Over The Infinite

Special Edition "Four Gods Training Martial D"

Shortly after the team formation meeting, Dirk remained in the one-person meeting room to discuss the composition and intentions of each team.

Team A: Watanabe, Kureyu, Alexander, Gardel Garden, Sarges, Riesellotte

Team B: Yuki, Silver Dragon, Michael, Mizutake, Maya, Gobsertiwan

Team C: Ladine, Dark Dragon, Kukriere, Chimera, Tyriatiel, Borg

Team D: Dirk, Berenvar, Michael, Serafina, Gaul, Lirica

What I think when I look at the provided whiteboard is that it is far from the party structure I had in mind.

Team D, in which I am the leader, can be said to be the result as expected.However, the rest of the team... I have to say that team A in particular is completely unexpected.

An A squad that is clearly unbalanced due to its combat power.It can't be called a mere nomination mistake, but Yuki and Ladine say that it is Team A that should be vigilant.If this is a mock battle, it's a threat, but honestly, it's far from theory of dungeon attack.I don't think the Watanabe line moves on Theory Avenue, but I think this is only going too far.Honestly, I can't imagine what a dungeon attack would be like.Anticipating this situation will require enormous calculations.


The first meeting that was supposed to bring together each team.Team A, which can't fit the giant rock giant Gardergarden, is using the tip of the garden somewhere, but Team D was gathering in a somewhat unusual place.It's a room in the Shijingu Shrine where you don't normally have the chance to set foot.There was no deep reason why I borrowed it just because it was borrowed.

"Well, actually, I have some sad news for you."

"You're suddenly starting to get anxious, hey"

The opening remarks cut out by Dilk, the D team leader, in the opening speech were uneasy about the future.Unexpectedly, Gaul, who was not very familiar, was going to go in.

Is that it? Are you saying that it's tough to aim for victory as a member?

"No, the formation of another team was a bit unexpected, but our members are generally as expected.I'll aim for the first place normally.


Dirk's self-confidence is such that Gaul thought of connecting with the Dragon Man and his new members without worrying about it.The other, Berenvar, reacted in the same way, but for some reason the rest of the crew is unresponsive.

"Anyway, what's the sad news?"

"When I came here, the worst anxiety ingredients came in.I'm in charge there... no, it's not Michael, it's the Fire God Nogue behind it. "

Eh, why are you suddenly being dismissed? Me?

“Let's do this”

Ahead of Dirk's gaze stands the fire god Norg, who was in charge of this team.This surprised the fire god Nogue, who was clearly treated as a concern.I'm definitely aware of where I stand in anticipation of being named.In addition, I had too many thoughts to identify it.

The rest of the Dilk didn't understand what anxiety ingredient it was.To be precise, I understand Serafina attending the meeting quietly, but she doesn't care.

The Fire God Nogue. He's over two meters tall, with flaming crimson hair, an incarnation of power, and a tendency to do so, but he's a bit of an undesirable character.After all, the incidents and mechanisms that are regarded as problems on the surface of the labyrinth city are largely because he and his faction are involved.

"I don't really know, but the Four Gods are great people involved in the management of the Labyrinth City... aren't you a person, aren't you dealing with sub gods?"

As a result of encounter with the wind gods in the New Year, something like respect for the four gods is being lost from Gaul, but the fact that it is still at the center of labyrinth city management remains unchanged.

"I'm glad you're telling me something, Silver Wolf."I'm pretty bad with your lord, but it feels good.Can I burn that hair? "

"Stop it!?"

Some of him is burning all the time, so I'm not kidding.Well, whether you're kidding or not, if you give me permission, I'll really burn it.Could it be that he stood still to do such a thing?

Seeing Gaul burning his hair without any veins, the members around him understood that he was a troublesome person.Belenvaar in particular was determined not to approach, and Lilica felt that she could not help but be there for some reason.

"So you can see that our biggest concern material has sprung up."


Gaul was burning behind the scenes, but the meeting was forced to proceed mercilessly.

"I see, I get it.... but this event is just like an inner circle get-together, right?It's not like you can't lose, so you need to swallow it to some extent. "

Berenvar asks instead of Gaul, who was forced to step away from his seat.To sum up, it means that you have to give up your luck to be assigned to that kind of thing.

Isn't Berenvar going to win too much?

"Of course I'll do my best, but... as I said earlier, is there a winner in the first place?"Although it's not just about the level, it's quite different. "

If we leave aside the biggest ingredients of anxiety, it doesn't seem like the members who looked around are honestly better than the rest of the team.At least if you look at the specs on the material, they're totally outdated.Except for Gaul, they were all junior adventurers before they were promoted.Berenvar is at a higher level than the three Dragons in the same frame, but I know they are not at the same level of prowess.

“Of course, I can't be alarmed, but I think we have all the members who can win.In fact, if you fight an ordinary intermediate opponent in one shot, you can beat me and Sara alone. The problem is.... "

Tuna won't be the same as the others.

That is why such an event can be said to have been established.I barely knew what my clan members were capable of, but they were strong enough to listen to me.

The same goes for Dirk. There may be qualities problems, but it will be difficult to look at them lightly, even if they were suddenly pulled out by the team leader at an event like this.So there was something, but at least Berenvar didn't think he could pull it back on his own.

“Yes, that means Sara and I can't do anything about it, so let's all work together.”


"Isn't that a vu?" Of course, Sara will make the most of it.

How long?

"Do your best. I'll allow the second step."


Dirk's words changed the color of Serafina's eyes.Of course, the members here don't know anything about the tuna, but the second stage is the multiple activation of the [Sworn Truth].

Though limited, Serafina's power would be multiplied just by removing the restrictions.On the other hand, I decided I couldn't win without using Dilk.Serafina also realized what that meant.

What about the same concept of double?

"Of course not. It's not like the actual battle, so it won't echo afterwards.Berenvar didn't have to consume stamps that were difficult to refill. "

Well, that's right.

