Over The Infinite

PROLOGUE "Second Prologue"

-1 -

In the morning sun offered from the wilderness horizon, the wagon proceeds with a gutter of noise.

It's not like I'm supposed to put guests on it, it's just a carriage with a simple front. I have a sore ass because I sit directly on that carrier.

They gave me a ride for free, so I don't have to complain, but the damage to my ass is serious.

It took me three and a half days to even move on, but I'm still unfamiliar with this shake.

What you can see from the gap in the front is an infinitely spreading wilderness, with no grass growing at all to the other side of the horizon.

I wonder if there really exists a rumored city on such a land, a barren land that makes me anxious.

Your lizard man talked about it, but it seems that this has long been a place where people don't lean in the wilderness.

There is a city called 'Labyrinth City'.

It seems that it is part of the kingdom, but it is not allowed to enter from outside the king's capital, even though there are aspects of it that are bordering on other countries. It is a special city with more than half an independent autonomy that requires an "exit" procedure even when entering from the Wang capital.

There's a dungeon there, as its name suggests, and countless' adventurers' are exploring to get daily food.

It seems that the existence of the dungeon itself is as much outside the city as it is, but this is the only place where exploring it is established as a profession and effectively used.

Sure, it's been more than a decade since I was born in this world, but I've never heard of anything other than rumors of this labyrinth city that would make me money just to explore the dungeons.

To be honest, it's only a frigid, eyebrow spitting rumor, and I wouldn't have gotten on this carriage if I hadn't had some certainty either.

In fact, it's just me and the other one, except for you, on the carriage that you're making your way to and from this labyrinth city. I have very little luggage, so it is Sukkaska.

This world is tough enough to have to hit a beat like that. It's hard to even live. I'm telling you this dream story to live.

It's not like I want a good life like a royal nobleman, or a hero-stained fame.

Humanity, no, at least I want to live in a position where I can preserve my dignity as a human being, with a glimmer of hope, I'm on my way to a labyrinth city.

All of a sudden, I have memories of a previous life.

I didn't believe in reincarnation, I wasn't struck by a reincarnation track like an online novel about reincarnation, or someone summoned me.

The possibility of dying of a godly mistake, like the one that was innumerably flooded with online novels, is still left because we have not been able to confirm the existence of God.... No, hey.

When I realized it, I was born in this world different from Earth.... I remember my past life in this world.

It must have been a normal routine at the end of a previous life in my memory. I'm not even sure if he died in the first place.

Or it's possible that I'm living normal over there with the setting that only memory has infiltrated.

I have also imagined a case of being trapped in a gaming world for some reason, but I am convinced that this is not possible.

It's a shame, but in this world, having memories from previous lives isn't that uncommon either.

It's rare, but every thirty to fifty people seems to be there. It's a percentage of the rare last name guy who had one in his class.

When I regained my memory, I felt special and my chest swelled into the future, but my rarity was to that extent.

However, even if I have memories, they vary in content and extent, and I remember very little or nothing, and cases that I remember as vividly as I do become "somewhat unusual".

Most of them say that the names and genders of the previous life are kept as "records" or only impressive experiences can be remembered.

There was an online novel in Japan that I could read on the WEB in my previous life.

One of the genres that was popular on that online novel posting site was transworld-rebirth stuff, with a system where users post what they write and other users can read.

This otherworldly reincarnation is because of the reader's emotions, or as some kind of promise, the protagonist is often reincarnated from modern Japan. It's like me right now.

But in the case of this world, where countless reincarnates exist, nothing in the reincarnated world is Japan... no, not just Earth.

In fact, when we meet in a previous life, there are far more people reincarnated from a world other than Earth. It also comes from multiple worlds.

It seems that the lizard old man who is now the owner of the carriage I ride was a mysterious race called the Horsehead of the World somewhere, and some called himself a nobleman three hundred years ago in this world in his hometown village.

In the fifteen years of my previous life, I've met only two former Earthlings. It's just a former Nepalese who was serving in a Wang Du inn and a former Japanese boy sitting across the street now.

"I've never met a former Japanese before, either."

The look of the guy who said that in his introduction was far from the Japanese. Or the unlikely face on Earth.

It's low. It's about 150 centimeters or not. Well, sometimes it's 14, so this is a good idea.

Glossy, loose-waved white hair. "Shiragana" sounds like an old man, but its fantastic beauty attracts even eyes in this world, where hair colors are diverse.

My eyes are bright red. I'm not congested, I have red pupils and irises. It looks like some kind of raspberry to go with my hair.

And the creation of a face that is not uncomfortable when it is said to be a woman, but rather only uncomfortable when it is said to be a man, only comes to mind the expression aesthetic form. I dare not say beautiful man.

There are no shards of rigour, so it wouldn't be eligible from a woman looking for a successful male statue, but she's definitely a hot shota kid to your sister. You don't have to be bad. You are the daughter of a man.

They say this guy's name is' Yukito '. I do so because the person told me to call me' Yuki 'when I introduce myself.

You may feel uncomfortable with a Japanese-like name, but this is his name in this world.

It also applies to my name, but thank you. It seems to be named after a previous life's name, and many people I've ever known think of as a compliment.

So naming rules and customs for each country and region in this world are very weak and there are many very free names. Uniformity has no shards.

The degree to which the tendency can be seen in subraces such as those using their own language.

One cause of this is status.

