This mansion is the main residence of the White Fox family in Tokyo.

"Even Junko entered the Snowflake Society."Is this okay? "

"I wonder if you have any plans."

"I hope so, but I don't know how much I mean it, so just keep the confirmation."

Three top central executives, Shiranui Shirakazu, Tamamura Ring, and Toranosuke Okita, will speak after watching the Snowflake Society interview.

So, is the plan going well?

Okita saw the string screw.

“It looks perfect. If I find out about it later, I might get angry with it.”

Bitterly smiling helix.

“I'll find out for sure. But you won't be angry.Whether you're a rapist or a flogger, pay an extra to make sure you're comfortable. ”

and a ring.

"Take humanity to a new stage."It would be easier if I could smile and say that it was very exhilarating. "

Having said that, Okita sighed loudly with her arms folded.

"When Junko belongs to the Snowflake Society, she will be seen as an organization with that much power and value, and it is possible that people with great power will gather in that organization."

"I guess. I really don't have a nose."It's a very troublesome story. "

Hearing Ring's words, Okita sighed again.

The five of them, Kirie, Yaki, Yu, Silvia, and Midori, were watching the interview of Masuma in the same room.

But Junko wasn't expecting to get here.

Sylvia says.

"Junko-san... just like us, it's a part-time job for convenience... right?"

Hmph ~? Sister Yu, I suspect it's different ~?

Listening to Yu's words, Midori asked unexpectedly.

"Yes, maybe... it's really in tune with the idea of the Snowflake Society."

"That's not true." Jun-san made remarks in front of us that didn't make her happy, many times.It's like I'm dreaming of purity, or something like that, and it doesn't really suit me. "

It's Midori who denies Yu's thoughts, but it's not completely denied from the bottom of her heart.Junko has whimsical places, and she changes her thinking and behavior flexibly, so there are parts that she honestly doesn't understand.

"I think there's a benefit to teaming up, leaving aside what doesn't suit you."

And, Ji Lijiang.

"I know you want to be part-time, but you should choose a little more carefully."In anticipation of Masuma's personality, I'm a part-time newcomer who came in to talk directly to him about putting him in, but there is also the possibility that some seriously strange people will come in and infiltrate the organization from the inside. "

Sylvia looks at Kirie and advises her.

"There's already some strange people in there."For now, I want strength, so I feel like I'm swallowing along with the cloudiness. Not now. "

Ji Lijiang laughs deeply.

"Hmphhhh, no matter who you are right now, what I don't like about it is it sounds like I'm going to poo ~"

I'm shocked by the greenery.

"Zheng Ma is going to do that kind of thing."Now it's a little rounded, but when I first got here, the merciless side stood out. "

Kirie sees that the reason that Masamori has become round is because he has the courage.Or perhaps the essence has not changed, but is it being held in front of courage?

(The presence of courage has become indispensable for Masamoru.It helps to balance the mind of the horse, and it is also a brake for the horse)

At least there are no people in the organization who can firmly stop Masuma, including Kirie.No one influences a horse more than courage.

Even such a person was followed by everyone, right?

Yu asked.

”That kind of ruthlessness came out especially in front of some close people, and I was able to deceive them well”

"Can I say that in front of us, not particularly close?"

Sylvia rushed in after listening to Kirie's dialogues.

"I told you now, Masamori has also become rounded, right?" That's why it's good, isn't it?

Kiarie smiled and said "Sarah".

The leader of the Snowflake Society, you're cumming no matter what you think.He's the type who wants to be a god. "

"I feel so drunk on my own ideals.Besides, because my face is good, I get extra noses. "

Personally, if that makes me look bad, I'll hate you even more.


Face is important. I was struck by the statement that we are taking humanity to a new stage.That was because the demonic horse was a beauty face.If that was Busamen's statement, it would be a different impression. "

Does the impression change depending on the real face?

It's definitely going to change. If you're a pretty girl, your eyes will change.

"Before my face, I was uncomfortable with the idea of a group of geniuses."

You're jealous.

It's also an organization that has made a number of achievements in the past few years.All the executives of Getty Meat The Barbarian Scalpel, which has chain stores all over the world, are snowflake societies.When I started my business, the president was only eight years old. "

"The offline version of Recommendation 11 is a worldwide hit, but the Snowflake Society is also responsible for its development.The game development department is super capable. "

"The development of the brain guard system, which has drastically reduced the accident rate of the dream band, is said to be the team of this organization."