Inscription Magic needs to refill its magic power over the course of the days.Depending on my condition, I can't tell you all about it, but I didn't intend to consume an engraving that would take months to accumulate magic power again.

That said, even during a dungeon attack, if it takes about a day or two, there will be no problem at all, and even if it takes about a week, there will be no problem at all.There were clear lines all around, as seen from the adventurer trade in the Labyrinth City.

“The goal is number one. This is unacceptable.On top of that, I want to aim for a dramatic win.I'm a newcomer, so I want to be as impressive as possible. ”

"Well, I'm a newcomer too, so I don't know."... I know the policy, apart from what I can't do.Is that all right with the others? "

"Fine. I want the bounty"

“Let's do this”

Lilica and Michael were instant creatures.Money is more important than standing in the clan.Michael wants to earn a little money because he is newlywed and his wife refuses to give birth.I want to make money because it's gone in time, Lilica.Even if it's not just the two of them, Gaul, who is being chased around by the Norg, is a honeymooner and uses a lot of money, and even if it's Berenvar, I want money for a new life.Of these, only Dirk and Serafina have no money.

"What, you want money?"If such an easy-to-understand bonus is good, I'll give you an extra bonus. I'm fat. "

Norg, who was chasing Gaul, comes back and suggests something.

"... what is the purpose?"

"Well, the prize money for this event originally came from the Four Gods."All I ask is that you make it a dramatic and interesting event.That said, vague bonuses don't motivate you.In the meantime, if we take the first place, we'll have a plus one million for everyone. "

Since the winning prize is one million yen per person, it is a double amount.Lilica was inwardly wiggling in front of the rained bait.The family disgust I had felt earlier was going somewhere, and if there was, it was going to swing with its tail.

"Why am I so rich?"If you have any other interesting opinions, I'll consider them. "

If you consider the position of the four gods, it is natural to have money.Rather, it can be said that there is no use for it and it is troublesome.Even if you're not an extraordinary adventurer, it would be if you were paid more.

As for Dirk, I couldn't help but worry about it, but I was grateful for the offer.It makes it easier to move Lilica in particular.

Ah, Lilica-san, I have not only gold, but also magic tools and catalysts.

"Learn more"

"Your eyes change too much, Varota."

The Fire God Nogue was a little more unexpected than expected.

In addition, Dirk realized that it would cost more to effectively utilize the magic tools and catalysts provided as bonuses, but he didn't say anything.It's useless to say it, and you'd better be a little motivated.

After all, even if the premise is to produce results, the amount of the original prize money and various bonuses have been added to the D team only.Even in a labyrinth city, pandas... I have to say that the subsidies for the birth of animals are not maintained.Taking these issues into account, it can be said that Fire God's specialty is to pay attention to details such as childbirth expenses and the introduction of childcare facilities.Particularly if it's a central facility, it's like his garden.

"... in short, this dogsale is good at creating and using such a mechanism."

For some reason, Gaul, who was burned senselessly, understood with his soul.After all, they weren't compatible with the Fire Attributes.It is a hot reputational damage to the fire attribute.

"Sole is a genius when it comes to motivating people and putting pranks in there.Inherited from dungeon masters, right? "

"The Four Gods are more or less like that."It's my job not to overdo it. "

Mischief is not a job.I'm just pretending not to look around.

"I'm definitely competent in terms of operation."Beneficial, but not intentional harassment. ”

"I'm acting on instinct, but it's impossible."My Lord didn't expect that, either. "

It looks like you haven't thought about anything, and it looks like a dungeon master when you're calculating it properly.It's a problem that there are only such people around the Norg.The Strategy Promotion Committee is based on such a wrong outlaw philosophy.

So I want to make sure I have the plan and confidence to win where I'm motivated.

Gaul brings the topic back to life while burning the smell.The seat was the furthest away from the Noah's seat.

“Yes, of course. We were going to reveal it at the right time, except for confidential information, so let's be generous.In the meantime, I would like to take more time for meetings and mock fights than other teams.Other than Mr. Gaul, you'll have plenty of time on your schedule. "

I think the submerged floor is a problem... if I don't even practice swimming, I won't have a problem.

There is a lot of information to share.In addition, Dirk has many parts that are difficult to understand even by knowledge alone.Inevitably, there will be more room for prior coordination.

"Oh, if you want to do a meeting, feel free to use this place."There are also large rooms that can be used for simulation, so it will be easy to keep them secret until the production. "

"I know this, so it's troublesome. This Fire God, right?"

"Because entertainment comes first."

I was allowed to use the fire shrine to prepare in advance.I'd appreciate it if Dirk had a lot of information to keep secret.In this case, even if you use the [Sworn Truth] to conduct a simulation fight, there will be no leakage of information.

In this way, even when looking at all the teams, the preparation of the D team where the unevenness is noticeable began.


[Four Gods Training Martial Day]

After that, even though there were various events outside of the Four Gods' martial arts, the day of the event was celebrated.For some reason, a person wearing a panda kigurumi had a job quality in front of the Mizugami Shrine, but it had no particular impact on the D team that participated from the Torigami Shrine in the central section.

So far, we have shared rough information, and to a certain extent we have been training.However, in terms of team policy, team training is minimal, and the main thing is to get used to fighting using [Information Sorcery].Unfortunately, I was able to grasp the formation information and policies of other teams to some extent.

"Now, it's time to get started." That said, I'll leave it to Michael at first to see how the system and rules look like. ”

“Let's do this”

Dirk says in the meeting room set up at the base.Michael pounded his chest at the words.

Although it was a bit of a gamble to let the junior adventurers act alone before ascension, Michael was relatively strong among the pandas.The weakness of pure avant-garde and weak against traps and ranged attacks is compensated by the supply items, which are relatively large.The points on the consumer items were painful, but they were within the acceptable range.