It's like a game, but in this world, a priest has a status in a church or other institution… he tells me his name, gender, talent, skills, etc. A special tool can also be used to see it as a letter.

If you have one in your previous life, even a newborn child may already have a name, so there are many cases where you use it as it is.

Well, there's no way that a uniformity can be created in a name habit.

By the way, if a parent names it separately, that indication will change, and they often give it a new name based on the name of a previous life.

In Yuki's case, I heard that it was originally 'Yuki' and 'T' was added later.

He doesn't seem to like this name, and when he calls it 'Yukito' he gets in a bad mood.

'Cause if it's Yukito, it's a man's name.'

No, it may be the way you read in your previous life, and I just want to say that you must be the man in the first place, but Yuki seems to have been a woman in her previous life.

Still, I'd say accept it because I've been living as a man for fourteen years now, but I'm not convinced in person. Stubborn.

"With that said, why is Tsuna going to Labyrinth City?

That's what I've been saying, Yuki of reality, not my recollection.

This guy is even a girl with a voice. Actually, you could be fooled, so you might want to check to see if it's attached later.

I'm sure there's nothing much wrong with men, but I'm going to get a little excited.

"For a living."

I think my answer is terribly realistic, even if I say so myself, but that's what the world is like.

If it's a city that can do anything, just let me live a normal life. Then think about it.

My hometown in this world was a terribly poor village, and I had nothing to eat at all. Several people a year are at the level of starving to death.

In such a village, I was born as the third son of a house in a mayoral position, but the position of the third man is terribly low in a farmer in this kind of world.

My oldest son is the heir to the house, and I have a house and a field to inherit. My second son is quite weak compared to my oldest son, but I can still live as a spare for my oldest son.

But the three men are spares, and the amount of meals that even come around is small. I can't even get my clothes on. Winter was hell.

Parents say, 'If I were a girl, why would I just sell men if I sold them?' I want you to apologize to the house where no man is born.

It's a terrible story, but this is normal in the village, and the number of girls was small because they donned it every year. I mean, every house was only about my oldest daughter.

Stories and all that, romance with pretty girls in the village can be portrayed before this edition starts in earnest, but there was no room for such an event.

Few young men, by the way. Most of them were conscripted in the war I fought at a young age, and even when I came back, I was donned.

The house is like being survived because he was a village chief. The villagers would have been more miserable.

Only a few young men and old men and only a few children remained in the village. It wasn't on the level of limit village. It's a village beyond its limits.

Human beings who could sell were sold, fewer in number, and not enough food. It was good to have plants and animals that could be eaten in the mountains, but they even picked them up and even had plans to eat villagers when they were horrible.

Well, it wasn't that bad every year, but did you know that it's hard anyway? It's just an introduction.

This is hard when I remember Japan's rich life, but it's something I get used to, and I survived desperately every day.

Such a middle-aged man's marriage was decided, and six months later he had planted it in advance. He also had a son who would be his heir, and my second and third son, me, became the payment box.

The two brothers were forced to live, but almost dressed and kicked out, we continued our lives working in the Wang capital until a few days ago.

Actually, if it wasn't a good time to be a pay box, it could even have been eaten.

"That's terrible"

"No, he said it was like this. If you continue to be bound by common sense in Japan, you will die, for sure.... I didn't imagine a situation where the price of the slave market collapsed and I couldn't even sell myself"

After going to Wangdu, I went to sell myself that even slaves would be able to eat rice table, but it is just a refusal to buy.

With too many people and the cost of maintaining them, it was like paying a bond to be a slave and have them pick it up.

Even the slave traders, who were called the biggest players in the Wang capital, are like that. They don't buy me anywhere.

So our brothers, who couldn't help themselves, asked their distant relatives to exercise their abilities in the name of Tutsuo, and they worked as naives in the tavern with their handouts.

You wouldn't have to worry about rice if you could work in a liquor store, but the leftovers are put up for sale in a bunch of slums, and the bribes that come around us are a viable critical amount.

I was barely paid, so I couldn't buy anything else. Still, I think it was better than my home village.

If you can fish leftovers in an alley in Tokyo, throw everything out but go. It just seems like a treat now, like the convenience store has expired. Around that time, the land of satiety in memory looked radiant.

"I'm a little bit more... No, it's pretty good. I'm three guys, too, but the house was wealthy for me, so I was eaten, and I never kicked out."

"Well, the reason I can normally talk about bananas in the past is because I've heard worse stories since I went to Wang Du.

No, seriously, no. I've lived a tough life, and my story about the position to pull a dong is falling apart. I work for a slave trader. Mr. Cliff or something. Too harsh to come to a dream level. "

"No, because I don't want to hear it"

Oh, my God, Mr. Cliff, that's amazing. Dignity of the human being is a dusty half-life.

I'm sorry I was so proud of my misfortune. It was the worst episode I've ever had to dismantle a childhood tame, just listening.

Mr. Cliff probably won't turn up for the rest of my life, but his spectacular half-life still burns in my heart and stays.

"Well, that's why it's not so weird to dream of grabbing a thousand dollars and becoming a labyrinth city adventurer. If it was citizenship, it would be restrictive to move, but there was no such thing as superior."

"Unusual, but not strange. You can't make money for an adventurer in a neighboring city, and you don't stand a chance of grabbing a thousand dollars."

Yes, there are also professions in this world that use their arms and adventurers that existed in fantasy novels and games. I saw a lot when I was working at the tavern, and I heard a lot about it.

