Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2023 Continental Conference - The Trump to the Federation

The blueprint for the international conference hall that Tina designed 300 years ago and left for the coming day. It was Kate and Sora, who were participating in the imperial mission to attend the continental conference that was to be held at the international conference hall set up using it, entrusted to Claudia and the others. However, since the meeting would not be held on the first day of arrival, the two observers were waiting at the hotel - and of course, all the guards were waiting.

So, using his free time, Kate went to Sola to teach a lesson on the demon kings of the past before Tina, but there he was again, looking at Jake, Lord Heisenberg, who would be the head of this mission. He called me.

"Is that what it's like?"

"I see. Well, isn't it a good thing to learn?"


It didn't seem like they were in a hurry, so before we got to the point, the two of them had a little discussion about where they had been since they arrived. So, it seems that the conversation was just about Sola's study party. So when I finished the story there, Kite decided to get to the point while tilting the amber liquid.

"So... grandpa. You know what happens to the missions around the world?

"Hmm... well, where do you want to hear it from?

Hearing Kite's words, Lord Heisenberg Jake retrieved the documents he had prepared. For the first time in hundreds of years, this Continental Conference will bring together the three great powers of the Enesian continent. And with that, the protectorates of the three countries were supposed to send out missions, and there were other countries besides the one that had so much going on.

Then, one or two of the better things to know existed flat. That's why Kate laughs at Lord Heisenberg's query.

"Well, first of all, there are two countries: the Ragna Federation and the Holy See. I'm not mistaken that I'm here to hear about the missions of these two countries."

Well, yeah.

This is a great country that can even cross the empire on an equal footing. Today, with the return of Kite and Tina, the imperial empire, known as the technological power, is one step ahead, but it still cannot be ignored.

"Who wants to hear it first?"

"Well, in the Holy Nation. You might need to think in a subcircuit."

Very well. Now, in the ecclesiastical country... in the ecclesiastical country, the Pontifical Jubilee, who was told to participate in this advance information, did not participate. "


We got some big information from the other day. Kate accidentally opened her eyes to Lord Heisenberg Jake's report. And Lord Heisenberg nodded again.

"Hmm. I know... but the reason I'm here is because I'm with you."

"Based on that, I thought you were definitely joining us.

"Well... but the cardinals disagreed, and it ended up broken."

"I see... well, I don't know."

Even Emperor Leonhart, who was famous as a samurai in the first place, dropped out of the Continental Conference after a case of "Lee Knight." In fact, as a kite, if you complained about not participating, you would have said you wouldn't participate. Of course, there won't be a raid with him, but there will be. It was decided that going now might look a little naive to the boulder.

"So, how many cardinals did you come here for?

"Mm-hmm. That was basically an external exchange."

It is a Christian country that was basically in a state of cold war all around, but naturally there was no external contact. So it seems that the Cardinal, who also served as such an external point of contact this time, was the leader of this mission.

"Well, if that's the case, you don't seem to care about anything in particular. My grandfather knows the basics."

"Hmm, I've been dating for over a decade. Not since he was still an aide to his predecessors."

The Cardinal who is coming this time is the Cardinal Kite has heard of before. His name was Peelis, and he also participated in the peace of his predecessor's country and empire.

Well then, I'll leave you to it. I don't suppose we'll be directly involved. "

"Hmm... but I'll send you the report. Or Rufus Weislitter."


Does that mean that you hardly have to worry about the Holy See? That's what Kite thinks. There's no point in worrying about anything. Anyway, I have suffered damage when I entered the country. When the boulder asked me if I could move anything at the moment, Kite had no choice but to shake her head.

"Then, after that....."

"It must be the Ragna Federation. Neither has the president, of course. The head of the mission is Murcia."

"Vice President."

Looking at the photos attached at the top of the documents thrown, Kate understands that the vice president Sola met earlier in the Ragna Federation is leading this mission.

Nevertheless, we knew this as well as the Empire. There is no dotacamp like a Christian country. So there was no particular problem. But the unit I was accompanying was an insidious maniac.

"So... he came all the way to me. Of course, you had a purpose, didn't you?

"Of course not... hey"

"What is this?

The vice president's guards.

"Hmm... hey, this is inside..."

Well, what kind of guy came? Kite laughed joyfully in such a state, but when she saw the report given, her face turned into the smile of a fierce fighter. The clothes were no longer something I knew, but the pattern I saw was on the guards' arms.

"< >... the tiger boy of the Ragna Federation. Definitely the elite."

What Kite saw was a pattern with a dog's lateral face - a fierce dog with ripped teeth - on top of a lake-like design. This is what makes the Ragna Federation, known as the great power on the Enesian continent with the Empire, a special force and an elite force. Kites, McDawell's family, Rufus's parents, Westlitter's main house, they were the president's direct unit. Jake, Lord Heisenberg, laughs at such a kite's praise.

