of mercury lamp"?

The boy turned white and said with a glance at the'glasses panda': "I like more anime characters."

"That's right! It's just that you especially have a more favorable feeling for characters like Mercury Lamp." "Glasses Panda" put away the cynical expression at this moment and slowly said word by word: "After all, you can also say that it is ┉┉ Feel sorry for the same disease! The lonely and beautiful Rozen Maiden first doll Mercury Lamp, her body is flawed, she still walks strong and pursues her dreams! The same you are not afraid of blood cancer and still persist in the hope of life , You admire the strong will of the mercury lamp, she seems like a mirror reflecting you."

Maybe I should thank you "Panda" for your CG works and your encouragement┉┉

The monologue boy of "Glasses Panda" was silent for a while and said: "You really exalt me ​​too much! When I was tortured by illness, I had the idea of ​​ending my life more than once ┉┉"

With a faint sigh, "Glasses Panda" clapped his hands and said, "Forget it, get back to business"!

"Please wait a minute"!!The boy said hurriedly at this moment.

'Glasses Panda' stopped and looked at the boy incomprehensibly: "Is there anything else?"

"Actually ┉┉that ┉┉" The young man squatted down and looked at the'mercury lamp' in front of him and said expectantly: "Can I give you a hug?"

"I want to use three words to answer your proposal! "I"reject""reject"!