It exists, but the more I heard, the worse it was a profession. It's easy to be, but I wasn't going to be able to have a decent life or anything.

So unnecessarily, believing the rumors of a labyrinth city is a beating.

"The only story you hear about a rumored labyrinth city isn't one that's deaf, like having a chance or making money. There's...

- "It smells Japanese," right?

You probably knew what I was talking about. Yuki has put on my dialogue.

Yes. The rumors over there contain a number of keywords that only the Japanese can understand. As if you were calling me.

And the source of the rumors that you can imagine is not the same as us. That's what it feels like to have the power of a cheat hero.

That's the kind of guy God has grounded to grant him cheat abilities. If so, I envy you.

"I wonder if I can live in a crowd there, even if it's not about grabbing a thousand bucks. Maybe you know a way out of this world system."

It was hardly useful to see, but it was definitely a systemic world, with statuses that didn't help and skills that couldn't be mastered.

Maybe we can hear something about putting holes in this system and getting power or something like that.

"Uh, is that it? I don't think we're collecting enough information."

... oh.

"Oh, my God, that's a way of saying something."

"I'm sorry, I thought I was really gathering some more information. Because normally, I have the courage to step out to go to that city, where there are many suspicious rumors.

All the rumors I hear in the city are frigid. I've met people who came out, but there were rumors that they'd never come out again. [M]

But, well, you do. As far as I'm concerned, there are cases like that. "

"That sounds like some kind of secret tone. Let me hear it for the sake of my hometown."

"Um, the Wang du has already left, and I guess I should get this far. As a matter of fact, most materials written about that city have descriptions in encrypted 'Japanese'."

That doesn't smell or shit, are you sure you're here?

"Well, I only knew rumors, so it was a blind spot."

Or I can barely read a word. It's also about my name that I can write.

"Even so, it's a cipher to the extent that I can't even read every single one of them into Japanese. I know something that I'm going to collect."

"Some merchant kid has a different boulder ground."

In the first place, it wasn't until I went to King's Capital that I was born in this world and saw the letters outside the status screen.

By the way, the shop sign that's working downstairs is the first. I didn't think books or anything existed.... when entering Wangdu, the application was a proxy.

"The attackers of the labyrinth will be given great power, great treasure and great glory"

That sounds awesome.

"- In addition to the decipher, it said, 'Ok, I made a dungeon of rogue nonsense, so let's all play! (...) b'"

I said, let him open the book, which is written all the time.

I was about to get stuck while I was sitting there. What? Sora. Long time no see. Japanese, and emoticons.

It's mixed with the common language and mysterious letters used in the kingdom, but it's just a diagonal read, no cryptography, no shit.

Yuki laughs when she sees the look on my face with her eyes round. No, that would surprise me.

"This is the easiest example, but it seems like something, especially the emoticon part, is hard to decipher, and I'm pulled by it and I don't really know what other characters mean.

They look like ancient characters to me. Sure, if someone doesn't know about emoticons or anything like that sees them, they might not look like faces.

By the way, the cipher itself was easy. A level that even children can solve if they know Japanese. It's just a diagonal reading, and it's almost a mystery language, except for the Japanese part. "

I don't know, this weakness.

"Uh, what I'm saying here is that you don't want to increase your competition."

"That's right. Anyway, if you're someone like yourself who's already decided to go, people who normally live in labyrinth cities can go. I don't think I need to kick you down, but I was wondering if I might bother to tell you kindly.

Besides, I don't know how much of a labyrinth it is, but there's no way I didn't strain it with a monster. If you can live normally, you'd better.... I didn't even tell my family. "

That could be it.

Anyway, if you're a rough guy doing mercenaries and adventurers in the city, people with jobs in their hands won't bother to hurt you.

I don't normally want to get too close to a rough guy like that.

"Do you have any other information?... Ah, paid?

Since this carriage was free, I still have money, but could you put it aside?

"Money is fine. Well, I guess it would help if you partied over there. Rogue is" targeted, "not solo."

"What's a Rogue, by the way?

That hardened Mr. Yuki's movements.

I know more about dungeons. It's a game where a hungry old man takes one hand of bread and zombie attacks into a dungeon that changes structure every time he enters.

"Well, I don't know if it's very well known..."

Yuki explained to me that she got a tired look at once.

Rogue is the MAP auto-generated dungeon search RPG displayed on a text basis. Undisputed dungeons also appear to be a subspecies thereof.

Yuki was a fan of this, and apparently he kept doing text display stuff, even as graphical games came out.

By the way, they have all kinds of clones when it comes to low glike, but I couldn't tell the difference when I asked. In the first place, I don't really know the difference between an old man who's hungry and Kasashi three times.

"In the first place, when I was a kid, I didn't have a console at home. I started with a UNIX machine that was dusty in the warehouse. I didn't know what to do at first..."

"No, I don't want to talk about the original game right now"

The addict in this hand has set the market without a kiri when he speaks out. I know very well that there was such a guy in my previous life.

"Does that mean that the dungeons in the labyrinth cities change their structure every time they go in?

"No, I don't know that. I didn't actually see it, and you didn't have any detailed information. I'm just wondering if knowing your ex would be advantageous, to the extent."

Hmm, I haven't done it before, so I don't know.

Hi, I couldn't get used to going back to LV1. There's no concept of level in this world, so I guess there's no specification for that.

