Yoshihisa passed through the reception room and sat facing Zhengma.

"Ah, can I stop saluting you and talk to Hutu?"Last time it was a salutation, but I was tired. "

Please follow me.

Although Yoshihisa agreed to accept the refusal, the transformation of the last salutation without the salutation this time was not a good impression from the viewer's side.It is the convenience of Zheng Ma, and it does not matter to Yoshihisa.

"Then I'll start, I'll turn the camera"

Yoshihisa declares that she has set up the camera.

"You were recently exposed, right?"Information implantation into the brain using a dream band.And cybernetic surgery of the brain, which attaches artificial intelligence to the brain itself.Both are prohibited under international law, and the Snowflake Society is doing the experiment, is that true? ”

Yoshihisa enters from the most sought-after stories as soon as possible.

"That's because they use human trafficking organizations to experiment on human bodies in a large number of ways.It's good to hear it majestically from the beginning, but if I deny it, it's over.If you've got evidence, anyway.Even with the evidence of the metaphor, who will judge me, and who will judge me in the first place?The police, the center, the true rulers of the country?Even if the accusations made during this time are true, I wonder why they should be judged, even if they are judged.Because it's a good thing to keep your eyes peeled. "

Without cowardice, Zheng Horse sticks his spare smile and talks without stain.

"I think it's better to keep your eyes peeled... Is that why you're insisting that the experiment is beneficial, but that it should be missed because it's only worth experimenting with dead bodies?"

Yoshihisa asked in a voice that killed her emotions as she jumped and talked happily.

"This is an example."If legitimacy, justice, merit, profit, interest, and so on work, human life is easily sacrificed.Trampled. Trampling on someone's life, feeding them, fattening them, making them happy.It feels good. As you progress, so does evolution.Human history is a repetition of that, isn't it?So even if we're doing what the rumors say, if we can recognize the results, or if we're persuasive, we'll let it go. "

As if speaking without trying to hide, Yoshihisa was taken in shock, and at the same time she remembered the fresh touch.

(The explanation of the politicians and managers who caused the scandal is always disgraceful and unconvincing.But when she does, it's not a ruckus.It doesn't get worse, it speaks naturally and proudly.I can't see the feeling that I'm committing a vice.)

I have repeatedly seen and known Yoshihisa's terrible feelings about the composition of the rampage of innocent genius children.Just now, Yoshihisa felt the same sensation.At the same time, I felt some kind of pain.

(Because this time it's for backstreets?Well, if it's for the backstreets, rather than pretending to be a good person and making excuses, it would be more favorable to reopen it and pass the evil, but there are people with good sense in the backstreets and there are no children who rebel in the organization?)

On the other hand, I also remember my doubts.

"Isn't that already tantamount to confessing that the accusation is true?"It sounds like you're opening up after you've acknowledged it. ”

“It's true that there is research and development on the scooped streets.The truth, I admit it.It's a lie to say that you've been experimenting with human bodies and you're about to die.I'll claim it's a lie from my mouth. "

It was a ventricle. I've been experimenting with the human body, and there are dead people out there.But it's not like they're killing a lot of people.That is why Zhengma made such a statement.

"Are you lying about the photographs being tested on humans?"

"It's a clinical trial. Well, maybe a human experiment."It's necessary. But around the time of the dead, they lied. "

"I mean, it's a little bit out."

Masamori tried to spray the smoke with his mouthpiece, but Yoshihisa burst into it.

"I can't help it if it's an accident. But accidents happen everywhere, and it's strange that only we have to blame them.How many people die every year in a car accident?Thousands will die in the bath, and many will die in the New Year's mochi.We haven't done much to get you killed, have we?And yet they are not blamed, and we are blamed?That's really weird, isn't it? "

A mocking gesture and cold voice.Even if there is someone who blames themselves, if they don't give in and don't care about the complaints, it sounds like Yuuki is arrogantly declaring.Not only Yoshihisa, but most of the viewers also felt that way.

It's a big live event, so let's see how you react.

Yoshihisa exhaled and looked over the Chet section.

"Hmm, well, I don't think I can see any interesting writing that I'd like to take up.Ah, but this straight writing is good.Let's answer this question. "Anyway, whether this organization has the ability to carry out research that will advance humanity is only questionable, whether it has the cynical ethic or the idiot who thinks of children as angels and grieves at will."We have shown various achievements so far, but are we still not credible in this case?Not enough? Well, if it does, it will change the world, and I wonder if it will be suspected.But we're going to make this happen.Can you believe you have a very competent and reliable ally?No, I think it's strange to say that we have an ally.She's already part of our Snowflake Society. "

At that point, the horse turned towards the door.

