Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2026 Continental Conference - Spirit Species -

With the expansion of the Adventurer Alliance, the Adventure Department suffered from a shortage of people to support it. That's why Kate asked the Union to increase the number of clerks as an Alliance Master, but such a deal with Sheila, who was reunited at the general meeting, would accept Sonya.

So the day before the Continental Conference for a while from the General Assembly. Kite accompanied a mission from the Catholic country and was supposed to serve as a branch manager of the temple city. She came with Sheila to meet her at Sonya's coffee shop - but she didn't know. So, for a while. He finished a brief description of the Adventure Department while eating lunch - which Sonya and the others ordered when they arrived.

"That's why. Essentially, there's a second office... where they follow us all. We are also requesting additional personnel, but not yet. Well, I had no choice but to make a request before the general meeting."

"Well, I happen to be gathering information about the Temple City, and there's information in my possession, and it's coming to you."

"I'm listening."

Sonya nodded one more time to Sheila's supplementary explanation. They say she was originally supposed to go to the Adventure Department because of Laurent's intentions. So if she doesn't know about Kate's deal with Sheila, it's like she's cheating on Kate. I was talking to Sheila.

"I see... well, that's why our interests coincide with those of Sheila. It would be good if you and Alice were together. [M] Alice, too."


In Kite's words, Alice dyed her cheeks with a little shame. That's why Kate told me while looking at her like that.

"Basically, you should ask me or Alice about the inside of the Alliance for a while. Of course, I don't care if you ask me about my work. Ask the kid who works at the reception downstairs or the kid who floats across the guild home endlessly."

"Are you two here? I heard it was just one person....."

"Oh, there's only one member of the Union staff. The other one... well, what is it? He's like a half-districted spiritual child. I mean, there are Aboriginal people living in the Guild Home... oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you. It's a guild home with funeral spirits and ghosts, but don't pay for it."


Oh, why don't you fly this guild more than you can imagine. Sheila and Sonya meet face to face. I knew that the children would come to play first, and that the funeral spirits and ghosts were walking flat on the guild home. Such a thing could not normally have happened.

"The Funeral Gods are cute, so don't worry. Well, sometimes I get out of bed and I'm surprised... it's better than flying."

"Whether he's on the wall or on the floor, he'll show up."


A little fun, Alice nodded at Kite's words. So Sonya asks these two questions.

"... that's Guild Home... isn't it?

"Ah, I told you we were special.


Still, it's too special. Sonya and Sheila agree with Kite's funny words. After this, Alice realized that she had become accustomed to the guild home in the Adventure Department.

Um, the early conversation is that cleaning and washing is easy.

"... hey, you mortal goddess? Would you give me one?

"Unfortunately, it looks like you're possessed by an Alliance Home."


As Sonya said before, Sheila's ability to live on her own is quite low. Even so, I was temporarily traveling with Laurent, who graduated from knighthood school, and I was an adventurer, so I could cook. Otherwise, it was really glamorous.

If Sonya, who was supposed to break up with Sheila, was the only one worried outside of the Adventure Department, this was it. Nevertheless, it seems that I thought about this because I was adamant that Sheila would be okay.

"Ahahah... well, you should ask Alice for more details. For the time being, your room is with Alice. And Alice's room is in front of my room."

"Oh, please."

"Ah, yes. Please."

Really? Alice lowered her head in a hurry to Sonya who lowered her head.

"Nh... well, there's another guy in my room, but if anything happens, you should come over here."

Thank you very much.

"Ah... good. Well, here's the place. Let's finish lunch and take you to the hotel."


Sonya nodded one word to Kite. After that, we surrounded the lunch together, and Kate and Alice, together with Sonya, would be an adventurer during the Continental Conference - the branch manager of the Luxerio branch had retired, but at the same time, the branch manager of the Temple City branch was before taking office - so Sheila, who would be an official of the diocesan side, would return to the hotel prepared by the diocesan side.

Now, Sheila, have lunch with Sonya's two names for a while. When Kite first returned to the hotel, she returned to her room and joined Sora.

Hee, is that the previous room?

"Oh, that's why Alice is in the other room."


Basically, there is Kite this time, so Sola leaves the leader to Kite. Rather, it would be the right figure. Therefore, it seems that I didn't pay particular attention to the room decorations.

"Well, that's good. What kind of kid are you anyway?

"What kind of kid... he's a little kid. It's quiet after all. I think I told you before, but the spiritual power is quite strong. Speaking of genius, it's beyond me."

"Hmm... you?

After all, it is said that Kite's arm as an exorcist and an exorcist is quite a thing. That's the biggest reason Alice is on assignment even as it stands. It was speculated that it would be an extraordinary area because it would exceed that. To this, Kite tells her own guess.

"I don't know the details, so it's just speculation, but maybe there are spiritual species in the ancestors."