I haven't played that much in the first place except for the computer games themselves, super masterpieces and other classics. The guys who don't play it at all also told me they were just playing games or something, but I think they were pretty light gamers.

"By the way, the information I know says he's not going to die in the dungeon."

"Well, it's amazing not to die, what kind of technology is that?"

"I don't know how it works and I don't know the details, but that seems to be the case. I've actually seen people die in the dungeon."

So you're saying if it's okay to die, you can zombie attack?

Oh, but it's not a game, so do you taste the considerable pain and suffering by the time you die?

"Yeah, so you're saying that if you work hard, you can clear it easily? No, it could be a system that's not clear or anything."

"Not dying can mean the opposite. - I guess dying over and over is the usual difficulty. Rogue is synonymous with the game of dying and remembering."


That's tough.

But better than to die?... okay?

"Hey, boys, you can see the walls. There's still a distance, but that's the labyrinth city."

Says the lizard man of your man as he looks back.

When I looked out of the carriage's luggage, the night was completely dawn.

What you see ahead is a huge, heavy wall to call a local city.

There is a huge crack in the wilderness as far as I can see, and a wall that releases an overwhelming presence at the end of the bridge hung there.

"That's the... Labyrinth City"

I'm not sure which one said it.

However, it was overwhelmed by a thickness that I had never seen in modern Japan.

-2 -

If you break up with a lizard old man and do it in a labyrinth city, you're in a tough city? While in line for judgment, Yuki has shaken a topic that has no other love.

I didn't really want to touch it. It's about my name.

"Speaking of which, your name really makes me wonder if you're Japanese, doesn't it? Is your original name Sea Chicken?


Normally, there is no other love. But I have a name to talk about.

The name 'Tuna' is also a weird category in this world. Not to mention it sounds like a more peculiar name in modern Japan. Oh, unlike Yuki, it's originally Tsuna.

When the Japanese say tuna, it's mostly the tuna can that reminds me. Some registered trademark, but even what Yuki calls sea chicken. Those two are nicknames from a previous life that were used more than their real names.

"What kind of letter, by the way?

"It's the" outline. "That's a good mistake for a 'net'."

Blah, knowing Kanji would be a weird name.

"Oh, I guess the last name is Watanabe. Wow, looks like we can get rid of ghosts. Didn't your friend have Kitaro or something?

"You know that.... Yes, my original surname is Watanabe. Watanabe Tsunami. There's no time, no light."

Yes, peacetime warlords, Watanabe Tsunami is the original story. Even so, my parents aren't familiar with such history, they just looked for and attached the Watanabe surname greats. It is mostly a DQN name.

But the kid couldn't have known such a history, and my nickname has been "Tuna Can" or "Sea Chicken" ever since I was called "Tuna Can" in junior grade. 'Salad' rarely.

A friend who was close to me was forced into a salad and given such a name. Some of them were happy to call me Tomato.

Yuki's reference to Kitaro is to Sakata Kokusama, who also served Yurikoshi Watanabe. He's a better known great man as a child who became a picture book.

Of course I don't have such friends.

"The dungeons here seem to be easy to remember qualitative skills, so I guess they learn" swordsmanship "skills by name or something?

"Remember, what will you do? I've never seen a Japanese knife before."

You can use it if you have one, but I never even touched it when I was in Japan in the first place. You're not classified as a knife, are you?

In general, the peacetime knife was made separately from the Japanese knife that we know.

"I've never seen it either, but I guess it's here, knife."

What Yuki sees is a heavy labyrinth city gate if he does.

Certainly not unlikely. If you have the power to build huge cities up to this point, you could probably build a Japanese sword.

"However, I've never used a knife in my previous life. There were no Kendo classes at school. He didn't even have a club."

At best, it's a wooden knife I bought from a school trip souvenir. It did swing a few times and became fattening of the break-in.

"What, you're not going to be the common knife protagonist who's a different world fantasy"

You would have told me a lot, knife protagonist.

"No, I don't know what to do with weapons. Except for the sword I picked up, I've only worn a knife. And sticks."

"Somehow, you wanted to be a good adventurer."

We talked in the carriage, but we didn't have a choice.

"What about you? He's the protagonist of different world fantasies."

"I'm good with one-handed swords and short bows. The one with the smaller size because he doesn't have much power."

Damn, it was normal. It's a realistic line given Yuki's physique and the weight of the weapon.

When I mentioned the Great Sword or the Great Sickle, I said Sick B or something.

"It's about a labyrinth city, so I thought you'd be selling a lot of weapons, and you only have a knife for everyday use."

I can't tell you where it came from, but I'm betting everything on this city, so the money's on me. Lizard's old man's carriage was somehow free.

Even so, to the extent that one or so of the weapons will be manageable.

I dropped off my purchase in Wangdu that the real thing of exploring the labyrinth would be better... hopefully it would be cheaper.

A knife won't do anything to explore the dungeon... Worst of all, there are hands that wield round-the-clock and other angles, but I want to have a proper weapon position.

"Buy any weapons before registering? I told you to throw a party, but I don't want to be so relaxed that I'm waiting to train you."

"No, I, I have Melee and One Hand Weapon gifts, so if it matches one of those two, I'll be fine. If it's not a bow or something, even the worst stick can handle it."

"Wow, that's amazing. It's a completely useless skill for farmers."

'Skills' is a substitute as I read it. Having this improves technology or improves physical ability. They can also use magic.

This skill, every action, every talent exists in so many places. And there's a difference in every sense between having this and not having it.

