Play with Mad Scientists!

Two preambles

Snow Oka Institute - The name is known as the urban legend on the Internet and is the subject of admiration, awe and stories.

There is an immortal Mad Scientist named Junko Yukioka, who gives visitors to the Institute the power to transcend their intelligence.

Some are transformed into righteous heroes, some are transformed into Phantoms, and some are simply granted extraordinary abilities, and so on.

If you search, you will soon find the Institute's official website, and the front page says this in grandeur.

'It gives a tremendous amount of power to someone who will be my experimental bench. People who don't complain when they die, big recruit!

The price to gain is to become Junko Yukioka's experimental bench. She craves an experimental bench for her research, and visitors who want power become, as a result of that experiment, a lucky test of whether or not they can gain power.

There are many reports that he took a trip to the Snow Oka Institute and gained extraordinary power, but disturbing rumors frequently also fly around, such as those who have failed to lose their lives or become like a far cry from people.

Visitor motives vary. Those who admire righteous allies, those who want to gain strength in advance to live in the back streets, those who aspire to suicide, those who want to clear up their grudges, those who lose everything at the bottom of their lives and entrust their wishes to a one-shot reversal, etc.

Rin Kishibe, who refrained from graduating from high school the next day, was heartened by this suspicious rumor.

(If the rumors are true, my wish may also be fulfilled)

That's what I thought, Rin decided to visit the Snow Oka Institute with the intention of being fooled. She had a reason to even want to talk about this suspicious story.

When I emailed him from the Snow Oka Laboratory site, he got a reply right away.

The email said the location of the Snow Oka Institute. The Yukooka Institute exists on the first basement floor of a building called Kando Building, in the downtown area of Aesthetic Town, Anraku-shi, Tokyo. It also said how to get into the basement of the candoville and the password.

Rin turns to the Yukooka Institute, half-heartedly but excited to reply.

The cando building is a regular department store from ground to third floor and the building owner denies rumors that there are such monstrous laboratories in the basement. Aside from the story of the Snow Oka Institute, it is a building where many black rumors cannot stand, such as rumors that all the floors above the third floor are backstreet facilities, and rumors that all Depard stores are breathing backstreet as well.

When Rin looked over at the wall at the designated location, he quickly found a lid on the wall that a passerby would not likely notice. When the lid is opened, there are analog tenkey buttons inside. As instructed in the e-mail so far.

As you further follow the instructions to enter your password, a sudden slice enters the wall where there was nothing, the wall slides sideways to open the entrance, and a staircase appears that leads down. I saw the emergence of a secret staircase through a secret door, and the rumors finally became realistic in Rin.

At the end of the stairs was an automatic door marked Snow Oka Laboratory. When we get here, it's a boulder, and I don't think it's a hands-on prank.

"Rin Kishibe. Stay inside and continue to the thirteenth lab. '

Follow the voice that echoes from the speaker, Rin knocks at the door.

"Welcome to the Snow Oka Institute."

Rin was greeted in the designated room by a pretty girl in her mid-teens, wrapped in white over boyish outfits.

Brown hair short hair, large eyes and sharp faces reminiscent of cats, look that match Rin's tastes of lesbianism, and unwittingly distract her mind. But Rin's foremost attention was to the crimson eyes that glistened seductively in her wide open eyes. For the first time in my life, I have seen eyes that are realistically red.

There was another one in the room. He's a little boy in uniform, supposedly a junior high. I was sitting in a chair reading, but as soon as I glanced at Rin, I looked back at the book again. She deserved to be called a beautiful boy. She had the impression that Rin's eyes were more cute than beautiful. The apparent age is no different than that of a girl in white, and she looks like a good combination of beautiful men and women.

"Then let's get to work quickly. What kind of power do you want? Oh, just in case, it's also meant to be an experimental bench for my research, because it doesn't always succeed. Because sometimes you fail and you die. Come on."

In a slightly prolonged tone with a smile, the girl in white - Junko Yukioka - takes the final confirmation.

"There's someone I want to kill."

Rin also smiled back and told him without staring as the serpent tangled the pendant of the cross.

"But I don't want to kill him and get caught by the police. I want the power to kill people but not get caught by the police. And I want that kind of power because I want to live on the back street afterwards"


Junko responded in two replies with an uncontrolled grin to Rin's request that he doubted his sanity if he was a regular person. Rin was anxious to respond badly and lightly.

"No, it was just fine. I just finished removing this."

Junko shows with both hands what he had placed beside his desk.

Rin breathed when she saw what Junko was putting up with a smile on her face.

What she's putting up is a long, transparent container. Inside, the fluid was filled, and in the middle of the container, the brain and spinal cord, with countless cords connected, were fixed.

"This is hey, it's the magician's brain. I was wondering if I could transplant some of this to you so that you could exercise witchcraft just like the owner of this brain, and I'd like to experiment with that spirit, okay?

Rin loses her words to too much absurdity and light nori. At the same time, instinctively perceive the imminent danger to one's life. Because I found out that the girl in front of me was trying to do an experiment on herself that I didn't really know what to do. In the first place, the word "magician" comes out of my mouth, naturally.