“Priority should be given to investigating the weighting rules, enemy distribution, floor structure, and simple directions.I'd like to investigate traps and treasure chests if possible, but if you do, don't touch them. ”

The problem is communication. I can't have a conversation with Michael on the radio.Although it is possible to communicate with each other to a certain extent, it is normal to think that it is impossible to communicate with each other... but it is the strength of this team to do something about it.At the extreme, the D team rarely needs even a monitor installed at the base.

"We mainly send instructions through correspondence, and we share visual information and other information through [Data Link], but we will leave it to your discretion."



Sella's not ready yet.

So, the special event, the Four Gods Training Martial Arts, began.

"But that's it... I knew it beforehand, but the rules are good, right?"

Gaul muttered when he saw Michael's shared information floating in the sky.It even contains visual information in a dedicated window.Moreover, it is easy for others to understand and simplify, and Dirk himself is aware of a huge amount of information that cannot be compared.

During this event, the simple information prepared by Dirk will be used, but this information can also be set up on its own to some extent.Familiar Lirica and Michael use their own settings.The most familiar Serafina also seems to have detailed data links in another dimension.

Michael made contact with the monster while I was talking about it.As a result of the [Appraisal] through [Data Link], I discovered that it was a low-level monster without any hypocrisy, so I decided to destroy it alone.Michael dares to destroy monsters in [Panda Chop], but with the capture of the Norg, he knows the rules for points from the Monster Crusade.

"Of course, the higher the level, the higher the points. If you squared it, it won't change from the digits."

As Berenvar pointed out, the difference in points between enemy monsters is extremely large.If you move a little bit to a higher level, the points you've earned so far could be an error.

"There are many people in all teams who are very good at killing."It's purely a difference in strength, isn't it? "

My people, they're like a trade fair for superior killings.

"Must be."

Both Gaul and Berenvar understood that point well.Berenvar has even experienced it in his own way.

However, even if it is not as extreme as the Watanabe line, there is a tendency for the constituent members of Team D to do so.Michael was the only one who didn't show those elements.

"For now, Lilica seems to be fine on her own in the first area."I'd like you to investigate the treasure chests, traps, and gimmicks that Michael found along the way. ”

"All right."

Michael, an advance officer, has a policy of not doing work that requires specialist skills as much as possible.That would be complemented by the magic of Lilica, who would leave later.

Dirk and Serafina are the other scouts on this team, as is Belenval, who has been fighting solo.Although I am used to the adventurer trade and am able to spot traps to some extent, it is not a field where pure combatants like Michael dare to help.

Lilica left a few hours after Michael was late.Collect shared treasure chests without rendezvousing, disarm and destroy deadly traps, and expand your search.However, the location where Michael's area of responsibility can be assisted has been kept so that the discovered treasure chests and other items can be separately collected.

“The area boss may be different, but the first area seems to be all right solo, so keep expanding your exploration and understanding the rules.”

What about the board that came out of the treasure chest?

"Honestly, it's a long object that's useless to me."Let's let Michael use it for now. "

I'm going to die

Although the map board was prepared as a minimum insurance, it was a meaningless substitute for the D team with Dirk's [Data Link].Probably won't need a C team either.

I also found items that looked like expansion parts for this board, but it didn't make any sense because I didn't need the main unit.Even the functional verification is behind schedule.

"Lilica, please investigate the room in more detail."Structurally, maybe, there's a hidden passage. ”

{All right... oh, there's a switch on the ceiling. If that's the case, it won't be a problem. "

Analyze trends from the acquired map information.Identify the parts that seem suspicious.There might be a trap to take these gimmicks back, but the first area didn't have to worry about that.

It seems like it's easy to spot, but of course you'll need to notice hidden passages and switches, and you'll need to have a unique skill in pressing them.If it was Lilica, she could use projectile magic instead, so there was no problem.

There's no trap... Door?

Across the open passageway, a giant gate sits in a walled space.It has the same design as the gates installed in the east, west, south, and north of the base.

"It is reasonable to think that it is connected to the gate of the base."Fire God, do you have any information you can disclose about the installed gate? ”

"If it's true, I can explain it after touching it and registering it, but the C team has already discovered it."It was a return gate that was directly connected to the southern gate. It's a one-way street. "

Apparently, it was a condition of disclosure that some team discovered it.

"By the way, the West Gate is a gate that allows you to come and go in both directions once you touch it and register it."However, this consumes.These two have the First Discovery Bonus and are earned by the C team. "

"Did you get ahead of yourself?"... well, if you say it's no use, then it's no use.Ladine-sensei, it's a bit tough to compete with the enemy in exploration... and then the last East Gate... "

"This is a relay point that will be effective after capturing each boss area."The key is not necessary, but it is a one-way street from the base. "

[Team D, penalties will apply for nonpublic disclosure violations]

"... what about you?"

Suddenly, an alert sounded in the base, and the monitor showed a bigger message and a cautionary note.

"Eh, hey..."

"Ah, that's not good!" The East Gate is information that does not meet the disclosure conditions, don't you respect the loss!! "

"It's not disrespectful!? What are you doing, you!?"

”Because I've been asked... I'm sure of it”

"You mean on purpose!!"

[Special Public Information]

South Gate: A gate dedicated to returning from multiple gates installed in the dungeon.One-way traffic from the dungeon side.Unlike when using the Death and Recall items, the search time lasts.

West Gate: A gate for movement between relay points that have been broken through.Use one dedicated consumable key per person.

Dongmen: A gate for movement to a gate installed at the boundary of each area.Can be used to destroy and open boss monsters placed in front of the gate.One-way traffic from the base side.

The information was published on the monitor, under which the penalty deduction points were displayed.Gigantic numbers make it a debt.


It is not a derogation that can be joked about.Gaul and Serafina, who were present at the scene too much, were also exquisite.The same was true of Lilica and Michael, who communicated.

Well, it can be anything to this extent.

"Don't tell me so easily..."What did you do this for, say nnh!! "

"It's a handicap."

"Ha, hahah...?"

What are you going to say?