For example, I have the skill of "swordsmanship". I don't care if this is a weapon that will be categorized into swords, but the technique when used will be corrected. Somehow they know how to use it well.

However, as a general guide to acquiring this skill from nothing, he said it would take about a year's training. Of course, no matter how hard you try, you can't master what you're unfit for.

Moreover, it is difficult to acquire the skills of "two-handed weapons" after training to master "swordsmanship".

They also have Swordsmanship and Little Swordsmanship as separate skills, as well as Daggery and Fine Swordsmanship. It's too subdivided.

And "gift" refers to a skill congenitally possessed. There is no distinction between the performance of the two, and the status column has a different display position.

However, there are people who rarely have unique skills and call them gift holders or something like that.

In my case, they've had Melee Combat and Single-Handed Weapons since birth.

Basically, reincarnators are often born in the form of gifts of previous life skills, but for some reason I am an extremely combative skill.

Is it because I was a warrior in the MMO-RPG I was playing? If so, it is very appropriate.

"By the way, there's Survival and Food Appraisal."

"Yeah, I thought you had something like that."

Survival and Food Appraisal are skills that I acquired later. I could say it was because I was desperate to live.

"Bow", "Hunting" and "Animal Dismantling" were not talented or not. I wanted it to get animal protein.

"What about you?... Oh, as far as I can tell."

You basically don't teach skills to others in this world, and you can't see them early unless you have dedicated skills.

There are also privacy issues, as lifestyles and the like also appear as skills.

There's just no law that you shouldn't teach, and if it belongs to someone you party with as an adventurer, you can ask them about their combat-related skills.

"I think" Swordsmanship "and" Throw ", like I said, are likely to tie in to the battle, and" Arithmetic ". I'm sure you have one, too."

"Well, arithmetic. He just learned arithmetic for junior high in his last life."

If he had mastered arithmetic to the extent that he was able to perform four-law arithmetic in his previous life, he would generally be born with "arithmetic". A former Nepali told me.

Nevertheless, it's pretty hard to learn arithmetic skills from scratch in this world, and they don't show up as skills when they master the kind of arithmetic that merchants use.

I've never had this skill come in handy in my life, but it's a story that makes me feel good to have studied in my previous life.

Actually, this "arithmetic" is a pretty advantageous skill when it comes to being merchant polite when I have it, but I could barely read the letters, so I wasn't eligible.

... Well, I'm also allergic to not being able to read the letters, but they say that the literacy rate itself is less than 10% in the first place. Most people can't even read their status.

Well, I guess we have plenty of avant-garde skills.

"I think it's better than the two guards, but you want a recovery job. Wizard."

If it's a game, it's a good balance if there are other bandits (scouts), wizards, or monks.

"I can barely see a wizard in this world."

"I know. I'm just saying."

This world is also fantastic and wizard...... sometimes there are magicians but they are almost on the clouds. Just talking, I've never actually seen it.

Even with magic, it is difficult to learn magic, and there is no published technique. I don't even know if there's a comic-book chant. It's almost a one-child world.

Mages with such a monopoly on technology are basically rich. There is no need for such a person to bother to become a dangerous adventurer.

So I'm tempering in an online novel, training magic since I was a baby and it's almost impossible for me to TUEE either.

Because of this, the priests in the church have the skills to see status, but cannot use restorative magic. Recovery magic also seems to be part of the magician's realm.

I don't even treat them with the power of God to stir up faith hearts. Pretty serious people.... or you've never heard of God, even though there's a church.

"Well, I guess it's a muddy beating between us for a while"

"That's going to be a plain picture."

No glamour, no shards. I guess that's what reality is like when it comes to reincarnation of different worlds.

But I think I can taste some of the fantasy ingredients here. Boys admire it, don't they?

"Speaking of which, I wonder if all the people in this line are adventurous aspirations"

If you ask me, many people in line look like adventurers and mercenaries with weapons on them.

I've never seen the real thing, but some people wear wizard-like robes. Or so is the little guy in front of you.

"Isn't that right? It's a labyrinth city."

"But normally a little bit is like mixing merchants and stuff like that. There's no one like that."

As unnatural as it is, there are only people who can fight.

"Don't you guys know?

My old robe called me. I could tell with my voice, what a girl in this menacing male rate.

Oh, no, there are examples like Yuki in the back, so I don't know if she's a girl yet.

I can barely see my face in the robe but as far as I can see I think it's cute......

"What do you mean you don't?

"About the judgment here. The story is that labyrinth cities only embrace basic adventurers."

"Is that the decision?

Speaking of which, I also feel like the lizard old man told me that when I was riding the carriage.

What are we going to do about trade? You're part of the Wang capital, but you're also in the clan?

"I don't know if it's settled, but the information out there among adventurers suggests it is. They didn't accept refugees or migrants."

"Hmm, do the adventurers in the main business have their own sources? I didn't hear that."

"Yeah. Information only available to people who have been judged to have some strength in the Imperial Adventurer's Guild"

Then I guess I'm caught up in Yuki's information network.

Seems like adventurers have their own world to build.

"That's right... Are you from the Empire? That's a long journey."

"Yeah. It was a pretty troublesome route. I don't know how many crossed the border."

He looked very tired whining like that. I guess it's a long way from the Empire.

Well, I don't even know what an empire is in the first place.

It's not like you don't know what an empire is. I don't really know what kind of state there is in this world.