"Brain reduction awards are also awarded for improving the variety of sturgeon sharks and potatoes."

Especially on the science side, it's pretty strong.It was really big that Junko Yukioka pulled me there. "

Yes, that Mad Scientist's affiliation has made me more persuasive.

Perhaps there are still other hidden balls besides Junko Yukioka.

Snow Oka's affiliation has the potential to pull other big guys as well.

The statement of the demonic horse is all the more painful.I think you're stupid, except for yourself, or all of us. I don't like it. "

'The pile that comes out is struck. I'm sure the erotic people who hate flashy moves aren't silent ~ ”

After the interview ended and Yoshihisa left, Junko and Masuma were checking the interview reaction.

"Ahahaha, my reputation is bad."If you let yourself out as you are, you'll hate me.On the other hand, Junko is very well regarded, and the expectations from the outside are also high.I was right to choose it as an advertising tower.I was right to have an emergency appearance.The fame in the back streets is amazing, isn't it? "

"Ahahah... looks like it."

Junko returns a loving smile with a slightly uneasy face to the grinning horse.

“What's the matter? Did you get any heady writings?I'm pretty scolded, but Junko isn't scolded or reprimanded, is she?Isn't that right? "

"Hmm... that's not the case, the problem is that the ratings are high.I don't have a bad relationship with the center, so if I'm too influential in this organization, the center won't look good..... "

Junko also knows that there is a prospectus of subduing the center and demonstrating when Masako announced at the scene that she had entered the organization, which is why she is troubled.

"I have a good relationship with the center."

Only recently, a disturbing air flowed between the center and the ruler layer behind it, Junko, but there was a possibility that it would happen again.

Junko is interested in the Snowflake Society.I think it is worth using.However, I also hesitated to set up a center at the moment.

"I see. Well, even if we set up a center, I won't tell Junko to fight with us."Or is the center a small organization that stands out even when it becomes a technology alliance or an advertising tower? "

"Hmm, I don't want to think that's the case, but..."Well, there's a warning over there-- "

Junko's phone rang while she was talking.

Oh, my God! Masamaru! Eva and the wealth of the night are out of their minds!There are injured people!

Upon hearing the screaming report, Zheng Ma spilled a smile.

Eva and Fortune walked down the hallway at night, attracting the presence of aliens.

The human form, almost reaching the ceiling, is built with hundreds and hundreds of blades all over the body.Knives, cutters, long doses, Japanese swords, knives, saws, etc., overlapped in ruin.

It's a blade golem, Eva's trump card.It was created by calling in a large number of knives in my room.

"Kill Kill Kill! Cut! Cut! kill! What's next?!Hurry up! Woooooooo! "

Eva barks lofty as she walks.Eva was unhappy that several people had already been injured by this blade golem, but couldn't kill any of them.

Eva, her wealth, and her night were captive to murder.Neither reason nor thought has disappeared.As a firm sense of purpose, he is trying to satisfy the desire to just kill people.

"Hey... what?"

"Eh... Eva-san and Fortune Night?"

Saki and Rena were unlucky enough to run into each other.Eva and Fortune are obviously in a strange state at night, and most of all, she is walking with a blade golem, so she becomes stiff.

Meanwhile, something could be played in Rena by the intent to kill.Something awoke me while I was asleep.


Eva screamed and pointed at Qian and Rena, and the blade golem waved one arm at the spot.

It's dangerous!

Almost at the same time as the blade golem waved its arm, Rina shouted and pushed her next to her.

Four blades were attached to her arms, and she flew toward Kei and Rena.

One was stuck to the wall and the other to the ceiling.One crossed the space where Qi was.


The scene unfolded in front of her, and she was completely exhausted.One of the blades cut off her neck in front of her.

The blade flew down the hallway, and Rena's head rolled to her feet, and Rina's body fell to her back.

Qian opened her eyes wide and trembled with her mouth half open.

"Yaah! Eva finally did it!"First one! Finally Kill Kill Kill Roo! It feels refreshing! Woooooooo! ”

Seeing the sight, Eva clenched her fists and roared with joy.