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Shen Ningxin joined a company after graduation and worked as an intern.

The atmosphere in the company is good, and the work is relatively leisurely. The colleagues take good care of her, except for the black-faced and impersonal Bingberg boss.

"This plan is unqualified. Change it again."

"What's the matter with this list? I told you several times before?"

"If you can't finish it today, don't want to leave at night."

Shen Ningxin felt I absolutely committed sins in my previous life, so I stand with such a boss who is not cute at all.

Until one day... She stumbled on the Weibo trumpet of her boss.

——I am so sad that everyone did not bring me to dinner after get off work today.

——Xiao Zhang went to travel privately and brought everyone special products, but without my share, I saw QAQ ——Shen Ningxin

didn’t talk to me all day, did I call her too cruel yesterday and recruit her I hate it...

If it weren't for the photos in the album, Shen Ningxin would never believe that this was actually her boss.

It turns out that the icebergs are fake, and the crying bag is real.

What made her even more unexpected was that she was captured by such a crying bag, and she was... eating to death.

Shen Ningxin:)

1v1 he has a natural low tear point, a girl with cold outside and hot inside, but very reliable, strong spoiled wife QwQ


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The copywriting on September 28 has been posted on Weibo


Next door "Vicious female

partner is the cusp of the heroine" for advance collection , the following copy: Du Qingqing is a malevolent female partner in a rich novel , Has a peerless appearance and graceful posture, can make a person bend the waist with a smile, have countless suitors, should have lived a good life.

However, the script insisted on making her persecute the heroine, not only to be mean to the heroine, but also to rob her boyfriend.

Du. See through everything. Very transparent. Just ask for self-protection. Qingqing: Isn't this a rush to die!

In order to prevent her untimely death, Du Qingqing decided to kick over the script and go the other way, so she could not afford to at least avoid it.

So in the first life, Du Qingqing resolutely broke off friendship with the male protagonist and moved abroad on his private jet.

As a result, the plane crashed and died in the wind.

The second generation Du Qingqing gave up his wealth and left his hometown in a bus to go to a small city to live in seclusion.

As a result, he was innocent involved in a murder case after he settled down.

In the third life, she stopped running, and simply began to believe in Buddhism, making herself wantless.

As a result, he was accidentally food poisoned, and the rescue failed.

Du Qingqing: "..." What do you want from me!

In the end, she found that running this road was not feasible, so she started to find another way to be friends with the heroine.

Who bullied the heroine, what the heroine lacked to buy, the heroine was not happy that she personally came to the door to send warmth, determined to let the heroine eat well and become the ceo to marry Bai Fumei to the pinnacle of life.

This time Du Qingqing did not die again, but before she was happy, she suddenly discovered that something was wrong.

She is the one who eats well, she is the one who lives well, and she is the ceo.

Even... she is the one who married Bai Fumei?

Wearing a dove egg diamond ring on his hand, Du Qingqing, who was kissed by the "hostess" in his arms, finally reacted-could it be that

I am the hostess? !

This article is also known as "After I died young, I found out that I seem to be the heroine", "As a vicious heroine, I am a winner in life", "If you are not good to the heroine, I will lead you to be afraid of it", "The malicious heroine and the heroine are he 》The

fine play sand sculpture works hard to be attacked by the x-thinking and close-bellied black attack sand glyph 1v1.


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