"In my view, it was very easy for this team to win, so I adjusted it.Don't you have an easy winning mood too? "

That's why there are good things to do and bad things to do!

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

It wasn't my fault.

"Oh shit! That's not the point now.It's time to refine the plan! Lilika-san!! Return from the gate!! Sorry, Michael-san keeps exploring. I'm going to be a little late for instructions. "

I understand.

Whatever happens......

I'm not kidding. I certainly thought I could win with a lot of leeway.However, it is usually tough to repeat this derogation.

In the meantime, the Fire God must rebuild his plan in order for Gaul to take over.It was the Fire God who fought against it, but it was impossible to leave him like this.I know how Gaul feels when he kicks in vain.

Um, what do you mean?

What the hell is going on here?

Whether you've grasped the situation, Berenvar, who was waiting in front of the gate to prepare for his arrival, has returned with Lilica.I giggled at the fire god Nogue, who was pickled in ice by Gaul, but I turned to Dirk to ask for an explanation later.Gaul sat on top of the Fire God and was a bit refreshed.

"This asshole has messed up."I framed a battle with a suicide bomb hand..... "

How can I explain this?It's not about the level of anxiety or concern, it's about pulling your leg clearly.The difference is fierce just because I was doing well.

"Anyway, suddenly it's a change of plan.If it was originally planned, we would not be able to recover this deduction.We will aim for points by filling the schedule to the last minute.Inevitably, there will be more isolated actions.... "

"More than I originally planned?"

“Yes, it depends on what other teams are doing, but it's going to be tough, especially in the second half.”

I needed to fix it every time, but I didn't think it would be easy to catch up.This clan is a gathering of people that will surpass all expectations.We need to go beyond that.

I switched appointments outside of Michael and waited.After a few hours of making changes to the plan, Lilica starts to act.Michael came back after successfully completing his assigned schedule and saw the fix plan for tomorrow and beyond.The preliminary schedule that was originally planned has disappeared.

“The current plan is tentative.It'll be a little easier if you know exactly what you need to earn bonus points. ”

That said, isn't it just too much force?

"You properly reached the second area boss, didn't you?"... how about that, can we go? Gaul-san, Lilica-san "

The shared vision belonged to Gaul and Lilica, who were all headed for the third area at once.Two giant birds await at the boss's floor.

The monsters are called the Dark Rabbit and the Dark Rabbit. They specialize in abnormal attacks on sight.

Normal monsters are extremely troublesome....... Even so, it was in vain before this ability! ”

I'll handle the surroundings.

Gaul came forward.As soon as I entered the floor, my vision was covered in darkness, but the [Data Link] information displayed unchanged in it allowed me to grasp the general position.It's not an actual location, it's only a prediction calculated from environmental information, but it can be used against Gaul's wild imagination to hit the target.

Meanwhile, Lilica's role was to continue to snipe the small bird that was summoned every time from the safest possible position.I relied solely on my location and repeatedly fired shots.

Both were tactics that could not be accomplished without [Data Link].Gaul is a dangerous opponent to Lilica anyway if he fights properly, but it's easier if there are measures outside the standard.


Gauru's claws captured the body of the fantasy bird, and it was desperate.Sector two is ours.

"I think this is probably the fastest way to reach it, but..."

Is it time to go?

"Yeah.... but the structure of the boss floor gave me a little space to worry about, so Sella, go ahead."Berenvar went to the third area as planned.I'll rendezvous Sella later. "

"All right."

Once they had stepped into the third area and were able to make a direct transfer, Berenvar and Serafina spawned to join the combo under attack, but Lirica, who had barely left time, returned here.Selafina also ran backwards on her own to explore the designated points in the second area.

In terms of results, that's the right answer.Serafina rushed to a huge hall with a stone tablet in the center, where a mechanical monster named Scrap Golem stood.

Shortly after Serafina enters the floor, the entrance is blocked and forced combat begins.


Serafina demolishes the scrap golem with her love sword, Feng Xianhua, as she raises her voice in a noble weather.Perhaps it wasn't even necessary to strengthen the Sworn Truth , or the monster that was supposed to be stronger than the area boss sank dumbfounded.

[Special area open]

Shortly thereafter, a message appears in the logs, generating significant bonus points, and the map is switched to Explored over a large area from that area.Everything from the trap to the object is naked.


Unexpectedly, Dirk is also in a guts pose.

"Selah, approach the tablet.I want to read what it says. "


It was a stone tablet that I was interested in, but it began to glow as the area opened up, and the lettering came up.

[Hidden Bonus Information]

In some ways, the information was more important than the bonus in the special area.

Team A did not even discover that it was over, but in the special area, such information is randomly output, including the private rules of the Four Gods.

The Hidden Bonus will be awarded in the final daily Rizal in the “Other” classification.The breakdown is also not displayed, so other teams cannot tell if it is due to hidden bonuses.

What was displayed this time was an indication of the position of the object to which points are added by destroying, but what is really important is not the content, but the existence of such information.As a result, the strategy of Team D will change significantly.

After that, Berenvar and Serafina were torn apart around the third area, and Berenvar and Serafina managed to open up two additional special areas.

The day ended with Dirk scrambling to scavenge in the third area.

As a result, we were able to score more points than planned, although we were not able to reverse the huge reduction.I think we've made enough progress in collecting data.Special area tips are worth more than a score.

[Special Event Day 1 Results Announced]

[First Bonus]

Bonus Monster First Destruction Bonus: C-Team Borg

Bonus Items First Time Bonus: Team B Maya

Area 2 Fastest Reach Bonus: Team A Sarges

Fastest Reach Bonus in Area 3: Team D

Area Boss First Crusade Bonus: Team A Sarges

Special Area First Suppression Bonus: Team D Serafina

South Gate Fastest Discovery Bonus: Team C

Ximen Fastest Discovery Bonus: Team C


Monster Crusade MVP: D Team Serafina

Trap Release MVP: Team B Maya

Treasure Chest Collection MVP: Team B Maya

Special Area Suppression MVP: Team D Serafina

Map Exploration MVP: Team B Yuki

Overall MVP: Team D Serafina




Non-Public Information Disclosure Violation: Team D

[Map Info Release]

Team A: OK.

