Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2022 Continental Conference - Demon Kings -

La Erie is a continental conference on each continent that is supposed to be triggered by what happened in "Lee Knight." It was to be held on the Enesian continent, and Kite and Sola were to participate as observers at the request of the Empire.

Therefore, the two people who were participating in the mission spent time watching the conference hall designed by Tina 300 years ago from the mission's airship deck. The mission then arrived in the city where the conference hall was located. They were in a room in a full hotel.


"This is the first time I've ever been in a room with you."

"Well... yes. What is it now?"

"No, that's why we're talking now."

Well, yeah.

Speaking of which, now. Kite nodded one thing at Sola's words. Basically, he's in a private room with all sorts of things, or Yuri is in the same room as her. That's why I wasn't surprised to be in a room with Sola.

"No, this is a demonic territory, isn't it?

"Oh, what's wrong with that?

"No, I've never been here before. Can I look out the window or something?

I just said, "Do whatever you want."

"Yes, sir."

With Kite's permission, Sola looks out once. What I saw was a variety of demons walking. Naturally, there were more demons outside than elves, and Sola and the rest of the demons who walked with Bronzite walked many more than they had ever seen even at the moment they were studying abroad in < >.

"Hah... it feels like a demonic domain after all..."

"Because it's a demonic domain."

"Well, that's true, if you say so... because there are many demons."

"Well... it's a demonic domain."

I can only return the word "kite" because it is a demonic domain in Sora's words. In the first place, it is the land owned by the demons, so it is the demon domain. Nothing else. And in such a place, Sola talks about something that was more questionable.

"That's what I'm saying. Why do you call it the Demon Realm?

"Because it is the territory of the demons. Obviously, right?"

"No, I know... you don't have a country name?

Oh, that's it.

What do you take for granted? Thora nodded at her own response to such a state of affairs, but Kite also nodded reasonably to such a question. Although it is true that it is a demonic territory, it is in fact a country with a proper capital and a well-dressed country. Tina inherited the foundations of the state, and the basic governing mechanism itself inherited those who manipulated Tistania.

Tina said, is it to show that Tistinia's rule is only a successor to itself, or to make sure that no one knows that someone is behind it?

And of course, the demons invaded. There was almost no damage. So in fact, the ruling mechanism of the exotic demon clan is also Tina's arm and firm, and from a national perspective, it can be said to be a sufficiently serious country. But I don't ask for his name. It was no wonder that Sola was in doubt. Nevertheless, that's why Kite laughed.

Actually, I don't have one.


"It's a big decision. As you may have learned from Lord Bronzite, Tina's demonic reunification is one step away. You're with Nobunaga Oda. The unified demon emperor is said to be a mystery, but in fact, it is not a perfect unification. Of course, unity has become a good area, so the title of the Unified Demon Emperor is entirely reasonable."

"Really? You said your master has unified everything.

"Ah... well, it's not a mistake, so that's fine if you blow up the details."

Kite nodded several times to Sola with a surprising face and made it clear that it wasn't a mistake.

"In fact, all the great territories of today's demonic territories are those under Tina's reign. The scale of the repression achieved in a generation would be in line with Iskandar and Chinguis Han."

"... that's all?

"Yes, all of them."

Once Sola thought of a continental map of the Enesian continent in her own brain, she was stunned. The majority of the northern part of the Enesian continent, which is much larger than the Eurasian continent, is a magical territory.

Its territorial area is far larger than that of Russia, the largest on the planet. I suppressed it all by myself. It wasn't impossible to be called the Demon Emperor even more than the demon kings.

"The unification of the demon tribes that the demon kings of all generations could not achieve. He did it for the first time in history. If it is a great feat, it will be better than the Emperor of Qin. He's the first one."


It was originally said to be amazing, and Sola knows that she is flying as an engineer. But on the contrary, the fact that she is superior as a ruler is invisible to anyone but Kite, and it seems that when she came to the Demon Realm like this, Sola once again learned about her wonderfulness. Therefore, since it is a corner, he decides to ask about the demons as it is.

"No, there are several demon kings in history, right?

"Ah, even before the old civilization." The Flame Demon King, which is no longer legendary. The Wise Demon King, who used his knowledge to unify... Most recently, the Friends Demon King, who tried to unify the demons before Tina. "

"'Yumao'? That's a strange name."

"Don't tell me. Tina persists."

Sora laughed slightly strangely, and Kite laughed joyfully. But Sola had a strange face on this.

"What do you mean?