If you accept this, your life may end here. As rumored, I realize once again that it is only by overcoming risks and fears that I can gain the power to seek. I knew by reason before I got here, but I was stuck in front of him and cowered.

"Fine. If that gives you strength, do it."

Rin tells her forcefully, looking at Junko's red eyes, as anxiety and excitement mingle and she trembles slightly. Seeing Rin's face ready, Junko smiled happily at his full face.

That was two years ago.

Shibuya Ten Nights (Shiitaya) return time is slow. Mostly around 7pm.

"How many have you caught?

Yunzuka (Kuzuka Akira), who was playing with the Ten Nights, smiles and asks, peeking into the bucket placed in front of the Ten Nights.

Inside, the leeches that were in the fields were stunningly packed. I know if you catch sesame seeds and frogs in the fields, but the hobby is to collect leeches all the time. What I suggested is shaking as usual.

"I can't count anymore because it's dark."

"Uh, is it dark? It's dark. So it's time to go home. This guy's gonna get us out of here."

A shake takes the bucket and wields momentum, returning the leech inside to the fields.

Ten nights has been playing with the shaking of the same grade almost every day since I was in kindergarten until I was in third grade. When I was in kindergarten, I had other friends, but when I was in elementary school, I used to hang out with them every day.

Always play outdoors in a way that invites you to shake. It did not do anything to play games indoors, but entered dangerous places such as parks, fields, rivers, ruins that went a little far into the hilly forests and sometimes backstreet residents come and go. Always shaking takes the lead, and the ten nights just follow it.

See you tomorrow.

Shake to say goodbye with a flamboyant smile, completely at sundown. It was always this word when I returned, but ten nights had been saved in that one word. No, I was. Tomorrow I'll see you shaking again. That we can have a good time together.

It was a time of bliss for ten nights while we were shaking together. If that time is over and you go home, hell awaits you ten nights.

Ten nights on the way home with heavy footsteps. On the way, I'll buy lunch for two, which will be dinner tonight by convenience store.

"You were late today."

When I opened the door to the house, my father, sitting in front of the tabletop, single-handedly poured a glass of cheap liquor, called out. Ten nights doesn't try to gaze at each other. I don't even try to see my face.

Poorly lined teeth, crooked mouths, thin eyes on only one side and heavily stripped eyes on the other, the owner of the evil phase who, if he is weak in heart, wants to turn away at a glance. Even the ten nights we have been together since birth are enough to avoid getting into our sight as much as possible.

One room in an apartment in 1DK. I don't even know my name. Living with two fathers. The majority of chores such as cleaning, laundry, shopping and garbage removal have been served ten nights since they were raised to elementary school. I can't cook, so I'm just buying lunch for two at the convenience store.

"This... tonight"

Ten nights offering off the seaweed salmon lunch I bought before I got home.

His father, who glanced at the lunch box, further distorted his originally distorted face and flattened his head ten nights. It's flat handed but not much of a relief. Ten nights of body blowing up and falling.

"I told you to make it a BBQ lunch. Why aren't you buying it? Oh?"

I intimidate my son, who is still less than ten years old, with amazing taste.

"Huh...? But in the morning, the salmon..."

He opened his mouth and now he kicked me in the thigh. Ten nights calmly judging in my head that this is going to be a mole.

"I'm not talking to you, you can't use it. Be sure to buy some BBQ tomorrow."

Father's irrational manipulation and violence is everyday, but ten nights knows this is not normal. I recognize that I was born to an unfortunate star.

"I wish I hadn't been born. Thank God you're eating something like that."

While spreading his lunchbox, his father mouthed a classic dialogue. Dialogue to mouth over and over a day.

(Dad's right. It would have been better not to be born in a house like this, in a world like this)

Whenever I hear that dialogue, I think so for ten nights. I can't even die because. I can't even get out of this house.

Until about six months ago, I had also dreamed of the emergence of a hero who would come to save me from this house, or of a supernatural force waking up to me to destroy my lazy father, but it could now disappear, too.

Instead of giving himself to the evil scientist and becoming an experimental bench, he also distracted himself from the rumor that there was something that would become the Snow Oka Institute, which he would not normally gain, but he also truncated it as a reckless aspiration, wondering if it was just a fabrication.

No matter how much you want it, there's never going to be a flip. Harsh reality. Righteous heroes don't come to help, and one day they don't suddenly wake up to supernatural powers. I am never summoned to another world.

Some years ago, the existence of the Spirit and the post-mortem world, and even since the reincarnation of the circle was scientifically demonstrated and officially recognized in the whole world, the reality of those with extraordinary powers is also beginning to be hidden, but the Ten Nights has never seen anything like it, and I believe it is unlikely.

(World crap. Home and school are boring. But......)

Ten nights that were already disgusting at this age, but there is only one thing to look forward to. It's just so much fun when you're hanging out. I always thought of all the unusual and dangerous games, and I loved the ten nights of shaking around taking the ten nights.

I definitely want to just hang out with you all the time.

That was five years ago.