Shirataru Mei and Nana Kurosaki were talking about delivering an interview to a demonic horse earlier at the Omai Rape headquarters.

"As far as I can see from the reaction, there are many opinions that I won't have a nose for Masuma, but there are also many opinions that pay attention to the achievements and future of the Snowflake Society.I liked that cheeky place, on the contrary. "

"Do you like cheeky kids?"

After hearing Mae's words, Nana asks.

"Yes, any girl would like a boy like that?"That girl, her lines are thin and cute, and she's very sassy. So if you tie that girl up on the bed and rape her naked, it'll feel good, right? Any girl can't do anything she thinks of? "

Please don't make Mei's unique standards the standard for girls, right?

With a smile, there was a voice of anger and awe.

“There are also opinions that no matter how successful she is as a leader, whether the members are good or not, there is not a long way to go.Indeed, if the personality of a leader is really difficult, I don't think he will be a leader. "

"No, no, that's not it.If the leader only has the power to pull, he can be a personality bankrupt, so he can be troubled. "

Mae shook her finger to deny Nana's opinion.

Mae-san is very persuasive ~

"Taha, Nana-chan started to say that, too."

Mae smiled bitterly and held her face to Mae, who said with a strong smile.

"Well, since Sylvia entered that organization, it would be easier to get information, but the important information shouldn't be revealed."What's the status of the other person you sent in? "


The moment Mei asked, Nana's face looked surprised.

What's the matter with you?

"I tried connecting my senses and now I'm fighting.Something seems to be wrong. "

Hmm, why are you fighting?

"I'm sorry." I don't know that yet.Suddenly, the Snowflake Society child attacked me. "

I'll tell Sylvia, too.

Upon Nana's report, May called Sylvia.

In the Snowflake Society headquarters building, three people, Courage, Bell Sound, and Tetsuo, also watched the live broadcast of the interview of Masamune.

"Zheng Ma is really stupid."No, I exposed a stupid place in front of a lot of people. "

The bell rang with a dazed face and voice.

It's true, but the same stupid bell tone is enough.

"Ahh... that's terrible courage."

Courage to say it while drinking coffee and milk in a paper pack, and a bell sound that makes you look disgusting.

"It's an appeal that includes a negative aspect."Looks like a horse. Instead of answering the interview quietly, you'd better tell me how much this is. "

Tetsuo says petulantly.

"Well, it would have been a success in terms of impact.As Tetsuo said, rather than being quiet, it would be more impressive to bump into the personality of a Masamori.I'm glad I did too.The idiot Zheng Ma lived.That's right. Think about the ringtone a little longer before you say anything. ”


The bells roared with courage and disgruntled faces.

At that time, the sound of destruction and vibration resounded, and the three stopped their conversation and looked at each other.

It's close.

"For a moment, I felt a wave close to the cry of the demon." But for a moment. "

The sound of the bell and the courage murmured.

"I think you should go, Yuuki.I don't know if that's a hunch or a heroine's intuition. "

The sound of the bell prompted it.

"You don't have to tell me to go."About who's the heroin? Even though it sounds like a bell, you're being sassy. "

"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hur

Her eyelids were pinched by her courage, and it was a bell ringing with tears of joy in her heart.

Rena's head was struck in front of her, and Qian froze for a moment, but she immediately noticed something suspicious.

There was no bleeding from the cut surface.And if you look closely at the cut surface, there is no meat, no blood vessels, no bone.It's not even red. No, I saw something like a bone or a core, but I don't think it's a human bone.

Yu is next!

"That's not true... let me do it!"

She was even more surprised when she heard Eva shouting back at her.It was Rina's voice.

And Qian was even more surprised.This time, I was so stunned that I was about to faint.Rina's head, which was cut off from her torso, rolled, her eyes moved, and she stared at Eva.

Rina's body, without a head, rose up and picked up her rolling head.


Ms Qi moans, and Eva and Riches see the scene harden at night.

"What... is that... Durahan?"

At the rear of Eva and Fortune Night, Funo, who was sneaking out his head from the bend, was stunned to see Rina holding her head aside.

Rina took her head to her chest and put it back on her neck-and let go of her hand.Your head falls to the floor again, but it doesn't fall to the floor.Because before she fell to the floor, Rina's body, without a head, moved and kicked her head forward as hard as she could.

Everyone will be even more surprised by this movement, but one second later it will be surprising again. It was a stunning series.

The kicked head exploded just in front of the golem, thinking that it flew in a straight line towards the blade golem.


Thinking that Rina's body without a head spread out her hands and screamed as she ran around, she lifted and lowered her arms on her knees and took a gut pose.Immediately after that, the head appeared on Rena's neck without a neck and returned to the original one.



Meanwhile, Eva and Riches Night blown away by the blast and falling down.Blocked by the golem giant, the blast was weakened, but still not completely prevented.It damaged my eyes and my eardrums.

Something shocking was happening in a row, and she was staring at Rina with a puffy face.

"Ah... I'm so glad..."

Rina was ashamed to be aware of herself and the eyes that she would have seen.

"I'm sorry, Qian. I... wasn't human."The amnesia was true, but it's also... um... now my memory is back. "

Rina turned to Kaoru and apologized.Rena's memory loss is not a lie, but it was intentionally created.To infiltrate the Snowflake Society without suspicion.

"Sit... Blade Golem! Wolf Style!"

When Eva stood up and shouted, the blade golem quickly transformed from a human to a quadruple-legged beast.

Fortune also rises at night, take something like a leaf out of your pocket, put it on your head, and combine your hands with your index finger standing in front of your chest.

Qian-san, I'll take care of this, so run away

Rina said, but Kaoru shook her head.

"If you want to run away, let's run away together."

In her mind, the memory of Tsugumi resurrected.And I am very conscious that I have been looking after Rina for the last few days.It was possible that Rina would run away on her own and get killed in the meantime.Not that I can fight together.


Qian shouted in surprise.The night of wealth next to Eva turned into a different figure.The clothes, face, and body shape were transformed into the same shape as the person next to Qian - the same shape as Rena.

"Me, me!?"

Rina was surprised to see her eyes peeled off at night when she was in the same shape as herself.

Neither wealth nor night were human beings.Extraordinary. It is a clan that draws the blood of a beaver and can be transformed into the same appearance as anyone who sees it.Moreover, if I saw the opponent's ability, I could copy it to that ability.

The head of Fortune Night, which had the same appearance as Rena, fell away from her torso.The right leg of the wealthy night falls slightly.

(It's disgusting...)

Rena immediately understood what it meant and jumped at her next door.To cover herself and protect herself.

The head of the Fortune Night, cut off from the copper, was kicked by the foot of the Fortune Night.Then it exploded when it flew near Rina and Kaoru.I copied the attack of Rena just now.

However, I did not scream and fly around immediately after the explosion.As soon as the wealthy night returned to its former form, he fell on one knee and sighed roughly.Actually, this transformation ability is very burdensome for the body.


Eva screams as she sees the smoke caused by the blast in front of her.

When the smoke cleared, there were intact Rena and Aki there.

"It was the first time..."

The voice of relief was the bell that appeared behind Rina and Qian.There was also a man of courage and philosophy beside him.

"They... how dare they show up at this time..."

Seeing the figures of courageous people, Funaso, who was looking at the situation from the bend, abhorrently threw up.