"Spirit seeds... Speaking of which, I often hear about spiritual seeds, but I don't know the details. What the hell is going on? I think you said you've met before....."

Spirit species. Sora also heard of the existence of such a species. However, I heard that it was very rare, so I had never seen Sola. Besides, Kite thinks a little bit.

"Hmm... that's right. Spirit species. I've met him, I've met him. Rather, it was the spiritual species that taught me about hunting."

I see. I've said that before. "

"Ah, the Spirit of the Forest. This is the girl I met in my first period."

Apparently, Sola remembered what Kite said before. In that case, Kate nodded and decided to move on.

"Spirit seeds are close to the great spirits. It goes without saying now that the great spirits are the ones who govern the attributes, right?

"Ah, that's what I understand about boulders."

"That's right. So, the spiritual species is its subordinate existence... like the spirits in the forest just now... is it the existence that governs something smaller? Speaking of Japan, the river and the gods of the mountains are like that. It depends on the river itself and the mountain itself, but it may be good."


Somehow, it seems that Sola understood it with this explanation. I nodded as if I was convinced. Nevertheless, that's why I doubted it.

"But that's the kid? You're making it?

"It's not very rare. Sometimes. That's right... if I knew Fergus Mac Roy..."

"Er... Fergus Mac Roy... Ah, Celtic hero?

"Oh, Celtic hero Fergus Mac Roy. A man who became a friend of Ku Fu Lin and eventually became an enemy. Using < > is probably unlike any mythology."

In response to Sora's confirmation, Kite gives Fergus Mac Roy a rough overview. And this wife of his was the heart of the story.

"He has the spirit as his wife. Very rarely like this, spirits marry people."

"I see... the Sonya child is likely descendants of the Spirit,"

"Ah, no one knows when you become an ancestor to a boulder, and Sonya doesn't."

Kate didn't hear this from Sonya herself, but from Sheila at the time of this Sonya pickup. Rather, it appears that Sonya's origins were completely hidden. Her original affiliation is in the dark of the Holy Land. Even if you normally belong to the company, nothing is hidden about your background.

So it seems that Sheila can't look into it either. The only thing Ludwig might have been able to do, but he stopped saying that it would be some dangerous bridge - because he knew the backs of the Holy Nation - so Laurent and Sheila would look into it.

Did you check it out?

"No, I'm not going to stop at the boulder... but it's a bit harsh. The Viktor Chamber of Commerce has no branch in the Holy Nation because of our relationship, and the Information Society also has the special characteristics of the Holy Nation, making it difficult to grasp."

Originally, it was the McDawell family that triggered the rubbing between the Holy Nation and the Empire. Therefore, the Victor Chamber of Commerce, which had already publicly announced the sponsorship of the brave kite at that time, was inevitably on alert. In that way, it is difficult to set up branches and branches that can serve as bases for the Information Agent Guild and the Assassin Guild.

And the custom of looking down at the other tribes as if it had coincided with the beginning of the Cold War with the Empire has taken root. Intelligence activities using Interethnic Special Skills were also difficult, and it was difficult to gather information.

"Hmm... but she's okay, right?

"Oh, Sonya herself is not a bad boy, nor is she a bad man."

Well then, don't worry about it.

"That's what I'm talking about. You should think of it as a regular Union employee. It's impossible to read thoughts without raising emotions."

Naturally, no matter how much Sonya can read thoughts. The more she dares to say, the more sensitive she is to others' thoughts.

So if you need to get close as much as Shana, or if you can't feel it because of the high emotions, you won't be able to read it. Otherwise, everyday life will be difficult.

"Then don't worry about it."

"That's how it is. Ah, once again, it's forbidden to say that you can read your thoughts."

"I know."

Sola nodded one more time to Kite's attention. He also seemed to know about this by the boulders and nodded only a few times. And then he asked Kate again.

"No, are you okay? We were together before, right?

"Ah... well, I guess not."

"What about it?"

Sola suddenly suddenly suddenly suddenly exposed herself to too much acacia. On top of that, Kite laughed.

"Sonya will notice the boulders. But, there, well, it's a handful of dicks. And worst of all, take it back to bed."


The former, as a rabbit and horn, gave Sora a slight convulsion on her cheeks to a remark that Kate and the others had nothing to say. But Kite smiles a little and shrugs her shoulders. She thought it was only herself.

"That's all I've got. Unfortunately, Sonya and I are connecting souls. I haven't noticed it yet, but I don't know how long to keep it. Then you have to do something with your mouth and hands."

"It sounds different...."

"Actually, it means something else. In fact, I want Sonya's arm as a psychic. You don't have to do it if you have to. It's fun to bully Sonya at last."

"... you're playing, right?

"I'm playing."

Speaking of which, does this guy have a little bit of a yes? Sora understands that the previous words contained some jokes from the fun look of Kite. So I decided to squander my time while telling Sola about Sonya for a while.