Team B: OK.

Team C: OK

Team D: NG

[Scoring Rank]

1st Place: Team B

2nd Place: Team C

Third place: Team A

Fourth place: Team D

".... All right."

Although I ended up having a terrible negative along the way, other things worked well, including plan revisions.By now, other teams are reacting to this outcome in a variety of ways.

At this rate, it shouldn't be impossible to rewind the point deduction.Depending on the trend, there may be a team that catches up on the second day.

"Hmm, it's really not difficult."It's a good place to look forward to. "

"... are you going to say something strange again?"

"No, I can't do that from a standpoint."I'm in charge. "

Somehow, before the output could be seen, the Norgos, who had come out of their entanglement, began to say something again.

As the four gods, you cannot start information that is not required by the rules.The initial violation was only done in an expanded interpretation, and there can be no indiscriminate harassment.In other words, you don't have to ask dangerous questions.

"I just don't think it would be interesting if I saw it as a single audience." It's not dramatic. "

... his aim is more royal.The trickster-tempered demigod wanted more entertainment.

"I see, you're good." And your daughter-in-law can jump over the brilliant and say something difficult.Slightly unclear level "

I'm not your daughter-in-law

Sure enough, it wasn't my daughter-in-law yet, but I wondered if that was where I was going to go, and the Norg continued to puzzle me for a moment.

"However, you know how much Watanabe is."Oh, I know it sounds amazing, but from your results, it's 90 points at most.Looks like a high score. "

"... so what are you expecting?"

"I know you've already predicted it, but I'm sure he'll never rely on that kind of result.What is needed is something that has jumped over it, not scoring within a decent range. ”

Dirk, who had some idea of how to do it, decided not to block the Norg's mouth for the time being.It is certain that what I want to say is of interest to me.

"If you want to appeal at this time, do you want to jump out of that frame?"Do you want me to take the risk and go to 120? "

"... no. Not at all." In the first place, this board is now.It's all predictable.A, B, and C will be motivated, but just like you, they're aiming for 100 points. "

What do you want me to do?

"You already have an answer, don't you?Involve other teams to score 1000 out of 100 games.It's Watanabe's dilemma to set this at 10,000 points, but I don't think you can hope for that much. "

"Don't tell me you're in charge of this shit."

Knowing what it meant, the Norg smiled in his heart.The inflammatory weaklings in front of them came aboard.

"Not 90 points that I went to get properly, but to swallow the risk of becoming negative and get 900 points."

"... I understand what you're trying to say.So what's the specific plan? "

No, I don't know.


The Norg are only appropriately agitated from a macro perspective.I'm just complaining because it's too proper and boring.

"It's your job to think about that, isn't it?" I'm just in charge. "

"Shit, remember..."

"I'm impressed that I'm motivated.Well, you've always been good at guiding others, haven't you?That's why Serafina was trained. "


It's annoying to talk about things, but it's troublesome because it fits with your awareness.I don't mean to say it in front of Serafina herself.

"But because it is easy to be incited, even if you know, you will be induced in this way." What a cute thing. "

"Ugh!! Just shut up!"

"I, Chuck in my mouth"

I know I'm on it.But even if you think calmly, you're not wrong about what this damn person in charge is saying.

Originally, the characteristics of these four gods were excellent in that respect.The Strategy Promotion Committee was created by calculating everything from the pawnshop to the friendly Hinomaru runaway to the annoying adventurer.

As a matter of fact, Watanabe Kei will give us a rating of 90 points, and he must praise us for being excellent.That shouldn't be a mistake.However, it is also true that consciousness is more than an extension of training, it can only be evaluated within the scope of typology.Dirk didn't jump into this clan hoping for that.I want something more dramatic.What the Fire God says is right and wrong.

What comes to mind is the infinite training of hell that the core members of the clan have done before.I don't know the full details, but Yuki told me how to guide me.

I can't do the same thing as him.I'm not very good at it, and I don't want to do it anyway because it's close to the Noah's trick.That's the same as saying that Norg and Yuki do something similar, but not too wrong.

This Four Gods' martial arts is a place for my appeal.I think so. You know how to interact with the Dragon Man.Such things follow naturally afterwards.It would be a good touchstone.

Look at the members. Most of them were puzzled by the Norg's words and Dirk's reaction.Lilica and Michael, who are accustomed to the way Dilk does things, seem anxious, and Berenvar listens to what they say.Serafina hasn't thought of anything.... what we need to see here is Gaul.I see, if you look at it this way, you can better understand the influence of Watanabe.

"I'm good, I'll give you a ride."

Oh, I see.... I see.This is a piece of what Dirk wanted.

Calculate. The risk is definitely swallowed, but I'm not willing to take a big risk in vain.Aim for the smallest possible risk.That's how Dirk does it.And there is already a hint of what needs to be done.

"Shit, what is the list of bonus correction for destroying enemies in each area?"So I'm going to lead Team A to the area ahead. "

That alone pulls the other two teams, and no, the whole team, including ourselves.The pulled board surface will be easily enlarged.The central part of the board would be a black hole if it spread out, but I aimed for it.

In other words, Watanabe and Team A will lead the transformation of the stage with a score of 100 out of 1000 into a score of 1,000.Win on top of that. What an entertaining story.

"Good job, Dirk. Wonderful! I'm super excited!!"

"It's okay to be like that, so hurry up."

I get the impression that it will be too late.This is the best time to do it.

[Monster Crusade Point Correction for Each Area]

First area: x1

Second area: x2

Third area: x3

Fourth area: x 5

Area 5 to Area 10: x10

As a result, a violation by Team D occurred again.Now it's intentional.

