Pirate: Possessed Teacher

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a teacher
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Travel to the pirate world.

Teach a thousand-handed frozen queen to guard O'Hara!

Teach a Fire Dragon Girl who can use Dragon Eradication magic!

Teach a weather goddess who runs Brilliant Thunder Prison!


When Qin Tian taught 10 qualified apprentices, he was finally able to reshape his flesh. Standing at the entrance of the great channel, Qin Tian spoke to the world: “I want to destroy Marijoa and reorganize the world!”

Thousand Hands Frozen Queen Robin: “I will freeze the whole world for Master!”

Fire Dragonfly Hancock: “I will burn everything for Master!”

Weather Goddess Nami: “I would be thrilled for my master!”

Ocean dominates White Star: “I will flood the Red Earth Continent for Master! ”



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