Over The Infinite

Over The Infinite

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Futatsugi Gorin
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I do not know how or when I died.

What was waiting at the point of incarnation while holding memories of my previous life was a realistically harsh daily life while having a game-like system.

Contemporary knowledge has no meaning, and the position as a reincarnate is also untouched. The village that I was born in is a marginal village. There were neither clothes to wear nor food to eat ; no hope for the future, just seeking food to live and spending days like slaves.

At that time I heard the rumor of a certain city just when I gave up that the memory of Japan was all an illusion.

“There is a city where all kinds of wishes come true.”

I bet my last hope on such a stupid story, holding a vow “I want to live a human life at least”, and head to the labyrinth city….
Over The Infinite


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