From the point of view of the deduction, it is more severe than this.No matter how you scratch your feet, you won't be able to catch up.If it's dramatic, swallow the handkerchief and win.For that reason, it can be said to be a line that can be drunk.

Team A has a policy of scoring ahead of the area.It is easy to predict if you look at the organization.This violation is all the more striking.

The line that can surely pick up a win is probably the fourth area.If A team can stay there, we can win.If you think normally, that's the last thing you need.... but it's unusual.I don't know if it is actually possible, and even if I mobilize all the members of Team D, I won't be able to reach it, but if I get Watanabe, I might be able to reach the fifth area.That's how it works. A squad will reach the fifth area with the biggest bonus correction.That is the key to this event.

"Hahahaha!! That's good!! The board is rough!"The confusion of the other four gods is coming through! "

"Yes, stop."


Suddenly the head of the Norg was covered in water.I was stunned by the sudden development of the Nogh who had swallowed up so much water.Looking closely, there was a figure of one of the four gods, Elsel, the god of water.

I know exactly what you're thinking, but don't let Dirk-san get easily stirred up.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is it okay to come here... even though I'm in charge of another team?"

"For once, this is the head of the Four Gods."Privileges are granted with respect to emergency procedures.That's why he left. "

"Oh! I'm dissatisfied!!"

The Norg escaped in the wilderness of swallowing all the water.

"No, I'm overdoing it. As for the management side, I cannot deny that there was some such intention, but it deviated too much and I couldn't see it.I mean, it's noisy, so I'll take care of this one..... "

"Ahhhh!! Ai-rubi!"

As if they were flushing down the toilet, the Fire God Nogue sucked into the distortion that suddenly appeared in the space.It is noisy until the time of exit.

“I'm sorry, but I'm temporarily acting on behalf of Team D.However, basically, it is in charge of the B team, so the person in charge will be practically absent. "

"Oh, yes, I can't help it."

"Well, you'll be fine."Rather, it might be better without him. "

No one here could deny it.

"I missed the timing, so I will contact the other teams in line with the results tomorrow.It's a trace amount, but you'll be able to move with a little advantage.Honestly, this derogation is tough... no, let's not.If you need anything, please contact me by the call button at the end of the monitor.Good luck with Team D. ”

In doing so, Elsie disappeared as if she had not been there from the start.

"... now that you've finished it, you can't pull it off later."Let's have a plan to catch up. "

Yes, of course.

Actually, I regretted seeing the number of decimal places on the monitor.You shouldn't make such a face after being a leader.If you're going to cum, it's all over.

”... I should have beaten you before you disappeared”

Tons of deductions, plus a reworking of the plan assuming that the other team will leapfrog.It is a distancing technique that requires exploring a strategic route optimized with a large amount of information and calculations, adjusting it accordingly, and immediately reflecting it.

You can't do that except for Dilk, and the burden on the rest of the team will be enormous.However, after I admit it, I can't pull it back.

[Special Event Day 2 Results Announced]

[First Bonus]

Fourth Area Fastest Reached Bonus: Team A

Activity Time Extension Item First Time Acquisition Bonus: Team B

Total Damage Bonus Lv1: D Team Serafina

Max Damage Bonus Lv1: Team D Berenvar

Total Damage Bonus Lv1: B Team Gobsarty One


Monster Crusade MVP: D Team Serafina

Trap Release MVP: Team B Maya

Crate Retrieval MVP: C-Team Borg

Special Area Capture MVP: Team D Berenvar

Map Exploration MVP: C-Team Borg

Overall MVP: Team D Serafina


Team A: None

Team B: Yuki, Mikael

Team C: Tilia, Borg

Team D: None


Team D: Fire God Nogue (Exit)

[Map Info Release]

Team A: OK.

Team B: NG

Team C: NG

Team D: NG

[Overall Score Rank]

First place: Team C (1)

Second place: Team B ()

Third place: Team A ()

Fourth place: Team D (1)

And it's the second day we're going through a hellish strategy.

Serafina rampaged the same way she did the first day, and Dirk rampaged through information gathering and field trials to score points.

The maximum damage bonus is based on the information in the special area, and Berenvar excites the [Engraving] series... using a synergistic effect that activates multiple identical magic spells simultaneously.I knew the threshold, so for now, if I get the Lv1 bonus, I will be able to aim for the Lv2 bonus with the same hand tomorrow.I decided that it was impossible for Lv3 to do everything I could.

The total damage bonus is a bonus that only the information was obtained, but it was obtained considering the risk.Apart from whether it was intentional or not, it is surprising that there was a winner.

At the same time, the departure of the Fire God Nogue the day before is also announced here.

... no good.

Looking at the results of the second day, Dirk continued to sort out the situation on his own as the members were filled with joy.

The other teams seem to be catching up at an unusual speed, but that's not enough.In any case, the stretch of Team B is bigger than I imagined.Compared to the Borg dropping out, which is hard to come back to, the effect of the two deaths will not resonate until the next day.And I can't grasp the trend of the A team.The fastest way to the fourth area is to know our intentions, but there's too little information and it's creepy.If you buy a map, you'll know, but with this flow, your purchase points could be fatally injured.

Perhaps, but at this rate, Team A... perhaps Team B will also jump over the expected maximum.Inevitably, we were forced into a situation where we could not win unless we hit the games.As expected, I would like to praise Watanabe Kurumasu and Submas for not letting go of Date, but I don't think it would be good for the ingredients that hate losing to admit it.No, I'm forced to go beyond that after admitting it.

”... this is a bad dress to lose”

Team C almost dropped out, so if safety measures are taken, the bottom line can be avoided.The Borg will not be able to return unless they are Bluffs, but they do not.

However, if you can be satisfied with the result, then this is not the case.Best of all, that asshole in charge is going to fool me.

"...... Sara, I'm going to put a little strain on you tomorrow"


It was answered in an atmosphere that was nothing, but even so, Serafina's burden was not unusual.

With regard to the operation of the battle force, this girl is the way to swallow everything, so if she asks for it, she will only respond.