Besides not interested, I never had a chance to know. I can only hear fragments of rumors about the tavern, and in many cases it's abbreviated in a weird way. I'm still only saying it's an empire.... What an empire.

"Anyway, people here are basic peers. So do you guys, right?... Really?

This guy looked at me in my outfit and lost confidence.

I certainly don't have a weapon-like weapon, and the outfit and the clothes in my cape are worn out on a level that makes me uncomfortable even if I'm in a slum.

"... Well, that's because they don't accept migrants..."

"No, I'm an adventurous aspirant, so it's no problem."

"Yes... what. Good luck."

That means good luck with the adventurer business.

Doesn't mean you should try your best to get into the city.



Wait a few hours for a long queue. A few hours awaiting review and registration. It was early morning when I said I started lining up, but by the time I got into the city, I was going around noon.

The sight that spreads right in front of me is what I deserve to call a city that even the King's Capital could not see in this world.

There were dozens of huge buildings here just looking over, even though the Wang Capital said they were all two-story buildings at best, except for the castle. Super awesome.

The people you go out with are diverse. This place is a crucible of a wide variety of races, even though few other races have seen it before in their lives.

More lively than anything. There was a smile on people's faces. This is truly a living city.

There are many regular shops, but there are many stalls if this is a person from outside the city. It has a very delicious smell coming in from the area.

"Oh, there's a dragon flying"

Seeing the sky, a winged organism was flying higher than the building.

Is that a guy named Wyburn? You're the dragon cage guy I've heard rumors about.

There are more carriages than the King's Capital, there are wingless dragons pulling as well as horses, and I guess this is an urban place. It's not a border or anything.

"Oh, you're finally done. I'm tired of waiting."

Looking at the city like an abalone, Yuki called out.

He's a disciplined man who waited a long time for me. Didn't you think about the possibility of being played in the judging, like that little one said?

"Bad. A homophobic is the judge. You spend all your time touching your body."

"Oh, Tuna does seem like a good gay take, doesn't she? I was in a BL-guy character in my last life, like you."

Don't. Please don't.

"I punched him and he's ruined it, so I was enduring it, but he finally got his hands on my ass,"

"Oh, you're all right."

"The audience boiled down when I used the diverse prowl moves I had mastered in my previous life. He was a little hero. I got a twist too."

"I hope you're okay, this city"

Those cattle glasses won't be able to move for a while.

Or you're not going to judge that. Bullshit.

"No, I got a weird ticket with a twist. This city has its own banknotes."

"Huh? What's that?"

"Is that information you don't even know? They can use regular currency, so they don't seem to get lost in the streets."

I wondered what I would do if I couldn't use the currency of the kingdom, but that doesn't seem to happen. I don't know how much this ticket is worth, but they can use it together.

Tickets are printed with monster paintings and numbers on good quality paper. I don't know the unit even if they say 100 MP or something. Magic point?


Yuki takes a serious peek at the paper.

Give it back because it's my twist.

"Amazing, this. It's not as good as a Japanese bill, but it uses pretty advanced technology. It even contains a watermark.... even though there is little printing technology outside."

"Oh, I sure didn't see a book or something, but don't you print a hard copy or something? Someone made it."

With modern technology cheats or something. There were fewer of them than agriculture, but I think there were some of those creations.

... No way, you use papyrus or parchment in Wangdu?

"I don't think so. Because copies are about to become a profession. Even though vegetable paper is not even popular, printing is a high hurdle. The ink is very expensive.

I only know the outline of hard copy printing, but the technology that's out there in the public is print level at best. I mean, outside, it's less than medieval civilization. I can't help but compare it because I have magic or something.

I think you can make a lot of money just by establishing paper production technology. You'd be happy to buy it if it was our parents' house.

Speaking of which, I didn't even look into the extent of civilization in this world while I was in Wang Capital. Wasn't it even a good medieval level?

When I was in the village, I didn't even get a chance to touch something called civilization. When I came back, I thought it was primitive.... That was just too much in the primitive era.... Ancient Bits?

"This technology can't produce results without expertise. Even if you have knowledge, you can't develop that technology in a flash. In the first place, it costs money.

Isn't it the mountain of Sekiyama that's gonna be catastrophic trying to make you fat when you're born into a farmer? Parasites and stuff. "

"I used to make dirt and dirt in the woods outside the village."

"Even if you can, that's about it, right? I think Tuna is wise. No money, no expertise, no trial and error, no NAISEI. The unsuccessful person says," I'm sure. "

Let's talk about the experience.

By the way, rotten soil doesn't work at first either, bugs gush and it was hard.

"So this city is crazy. I knew it smelled like a cheat protagonist"


One note, something so different. Is it amazing just to have a credit currency (maybe)?

"For now, let's eat. You've been eating dry meat in the carriage, but I haven't eaten anything since yesterday because I ran out of food on the way."

"Oh, right. I want to save as much money as possible, so I'd like a cheap place..."

Well, what does the labyrinth city rice look like?

Looking around, there are surprisingly many restaurants. There are many stalls out at noon. It may also have something to do with the city entrance.

He seems to be a Japanese reincarnator, and hasn't he served rice or something? Grilled fish set meals?

Yuki pulled her sleeve silently, so looking back, she was pointing to the restaurant sign.

[Today's Daily Mackerel Stewed in Miso Set Meal Lunchtime Rice Miso Soup Free to Change]

We nodded silently and walked into the store to get sucked in with the flirtatious.

