Raydor Holy Sword War Journal

1. Black Sacred Sword

One carriage runs along an unstable and untidy path.

Every time the wheel rolls, it rattles intermittently, and sometimes the body jumps up on a big stone.

The carriage, which was hit by two horses, had an iron plate on the surface, and the light window was fitted with an iron lattice. Its heavy construction would be more to keep the people inside from escaping than to be wary of attacks by external enemies.

(You treat me like a sinner...)

In such a martial arts carriage. One boy sighed with a dark look.

There is only one boy about 12 or 3 years old in a spacious carriage.

The boy's hands are handcuffed in metal. The surface of the handcuffs was carved with hieroglyphic characters, emitting a blue-white light.

The boy, knowing that it was called the 'Shackles of the Sealed Demon' that sealed the magic of the equipper, distorted his lips bitterly.

"Brother... how could you be like this...!

It is recalled that the person who caused the boy to be taken like a sinner. It was the face of my brother, the fruit who divided the blood.

The boy's name is Raydor Zain.

Now it is time to spoil the captive, but until a few days ago he was prince of the kingdom of Zayn in the western part of the continent.

It was an adult ritual that took place on his twelfth birthday that prompted such a reidor to be shackled and taken.

The royalty and nobility of the kingdom of Zayn will be recognized as adults at the age of 12, and rights such as family succession will be recognized.

In the case of Raydor, the prince, who would gain the right to inherit the throne by welcoming the rite of adulthood, neither Raydor nor the people around him thought he would be king.

That is because Raydor has an older brother who is 10 years old and has already been involved in the affairs of the father king of the hospital bed.

Brother - Granard Zain, the first prince of the kingdom of Zain, has a clever and diligent personality and a thick trust from ministers.

The status of the next king was a stone's throw, and no one, even an ambitious nobleman, wanted to take on Raydor until he bought Granard's objection.

Raydor also admired his brother, and had no dissatisfaction with his inability to be king.

I am my brother's spare and a being who should not want the status of king. I kept my eye on that position.

But - such an event struck Raydor that could only be described as a fate hoax.


Inheritance Rituals - During a ceremony, a ritual of royal adulthood in the kingdom of Zayn, Raydor, who was supposed to be the lead actor, leaked a dumb voice.

There is a single sword in Raydor's hand.

From a pitch-black sword like painted with ink stands a blush of black, emitting a disastrous aura to intimidate the surrounding area.

"Stupid! Why Raydor......!

"To, brother..."

It was his brother, Prince Granard, who raised a shout of amazement.

Raydor looked back at his brother behind him with a twilight look on his way, squeezing the pitch-black sword tightly.

For generations in the kingdom of Zayn there was a special ritual performed by only royal men in the rite of inheritance. It is about pulling out the sword of a national treasure that the kingdom passed down from when it was founded.

The national treasure, the holy sword Darin Slave, rests in the deepest part of the royal palace and is protruded onto a pedestal made of stone.

It is a history known to everyone who was born and raised in this country that the first king once held this sword to put together the surrounding luxuries and founded the kingdom of Zayn.

Therefore, the royal man who is drawing the blood of the first king must try to pull the holy sword out of the pedestal as an adult ritual and be recognized as the new holy sword holder, Excalibur Holder.

Most importantly, no one has been recognized by the Holy Sword since the First King.

It was only a formal liturgy, as no one had escaped Darinslave from the pedestal.

"Why... am I on the Holy Sword...?

But such a holy sword Darin Slave was in Raydor's hands.

As soon as Raydor clenched the Darin Slave pattern, the Holy Sword was lifted with lightness, like pulling out a branch of a tree stabbed in a sand mountain.

"Stupid! I don't know...! Why did the sword that I couldn't pull out fall out on Ray!?"

"Gu, Your Highness Granard..."

It was his brother Granard who caused more confusion than himself in the appearance of Raydor, who pulled out the Holy Sword.

My brother's face staring at my brother was stained with ghostly rage, and his fist gripped was covered in blood with his nails pierced into his palm.

The minister, who was watching what was going on around him, also alternates between Raydor and Granard's face with a puzzling look. I guess I'm on my way to not knowing how to react to whether I should be happy that Raydor was chosen to be the holder of Darin Slave, or to mourn.

That should be it too.

The Holy Sword Darin Slave is the legacy of the First King. It is a treasure sword that can be considered a symbol of the kingdom of Zayn.

Being able to pull out that sword would mean that Raydor was recognized by the Holy Sword as worthy of being the next king.

Years after my father the king fell ill. Aside from Granard, acting king who has always supported his country on behalf of his father, his brother Prince Raidor was chosen as the next king by the Holy Sword.

The humiliation swells enormously because of the pride that has supported the country so far.

Granard ordered the minister to vomit blood, shaking his fists with Wanawana.

"... pay for it! Don't let anyone near this place!

"Ha, I understand!

"... and, Raydor"

"Hey, what is it? Be there...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Raydor, who stood flabbergasted by the fact that he had pulled out a sword that he had not thought would fall out, returns to me to the voice of his trusted brother.

He looked at Granard's face with his "sushi" eyes and raised a scream of fear at the fierce fire that floated there.

"... you go back to your room and rest. Look, I won't allow you to leave the room without permission. Absolutely!

"Wow, I get it"

"I'll keep the holy sword here. Give it to me and go!


Hand the Holy Sword to your brother, who has just pulled it out, as Raydor asks Granard's expression with a frightened look.


"To, brother?

As soon as Granard had Darinslave in his hand, the holy sword passed on to the royal family became as heavy as a boulder.

It was so heavy that it seemed a joke that Raydor was lifting lightly with one hand earlier, that he could not possibly swing it as a weapon or anything else.

"You mean this will be chosen as the Holy Sword......! Why reject me, what is missing from me!?"


"Go quickly! Get the fuck out of my sight!


To his brother's sword curtain, unprecedented in anger, Raydor, tearful, was taken out of the room by a squire.

Abominably dropping off its back, Granard dropped a heavy holy sword on the floor.