"No, you can't." It's a team fight.... I'm sorry, they're all pretty hard on the last day.I can't keep up like this. "

"Isn't it okay?" It's a good thing for me.Even though you're a newcomer, you're suddenly dyed. "

"... anyway, the deduction seems to be going well, but isn't that enough?"

"You've decided that the dirk is not enough."...... Shit, I think so too. "

Gaul looked back at the board and said so.Even if you can only see the numbers, you can clearly see that the main order is starting to slip.Today's result is nothing more than a run.

Dirk and Gaul were the only two people who were expecting the unfolding.Dirk calculates that Gaul is empirical, but the answers are consistent.

This battle is a quarantined team fight.Although it shocked off the board on the first day, if you follow the rules, you will only have to compete with the assigned team in the area.If you can't stop the Brute Beast from running, you'll have to speed up to catch up.

No matter how you scratch your legs, it would be a game.The key is still Serafina. I don't want to think about it, but the plan collapses when she gets mad.

... we need to consider an insurance plan, but it's still pretty close.Berenvar cannot be moved from his current role.Neither Lilica nor Michael were able to make a noticeable move on the last day."To some extent, even if I swallow it myself..."

“I don't really want to think about it, but if Sella falls, we're going to change her order significantly.”


It's a gamble where you could even fall, right? It's a boo-boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo!

"That's right, if there's no problem, just keep pushing..."

... is that all right? Really?It is not possible to reach the fifth area of Team A without changing the liver, and it is necessary to add more from there.

Honestly, there's no sixth area.That's not the conquest speed, and even from the point of correction, the benefits of aiming for it are weak.Except for the unknown bonus.

Team B is also creepy.Even the C team won't be able to get their hands on it from here.Probably just like us, we're going to be looking at gambling.

Yeah, that's good. I can't imagine what the intel will look like.I know it's tough, but there are parts that I think it's fun.Something in himself says that those who challenge the infinite corridor must do so.

Existence that I never thought would exist a year ago.There are cases where the prediction calculated to the limit is easily exceeded.There's the ideal Adventurer statue that Dirk gave up.

The original plan has collapsed for a long time already, but it arrived at the time of the second day at the result that would be the final result, and now it is trying to go beyond the realm of other dimensions.Since this is a board created by me, I have to take responsibility and win.

I mean, I don't want to lose. Out of the question, even in the second place, that damn god must be making a fool of himself.

The schedule for the last day will be even more severe than the second day when it was forced to be extremely burdensome.The hidden bonus revealed by opening up a special area... it was intended to add up to a huge amount of points.

We have two big goals.

Suppression of special areas that have been explored several times more than usual by opening up multiple designated special areas.

The shadow of another team placed as an area boss in the third area, and all its patterns.

Neither of them had the same difficulty level.The former is especially important, but even if the location is known by the hidden bonus, the route to it is unknown, and it is in such a troublesome position that it will never pass.

The area boss is still able to make some predictions.Since there are only three patterns, it is easier to hit the boss areas in order.First, we had to aim for our strategy.

We missed our fastest arrival, but by the second day, we had already defeated the Third Area Boss.The boss at that time was C-Shadow, but tomorrow we'll destroy the rest of Team A and Team B Shadow.It is very strict that I have to cry when I wear it.

First of all, Berenvar, Gaul's combo, Serafina, will go alone to conquer the Third Area Boss.

I wish I could get a hidden bonus in one go.Even if I took it off, I could twist my chances one more time.The recovery should work as long as there is no such thing as the C team or such a bias when I try to come out.

Then forcefully aim for the hidden bonus of opening wide-area maps.Dirk is in charge of this in a time-bound manner.If possible, rendezvous with the third area boss to collect it.Michael and Lirica were very far away, and the third area was also quite a place... Michael and Lirica in particular were very strict about joining.Depending on your progression, you'll be able to unleash all the items you've earned so far in your final push to earn a second-area chest.

... that's what I was thinking.

Last day. Serafina got to the Area Boss with some predictions.Belenval and Gaulkombi arrived at the other area boss a little later.

The shadow that appeared was Serafina's team A.The other is Team B, and it's the best time to be here.With the difference in numbers, Berenvar and the others defeated Team Shadow ahead.It seemed like it was quite a war, but it seemed like it had survived the battle.At that point, the Serafina side also had an advantage.

Serafina fell...?

At this point, Berenvar also understood that Serafina had the ability to pick up victories on her own even against a shadow team.However, Serafina was defeated and died.

According to the information that came with the Data Link , most of the shadows had already been destroyed and the battle situation should have been quite favorable.

It's a tuna shadow... what's going on with him?

It's not who I am.

The last thing left was a tuna shadow that knocked Serafina back.That's all the Berenvar people know about the rough battles, but Dirk, who knows the details, is even more aggressive.

Team A was originally a team that was skewed in its combat power.Gardo and the Sky Dragon were definitely strong enemies in Shadow, and the rest of them weren't easy.It was the same for Serafina, who activated the [Sworn Truth] multiple times.However, if there was a defeat, it was assumed that there would be an unforeseen situation such as an attack at the timing when the [Oath and Truth] would expire.If fatigue had accumulated so far, Serafina would have reduced its maintenance time.

However, there is only one packing left... and since the remaining amount of HP is very small, the shadow's HP does not decrease as if it is sticking.It's actually decreasing a little bit, but it's really minimal.

If the person has an unexplained ability to survive, will it be reflected in the shadow?Such a foolishness depended on Dirk's indifference.

... the victory is far away.

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!It's a shadow habit!! I mean it! "

Serafina is on the loose as she returns to her base after her death.No, I really don't understand.

"... sorry, I lost"

"I know the situation because I was sharing information."... no, I really don't know what that shadow is. "

Why can't Serafina use multiple [sworn words] to sharpen them?According to the specifications of Shadow, if the HP is cut, it should be over. After the HP expires, the production Watanabe Rope Shadow should have a big hand in the fighting power.The more the HP is shaved, the less the gauge will be reduced.The damage should have gone through, but I couldn't reach the damage I was expecting.About half of the battle was against Tuna Shadow.