Saving money, the sign was written in Japanese, that kind of thing disappeared from my head and flew away somewhere.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa"

We were distracted by the ultimate colors that colored the basin placed in front of us, and we were raising weird voices.

Mackerel stewed in miso, miso soup, pickled eggplant, cold food, raw eggs, and freshly cooked white rice. Either way, it's not strange to serve in modern Japan.

In this world, it's obvious over-technology that's hundreds of years ahead.

Or even each ingredient has never been seen in the outside world. Raw eggs and such would only be eaten on the modern planet about Japan.

"Oh, I'm gonna live here forever."

"Neither did I. I never went home."

I meant it.

I mean, in my case, it could be gone in a few years.

"People from outside are exaggerating. Do you want a spoon or a fork? It's hard to eat with chopsticks."

I exaggerate...

If I do, a cat ear waitress in cute clothes will say her bedtime words.

I even thought I could die if I wanted to eat so much.

Yuki said she had never starved, but what she eats is by this world standard, and can never be compared to what she can eat in Japan. 'Cause I don't know if you're aware of it, but it's salivating.

We ignored the words of the cat ear waitress and started eating to bite. Yuki got me, but I haven't said 'I'll have it' in years.

Even though his body had changed, he didn't seem to forget how to use the stained chopsticks.

I even ate.

I ate so much that I didn't know how many times I had changed it, I kept eating just rice and miso soup, even if it was gone. That's just a treat.

As we stuffed ourselves to the limit of our inability to move and sipped green tea after the meal, we noticed each other crying.

"Your meal outside is rubbish."


What I've eaten in my life so far is just the bait I need to live. Call this a real meal. I forgot because I've been in this world for so long.

We were ultimately touched by people born and raised here and by people other than the ex-Japanese born outside.

"Uh, it's about the end of noon time, so I'd like to ask you to pay for it."

"Oh, excuse me"

The ultimate emotion was ruined.

Finished the bill, we were stuck on a square bench.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"What is it?"

"... that's all you eat, one small piece of silver coin."


That's not cheap for a single meal. If it were the outside world, I would normally pay for a few days' meals.

It would have been an unlikely luxury to spend all that on a meal until yesterday.

However, it is still for a few days. If you put up with it for a few days, you can eat it. Impossible.

"Regional inequality is not a level."

"Actually, I guess this is a different world. It's not like the world we were in."

Right, that wall is exactly what separates the world.

Even this square is not comparable to the dirty alley of Wang Du. I don't have any trash.

What kind of cheat bastard can make the difference so far?

"I wonder if I can eat that every day when I can make money in the labyrinth"

"Aren't you? As you may have forgotten, it's a daily meal."

It's supposed to be a common man's meal. It must be rice like the old man on the ground or something.

"Oh Ka-san, I want some cake"

"Oh, I can't help it, which one do you want?

"You know, you know, uh... Shortcake of the X.!

I can hear a parent and child talking about it.

When I looked up, there was a cake shop with a merchant decoration in the place facing the square. Exhibited in stores are cakes like those sold in Japan in previous life.

I don't know how much it's sold for, but I guess it's a price to the extent that I can get my hands on the common people. Instead of the price, Wang Capital isn't even sold in the first place.

Yuki, who is falling on the side, is not moving, but I can see him listening to the conversation between his parents and children.

"Hey, you, you're not gonna eat cake, are you?"

Our bellies are on the verge of destruction.

No way, you're gonna say something sweet is another belly or something. You're a man now.

I don't think so.

You don't have to do this. Why are my eyes running blood?

You know this guy. If you say anything after that, we're socially ruined. There's a dirty bridge on this beautiful square.

Even the old men at Shinbashi don't throw up from daylight.


"Because it's a shortcake. Yikes! It's not me!

I know. Wow. But you're about to reverse it.

"Boys may not understand, but sweet things are different again."

"You, man, okay?


I'm seriously going to regret it. It's been over ten years, so give it up.

Besides, you'll have a chance to eat as much as you want if you're looking at that parent and kid.

"By the way, what are we going to do after this? Decide on an Inn or Register an Adventurer"

"You have to register first. There was a flyer on the wall of the diner saying there were various discounts and stuff when I signed up for Adventurers at the Labyrinth Guild."

You're looking good. I didn't catch my eye concentrating on rice alone.

"Wow. That feels like a labyrinth city."

"They don't even charge a registration fee, so let's just go to the Labyrinth Guild"

A guild is like a union by profession that was in the Middle Ages. It is close to a mutually supportive existence, all over the kingdom.

This guild is supposed to require ID assurance and cost a lot of money to register. In some cases, they may be paid in advance if they do not possess specialized skills.

If you try to start a business or something without this back shield, you will turn all those who are affiliated with the Alliance against your enemies.

It is a territorial union organized to protect the rights of tradesmen and craftsmen. At least, it's not an organization like Halloween that just registers and introduces you to the job.

That's what guilds are supposed to be like, but they're treated a little differently in games based on cross-world reincarnations and fantasies that were popular in previous life's online novels.

Adventurer Guild = There are many super-organizations that even want to ignore the power of the state to guarantee their identity to unidentified and suspicious people and to mediate to work.

Maybe he's been treated as a gimmick to facilitate the game, so he's become such a super organization.

According to the information purchased so far, the guild of the labyrinth city is the latter. Looks like it's close to that temple. I can still afford the nostalgia, but not even the registration fee is very helpful.