Eraku, I'll buy it.

"I'll buy it. If we survived the war 300 years ago, there's no fool who despises House Weislitter and < > … The average soldier's combat power is the average. Whether you have Rank S above or tens of thousands of rank D soldiers below, the average will be closer to you... you shouldn't think of this as just another soldier. No, you can think of a skilled adventurer."

In Lord Heisenberg Jake's words, Kite speaks words without any bets. And I agree with that word, Lord Heisenberg Jake.

"... well, that's also true. It's better not to do anything about these two."

"Claudia admitted it, too. That's the best Special Forces I've got."

"I don't know where it is. It will be easier for you to hear."

Well, that's true.

In fact, Claudia and Lord Heisenberg Jake only have as much to do with each other as their neighbors. In the first place, as in Nakatsu, because of the history 300 years ago and Tina's presence, kites and the McDawell family are often the point of contact, and if it is a pipe, kites are stronger.

Therefore, even after Kuzha and the others took Kate's place, Lord Heisenberg and Jake basically left it to the two of them to give timely advice.

On the other hand, Kite doesn't say anything. Without thinking about it, Claudia would normally even reveal state secrets if she were Tina's partner, Kate.

"... well, there's an interesting team inside..."

I wonder what happened. Kite looks at the soldiers in < > 's uniform and thinks about the next move.

(Da Fan, I think you were alert to the "Lee Knight" incident... No, I'm sure the vice president was in charge of the practice during the previous Ragna Federation corruption campaign. So, are you on guard against retaliation...? Either way, I can push through... the case of the face-to-face "Lee Knight" is really possible here)

Kate remembers Sora's earlier report and reports from imperial spies, and wonders what could possibly happen. After all, we have to go to another country. It can be said to be a situation that is easy to set up.

And Murcia seems to have had a long relationship with the current president, both publicly and privately. It is said to be the heart inside the heart. It would be very painful for the current president to lose it, according to Lord Jake Heisenberg.

He was the one who thought about such things multilaterally, but at this point, Lord Heisenberg Jake's subject matter was already clear, so I decided to leave this inference to the sub thought circuit to proceed.

"... so, grandpa. Is one of the requirements for me to apply for a meeting with this vice president?

"I knew it. As for Lord Bronzite's eulogy earlier,"

I can't say no.

"That's not politics. How can you not let the other party refuse? That's not the point."

To the laughing kite, Lord Heisenberg Jake preaches the logic of politics. Kite knew this too. And at this point, the answer was decided.

"I wish I had something else I could do to make things easier."

"Nothing. Well, I've already accepted and replied."

"Thank you. How much time?

He wants to have dinner tonight.

Wow, that sucks.

In the words of Lord Heisenberg Jake, Kate raised her hands and shrugged her shoulders with a smile. It's a request for a meal from a big country. He had no reason to say no to just one organization.

However, fortunately, only two people need to participate: Kate and Sola. Others don't need to be present. So, in the middle of the day, Kite guesses the dinner attendees.

Tabu, I'm coming ~

"Come on."

You want to see it?

"Do it. Three hundred years ago, < > rarely moves in other countries today. I want some information. It's also a request from the military."

Lord Heisenberg Jake laughs and conveys the army's demands to Kite, who is reluctant to give up. Besides, Kite sighed.

"Hah... I was hoping you'd sign up for dinner. I didn't expect the Ragna Federation from the beginning."

"I was caught up in this too... but there's no reason why I shouldn't take it anymore than I came here?

"Well... at best, I'll come to dinner watching the vice president's belly and his contemporary < > skills. Well, is it still a good impression that you just didn't come in for lunch? Either way, I have lunch with the new branch chief of the temple city."

"That's right, now your heart is more like a nervous heartbeat at dinner."

To Kate, who feels less nervous, Lord Heisenberg tells Jake in a slightly lighter way. And he's right, he's been eating and drinking with the great spirits (Elder Dragons), and talking to the nobles who led Emperor Leonhart.

Of course, as a kite for the Adventure Department, as a kite for Lord McDawell, and as a caterer. On the planet, I participated many times in parties attended by heads of State and representatives. There was no way I'd be nervous enough to have dinner with a country's vice president. And that he wouldn't need Lord Heisenberg Jake, but I just kept confirmation.

"Well, then... you don't need anything else, do you have a tuxedo?

"I have it. You think we're gonna get a lead on that?

"What about Sola?

"I'm also getting Yuri and Nanami to make a final check. No problem."

I see. That's a stupid question. "

As Kate herself had said before, he thought there would always be a dinner offer from somewhere during the Continental Conference. So I also told Sola that I had prepared it beforehand and had it done. So they decided to discuss the missions for a little longer.