"She was a friend of Tina's. It seems that we ran into each other at a time when the countries were roaming, or looking around freely. In fact, because she is weak, she may be the head of some tribes rather than the Demon King... but in honor of her philosophy and beliefs, Tina paid tribute to her, saying," Yumao "... and as a friend of mine, she gave her the meaning of" friend of all the demons. "

"I mean, do you know each other?

"It's where he starts the unification of the demons. Of course, he didn't start without a clue. He took over the will of his friends and started the unification of the demons."

"Hah... I thought it was Tina, so I did it with a lot of momentum."

"Ahahahaha. I can't do it with him right now."

Perhaps if I told Tina herself, she'd say that's the best thing about you. Kate thinks so, but she thinks she's a couple of similar couples after all. And he thought about that, but I decided to tell him.

"That's right. Do you remember the name of this hotel?

"This hotel... ahh, 'Yumakan'?"

Say it yourself, it seems that Sola understood quickly. Kite laughed at him again.

"Yes, Yu Mankan, basically a hotel that welcomes international conference dignitaries in this city with the names of the demon kings of the ages." Yumakan "," Komakan "," Nimakan ", etc."

Well, there are a lot of demon kings.

"There are people who were able to create a national appearance simply because they couldn't unify... you can understand it now, but I think it's China. It could not be unified, but I feel that there is a national form. As a rule, those who have acquired a certain amount of territory are called demon kings."

"Oh, I understand. Do you feel like the Sangoku will?"

Well, that's the place.

There are several countries, each named a king. Sola thought of the power map of ancient China and understood the demonic domain before Tina united. And actually, that's good. So, Sola told me something fun when she heard such a story.

"Anyway, when they say that, it's just the title of the Demon King."

"That's why you keep telling me, right? The Demon King is only the King of the Demons. And a king is a leader. I don't know who likes to let the folk grass that leads them die a prank. There are really very few demon kings in the image of games."

Da Wa Na

I suppose it's because I got all kinds of wisdom under the Bronzite. It also included matters related to foreign affairs, and it seemed that if Sola was rude, she could easily turn away from the people. So he understood that the demon kings of the story were actually in the story, and asked a little curiously about the demon kings that existed in that reality.

"No, actually. What are the demon kings before Tina? I heard there was a" Yumao ". After all, you're the demon king in Enephia now, Tistinia? It's just Tina's brother and Tina."

"Well, it can't be helped... hmm. Sure, if it's just right, maybe it's just right..."

In any case, the Continental Conference will not be held today. The opening is tomorrow. You can wear it the day before because it's so close to the Empire. Therefore, Kite reviewed the schedule and decided that there was no problem. I will tell you about the demon kings of all generations that will also be useful for my work as a submaster.

"Well, I won't give everyone a description of the boulder. I don't know them all perfectly. If they want to hear more about it, they want to ask Tina."

I see. In the meantime, tell me the common sense of dealing with the demons. "

"Well, when you start saying that, you'll be all of them."

Get out of my way.

"In a word, there are a lot of demons. It's only natural to know that this is the species that ejected the Demon King. The smaller the species, the better to know, the more powerful the species, the better to know...?


After hearing Kite's point, Sola nodded. I guess I should start by saying, "There's no need." Therefore, Sola decided to give up and make it a place to know the current situation.

"Well, just what you need to know for now."

"That would be nice... first of all, of course, but you should know Claudia and Tina. These two need to know first."

"Well... even the contemporary demon emperor is said to be."

And about these two, Sola has been banging on her head from the front. Needless to say, Tina on the other side is more likely to get involved with you and Kite as well. Above all, it would be more accurate and sure to ask her herself if she wanted to.

"Otherwise, we'll start with the Yumao, which is often loved as a trigger for Tina to embark on a unification project and bring the concept of friendship to all demons. As a force, I can't tell you that she was small and well dressed as a nation, but only she is treated as a demon king."

That's the exception.

"That's what I'm talking about. The official name is" Yumao "Amor. It is no harm to her to know. In fact, some of the aristocrats think they know what we're related to."


It had a huge impact on Tina. And Tina's popularity is also known to Sola. Then we should know who influenced her. But the kite who said so turned around and smiled a little bitterly.

"Well... don't say much in front of Tina."


"Because I'm so embarrassed. Actually, I heard it was in front of Amor's grave. If Claudia hadn't told me about the tomb, I wouldn't have known."

That's right. That's right.

Does it seem better not to ask much about Amor? That's what Sora judges from Kite's words. Therefore, for a while, the two of them would hold a study group on the demon kings of the past that should be particularly known.