Otherworldly White Dragon Lord

Otherworldly White Dragon Lord

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What are you going to do when you pass through another world?

Yalin(MC): Perhaps, many of those seniors who passed through another world would like to use violence to solve their problems, but I like to control the fate of a country with economics and races with faith, I use benefits to instigate others so that I profit, and even making them take risk for me without them even knowing. In each country the highest is the king and behind the king is a string that is attach to my hand, for I am their puppeteer.

Yalin(MC): Certainly the credit does not only belong to me, I must give my thanks to the great knights and their leader Zero(Code Geass). The supreme master of blood, the moon princess(Tsukihime), the black and white princess, and also my ‘good friend’ called by his title the ‘God’s left eye’, president of the neutral autonomous city. Finally I must give thanks to my loyal and competent subordinates!
Otherworldly White Dragon Lord


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