The customer is still satisfied. I understand that this is the case, and I also recognize it around me.However, it would be against the rules for Shado to be meaningless.

"I thought you were going to win at the stage of dropping Oiwa-san."


The Gard was a rock, of course.

Including the score that would grow on the last day, I should have caught up with this three-team defeat bonus and another hidden bonus.And the prospectus went well.

However, as a result, it was not possible to earn the bonus, and Serafina's fighting power dropped and she was forced into a situation where points were reduced.

"... let me roll it up so easily, will you?"

If you're going to win from here, the hidden bonus from destroying A Team Shadow is close to the requirements.That's not enough, but the lowest condition in the fulfillment of the plight.After all, it's almost impossible to find a point source that will turn into one from now on.

At the same time, Serafina is unable to rechallenge the third area bossroom she has challenged, and will have to look for a new boss room that will be available for Team A.

"I have to do it, so it's easy to understand... but it's tough."

There aren't many cards left.The hidden bonus of suppressing multiple Special Areas, which Serafina was going to waste, is up to Gaul. I can't take it off here either.

"Mr. Gaul, I'm sorry, but please go to the designated point instead of Sella."Berenvar will be the area boss. ”

That's true of Gaul, but it's a tough time.Besides, it's not like I can take it on my own. ”

"Me and Lilica will join you."... Michael didn't have much point at the end of the day, so he went alone to collect the scores in the second area. "

"All right."

“Let's do this”

That said, if you run through the third area and aim to become an area boss, Lilica is tough on you anyway.

In the general magician's physical specs, even the third area is tough to accompany Dirk, but Lilica, who has her own gait and body magic, can be said to be able to use it.

There might be a slightly shorter route through the fourth area, but the strength of the monsters made the investigation difficult.It is more difficult to be anxious now that Team A can really break through such an area.Scoring in the fourth area with a short burst of burst power but little persistence on the D team would be impossible for the solo team as well as the entire team.

Berenvar rushes to rendezvous with Dirk as he heads for the boss area, but he doesn't just head for the expected rendezvous point.I can't afford this team.It was moving to capture a special area that hadn't been opened yet.Of course, there were points, but I was hoping that there would be a route that I could use for the map information that would be opened up.Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be used to hide the bonus information, but I was able to secure a route that could be shortened slightly.At the same time, by suppressing a large number of them, we might even be able to target the MVP of the special area suppression.

If we follow Belenval and use the maps that have been opened in Special Area Capture, we will be able to navigate the open paths, but it will be tough until we reach the known maps.There are safe routes, but it's quite a detour.Dirk and Lirica are forced to force while inevitably guessing the unbroken path.After all, there was a problem with the Vitamins' specs, and by the time we rendezvous with Berenvar, Lilica had fallen.I decided to allow a little extra time for you to return.Time to act is wasted, but I can't help it.

Anyway, we reached the Third Area Boss.At that point, I checked Gaul's status, but he was pretty close.Michael was the only one on the run in the second area.

"Based on Serafina's combat time, I'll be forced to return on the way."

"Before that, if this wasn't Team A, I'd be out."

While saying such a thing in front of the door of the area boss, the two felt close to being convinced that it would be the A team that would appear here for some reason.I didn't have a choice but to try any other way.

"...... correct"

It was Team A Shadow that appeared.Of course, Serafina was in a different area from the one she had tried, and since it was a separate individual, it was a series of six.

It's not simply because the Guildshadow is bigger than the actual data.Even Berenvar felt more intimidated than he did when he fought Team Shadow B.

The battle unfolded from there was extremely good.Series excitation is exhausted, but the dirk turns to support around Berenvar, which is still prone to high firepower.

I wanted to drop the tuna shadow early, but it was a mysterious phenomenon that the tuna in the avant-garde position didn't fall, and the other shadows fell in the aftermath.If you check the log, you won't be able to understand it, but if it unfolds in front of you, it really doesn't make sense.

Shit, we're running out of time!

"I don't know if it's enough... but I'll take care of it!"

“I'm sorry, it was too late! I'm going back!"

Berenvar wanted to take it as far as he could in his own circumstances, but contrary to his expectations... the prospectus collapsed in a way.

Just tell them to put in all the remaining resources and force their return by putting in the last burst of firepower.Only dirk is left.

"... well..."

Belenval's presence allowed me to set up various tricks on the floor, but can I take them out before I run out of them?

The rest was just tuna shadow. However, I will never be alarmed.I couldn't be too alarmed by the mysterious existence of dropping my trump card, Serafina.

While raising your own specifications appropriately in the Sworn Word , you will shred the tuna shadow's HP while maintaining distance.While I was nauseated by the concept change and its reversal, I was still puzzled by the tuna shadow that could not be shaved off for some reason.

Consuming the last of the lines we had prepared before Berenvar's return, there was a massive explosion at the position where the tuna shadow stood.I struggled, but if I could get rid of it, it would be better.... but I was wondering if for some reason it hadn't been defeated, watching the blast.... That's right.

"Shit!! What the hell is going on here!?"

Even if I understand it, I still don't understand the meaning.Even though it was settled a long time ago, it's not strange, but the tuna shadow is standing.

From here on, it was almost a sharp cut.I was expecting it, but I didn't expect it to really push me.Dramatic, dramatic. Just looking at it will be interesting.

I don't mean to say that I don't like everything about the Fire God Nogue, but let's get in here.

I hereby declare that I am one of the founding fathers of the labyrinth and that I have the right to change the rationality of the world!!

Declare before the approaching shadow.In a way, it's a pledge to victory.

I finally won this mysterious existence.

All you have to do is help Gaul and Michael move remotely and earn points on their own.Depending on the situation of the other teams, even if Team A reaches the fifth area, there is no way it won't be a match.

... maybe.