Please, come in.

When Masuma takes the camera in her hand and calls out to the door, the door opens and someone Yoshihisa knows comes in.

"Nice to meet you, Junko Yukioka, who runs mad scientists on the back streets."This time, I became a member of the Snowflake Society, so please be my guest. "

Many backstreet residents who watched the live broadcast looked up to the sky. This is a terrible surprise.

(It's the same as Yu-chan and Sylvia-chan, and I'm working part-time.I was told not to say that.Well, the prospect of becoming a full member is that it will have a strong impact and will also be a demonstration against the center.)

And, Junko thinks. The fact that Junko, who is also kind to the center, entered the snowflake society, which the center is vigilant, also has a considerable impact.

"I've had exchanges with Junko before, and I definitely wanted to talk to her.From the perspective of the people in the back streets, isn't this considerably more convincing? "

"That's right..."

Yoshihisa glances at Junko. It was a nuanced gaze, and Junko smiled slightly as she perceived it.

(Junko's expression is a bit like that.You're not serious? Or maybe there is some circumstance, that I wholeheartedly agree with this girl named Masuma--)

That's what Yoshihisa read.

“In partnership with Grim Penis, Cornelis Van Dam seems to be in tune with the Snowflake Society, but Grim Penis was originally the exact opposite of the Snowflake Society.How did you convince them? ”

Changing questions, Van Dam.

"Hey, what are you talking about?"Van Damme would have died playing dead games with Junko here the other day.This delivery is for backstreets, right?Isn't that right? Then you all know that Van Dam is a clone, don't you?The Sea Chihuahua Warriors know that, and they're on our side.The ability gathered in Grim Penis and the outsiders. "

"I see, it was certainly a stupid question."Then change the question - do you have any information that the center is keeping an eye on the Snowflake Society? ”

I think it's a slightly mean questioning method, Yoshihisa.

"Of course. So? How do you deal with it?"

“I see. People in the back streets think that the Snowflake Society may be viewed as hostile by the center and may be able to set things up.Just as tee time on the battlefield is at the heart of everything. "

"Does the center really do things with us?"No, I don't think so.I wonder if you'd rather help me?You know, you've been hostile to tee time on the battlefield lately.If the Hub is hostile to the Snowflake Society, then we might as well team up with Tee Time on the battlefield and fight the Hub, right?Isn't that right? Of course, Junko here will be with you. "

This was a lie. And it was a stranglehold.Masamori is clearly going to be hostile to the center in the future.

"I see. So, one last question."What exactly is the National Plan for Paradise? ”

"I think I'll leave it ambiguous now."It's the previous Vision. "

"You've been talking about that a lot since long time ago.Only upper-class people are gathering to build a secret autonomous region on small islands, etc. "

"There is a harem filled with crowds of desires, that kind of story."It's a paradise where people make people their toys.Or under the rule of a cult religion.It's not an island, it's a mountain.But that's not what we're aiming for.I'm sorry for such a nasty world. "

Yoshihisa was in a mood to sigh when she saw the horses revealing their insults and ridicule.

(This kind of place is no good, it's a child.Isn't there a grown man who can guide her better?Wasn't he there?Or even if I was there, I could burn my hands all over the place, and I wonder if this is the best I can do?)

Looking at Masamori, I think Yoshihisa is stingy.

"In any case, we are serious."Aiming for a new stage.There's a lot more to the plan than just this.We're taking humanity to a new stage.Van Dam is a sinner who brought stagnation to mankind.We will redeem you for your sins. [M]We will move forward with the civilization that has been stagnating for thirty years.I'm going to get back the time I was stuck and go further.We believe in the power of the Snowflake Society. "

Yoshihisa decided that it was a good time to delimit the area where Masuma had spoken so much.

Yoshihisa stops the live broadcast and ends the interview.

Thank you for your help ~

Junko sneaks out first.Yoshihisa gazed at the figure behind her.

(You're really saying something, aren't you?Yoshihisa-kun. Well, the people in the center are much more muddled up than Yoshihisa-kun, so it's not wrong to say something....)

Junko walked down the hallway to figure out what excuse to give to the center.