I said it was an adventurer's aspiration at the time of the review, and I want you to register me.

"Fine to go, but you, can you move?

"... let's go when we've had enough breaks"

Hopefully it will be enough to move.


"Is this the Labyrinth Guild?"

There was a building in front of us with signs that we could see.

If you do, it's modern, and from the outside, it's simply a huge building with more than five floors. In other words, it is a concrete building. The windows are glazed and visible inside.

Sometimes fantasy promised liquor and diner chic things are on the ground floor, but they are separated from the guild body.

And by the ultimate, it's the convenience store across the road that's smashing the image.

A bureaucratic atmosphere, over the collegianais of the landscape, but I'm pretty sure it's a destination because there are plenty of people inside who feel like they're adventurers.

"It's a modern building."

They were both atrophied.

'Cause what I imagined was a dirty restaurant that felt like a tavern and a lodger.

It's an image of the outlaw-like old men drinking in the daytime and getting tangled up by the guy who came in. Why a modern chick bureau?

"Look, it's a different world fantasy promise, there's a lot going on. Are you all right?

"When you get in, it's like being tangled up by a veteran"

You're afraid to go in, Yuki said something weird.

I think it's a novel, but can we do it?... Isn't that impossible? I'm the kind of person who gets caught up in something long.

We're newcomers, so let's keep our seniors low.

"Temple, there were other unusual numbers in the magic measurements, and people in the screening were surprised."

"Knowing your unique skills can make a scene."

Negative. We're probably common people.

In the first place, both status and skills have been verified.

"You can rest assured. We don't have the protagonist talent to get into such trouble."

"Oh, yeah, right.... Let's go then"

It must have been a conversation to distract the tension. Or was it flagging? I walked out to catch up with Yuki.

Diving through just an automatic door that wasn't a normal one, when I went inside, it was slightly cooler if the air conditioning was working.

"Oh, you guys, on the unseen side, Rookie."

I don't know if it's because of Yuki's flagging or the fate of a different world fantasy, but as soon as I entered the guild, I got tangled up in my muscles.

He is a template macho man with a bald, tough face. For some reason, she is naked in her upper body and is teetering about whether she is also applying Vaseline. Very good smile.

Looking beside him, Yuki was losing her words.

"Well, don't be nervous. I'm not trying to eat anything else. Because we're Rookie friendly seniors. Because I'm a senior."

I already have more muscles. I got pinched on both sides because of the crap.

And why did I say it twice? Is that important?

As a junior, is this really a bad place to go? Should I jump?

Too many promises unfolded, I abandoned Yuki and tried to escape, but I was turned around by different muscles. It's the third.

"Hey, Bozz, I'm not letting a senior face blow like you. I'm the one who's really rookie friendly. This is Dobigo from Muscle Lancer.

"Dude, it'd be annoying if I could get stuck on a vicious side like you. You see, the Rookies are scared."

"Seriously, I'm the leader of Mohicanhead."

Something more Mohicans this time.

"No, we'll take care of the Rookies here."

"Well, don't start because the bad reviews are close to the limit."

"I'm sure it's about you."

"Yes, yes, yes, I'll keep it that way."

Joining the muscles, muscles and muscles, and even Mohican and Afro, a cat beast man appeared where he was finally chaos.

Yuki is pale in the face for too many developments. Obviously, I haven't been able to process the information. I doubt I can handle it, too.

"Uh, bad. Rookies. These guys have a bad reputation and they're going to kick this city out, so I'm desperately appealing to you to do something good."

"And I didn't. I'll shut up when I cry."

"Shut up. It's time for my sister at the window to look like she's about to run out of bees."

"Yabe, run"

The muscles scatter. And when you run away, turn to me and say, "Say hello to the Red Bronze Muscle Brothers! 'There was a guy who was appealing.

Is that a team name or something?

"was, shouldn't be, tripping over too many developments"

It is a complete escape from reality.

You, if it weren't for me and Mr. Cat Ear, it wouldn't have been weird to be taken away.

"My other side is back, and I'd like you to explain it to me if you can.... No, I guess I should ask my sister at the desk"

"I don't care. Like I said, they're on the verge of getting kicked out of this city because of their bad reputation.

This city accumulates bad reviews when it does bad things, and when it crosses a certain value, adventurers are forced to retire. I'll never be able to get into this labyrinth again. "

That's an amazing system. I don't know the criteria, but you don't think I can do anything bad?

... Are you saying they called out in good faith for once?

"It's a matter of life and death because there's no way people used to this city can live outside."


The flavour of the fixed meal I just ate came back to life.

I understood it in an instant. You can't do anything wrong.

"So don't worry, I think you'll be intimidated first."

"By the way, cat beast people have to put nya on the end of the story or something like that..."

"This is to appeal to individuality. It's not easy to get popular. All of our clans are like this."

It was a lot of cluttered character making.

What makes it popular?

"... you know, just now, my sister at the desk is looking at me like I'm in such a hurry"

"Oh, he's scary when you piss him off, so you should ask that lady a question or a registration. I'm going somewhere."


I broke up with the cat guy and finally reached the point of contact where it was meant to be. I had a rough experience in just a few meters.

The atmosphere is slightly frustrating but your sister has a very good smile.

"Um, I'd like to register."

"Yes, you're new here. Welcome to Labyrinth City, Labyrinth Guild Headquarters"

So, finally, we're going to walk out as adventurers.