Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2027 Continental Conference - Ragna Federation -

Sonya came to the Empire with Sheila, the former branch director of the Luxerio branch of the Holy Nation, following Laurent's whims. Kite took her away from Sheila, but he would be tired of a long journey once he took her to the hotel, so he decided to rest in the room with Alice.

Then one of them returned to his room, where he told Sola about Sonya. And for a while. Their door was knocked.


Mr. Kite. It's me, Alice.

"Oh, Alice."

Kite unfolds her magic eyes and confirms that Alice is at the door. At the same time, I know that Sonya is next to it. Of course, but it doesn't matter with silent magic. I couldn't easily open it unless I was equipped to handle a sudden attack like Sora. Well, even if he gets attacked, he'll be able to repel it flatly. Nevertheless, that's why when Kate gets up, she opens the door and invites them in.

"What's wrong?

"No, Sonya says hello to Sola."

"Oh, I see. I don't think it's a good idea... well, come in. It looks like one of the teas will come out."

Looking back, Sola will eventually become a sub-master of the Alliance. And Sonya has no reason to stay out of Sola's business beyond working in the office. It would be normal for Alice to listen to Kate and Sora in her room and say hello. So Kate, who invited them in, poured the tea she had prepared for herself.

"I'm sorry about the lack of tea, but it's tea."

"Ah, thank you."



Kite leans her neck strangely to Alice, who looks a little surprised. Alice told me this.

"You made it yourself."

"Well, there are situations where you can only brew it yourself, and there are no camellias on Earth in the first place.

"Ah... that's right."

In the first place, Tsubaki came to be by Kite's side only after she came to Ennephia. That's why I didn't have to think about it. Until a while ago, Kite would have done everything herself. Alice seems to have lost sight of it.

"And again... this is my sub master, Sola."

It's Tenjo Momentary. Nice to meet you. "

"Ah... it's Sonya Philo."

Sonya also lowered her head to Sora, who lowered her head. Sonya asked after a short conversation.

"Speaking of which... who are the others?


"I don't know..."

Certainly, it is important to know about other aspects of your future work. So, Kate and Sora put their arms together to answer Sonya's question.

"Well, the two other submasters should be remembered in the main. Er...."

That's what Kite says: she takes a smartphone magic device out of her pocket. So I showed the photos taken at the top of the Adventure Department.

"This is the cherry blossom. This is senpai... for a moment. These two become submasters."

"... yes"

Sonya nodded one after seeing the video Kate showed for a few seconds. Apparently, he remembered it. Then she saw how she was surprised at what she remembered.

"Did you remember that in a moment?

"Yes, I remember the magic that improves my memory with the fundamentals of the clerk..."

"I see...."

Naturally, we work with the Union to educate newcomers. Rather, there is an environment in which some communities do not have access to decent education.

However, branches of the Union exist all over the world. Without some education, there could be trouble between branch staff and adventurers. Even though it's an adventurer with a lot of rough people.

Some education was necessary as a union. In fact, in the case of Sonya, I remember in my previous job, and I'm just diverting it.

"Well, there are some people who need to remember everything about Risha and Lampoli-san... but they all don't have to remember it at once. You just have to remember that."


"Okay... well, I guess it's the clerk's area of expertise to remember people. As for the documents, there is a girl named Tsubaki in my secretary, and I don't know if she can help me with the documents, but there are also Konata and Kanata. Ask those two."


"Oh, sorry. Kanata and Konata are a little special."

Was it a little bad? Kite starts explaining Sonya's questions. So, for a while, Kite and the others were going to talk about their work for Sonya.

Well, Sonya came to Kate and Sora's room for a few hours. By the time they approached the evening, they were back in their room. On the other hand, Kate and Sora were naturally preparing meals.

"Sola, I really don't know who the Vice President of the Ragna Federation is.

"What? Haven't you asked the informant or something?

"No, I've heard the usual information, and I know the useful information behind it. That's all I want to know. It's a feeling of what it feels like to be human."

In response to Sola, who seemed a little surprised, Kite asks what she wants to hear. Sora was convinced of this. Not all information is available on paper alone. Sometimes it's the first time I've actually seen him.

"Ah, that way... hmm..."

What did he look like? Sola recalls the vice president she met only a few times in the Ragna Federation. Then he nodded one by one, taking out a slightly worn memory.

That's right. Somehow, there was a feeling of being cut... No, you know the president of the Ragna Federation?

"I know what a boulder is. The leader of the great power."

He said we've been together for a long time.

"I know that. The president of the Ragna Federation is related to the seniors and juniors of the university. Senior president."

Sounds like it.

Sola remembers that Bronzite said such a thing at a previous dinner. He thus recalls the relationship between the President and the Vice President in order to evoke his memory once.

"I'm sure the president's husband was one of those seniors... what was that? My master said that he and the vice president did it with two legs, and after your husband died in the accident, the current president took over."

"Oh, the current president's husband was originally a politician.... died in an accidental assassination ten years ago. The destruction of the previous organization had its revenge side."

"What about it?"

I didn't hear that. Sola opened her eyes unexpectedly to the information from Kite. This is the difference between those who are already working as politicians and those who are just adventurers. At the same time, there was also a difference between those involved in the back work in the previous case. With such a surprising face, Kate understands that Sora hasn't heard.

"Otherwise, I will not aim to destroy the illegal organization that is spreading behind the country."

"I see... that's why you dared to overlook the McDawell family in the back."

"That's what I'm talking about. She must have earned the usual amount of money now. His Highness Bronzite is returning to rebuild us, who can move regardless of borders. Some awkwardness, but there was a good chance. Of course, it is also high as a political score. It's not bad to be a politician."

"Something... difficult?"

"Don't say that. Election-elected politicians are not free to do whatever they want. We need to do a lot of things."

Even if we take revenge, we need to pay attention to the cause after doing so much. Kite smiles slightly at Sola who understands such a thing.

"... well, that's good. So, do you remember?

"Oh, and I get it."

It evoked memories and reminded me that during the meal, Murcia lowered her head deeply to Bronzite. At that time, I thought it was a tribute to the name of Bronzite, but if I understood it well enough, I could understand that it was a sign of gratitude that I was able to carry out the hostilities of respected seniors.

"... your master probably knew this story."

"You know... I wouldn't have told you."

Somewhere bitterly smiling, Kate guessed that. There was no need to tell anyone else about this, and it was not something you could understand if you looked into it. In fact, Bronzite didn't hear from us either, but he learned about it during his investigation of Emmanuel's aftermath. That's why Sola opened her mouth when she remembered that time.

"... that's right. I thought it was kind of like a wife's house. When Master asked how his wife was doing, he looked a little happy and in trouble."

"Hmm... I hear you're my wife's house."

"Ah... but your wife is scared when she gets angry or something. I kind of forgot, but it looked like I was surprised by Master's joke. My wife hangs me. Just keep saying it."

"... well, I guess so."

Apparently Kite knows something. Kite had a slight bitter smile in Sora's words. Later, it appears that Murcia's wife is a martial artist. Murcia's escort - stopping around from a boulder standpoint - was the word of the surrounding world, not so strong that he would be invincible even with ten men.

"Later... what is it? We leave the economy to the president."

"Hmm... was the president the economics department of the capital's university... and my husband the political department, the vice president the political department. The president and the vice president's wife were more senior and junior."

"Does that mean that Mr Murcia's wife is also in economics?"

"Oh, no. This senpai is a senpai in the circle. The president is also a militant. I'm sure you both had the qualifications of a master of the historic Kendo Hall."

"... the impression of the Ragna Federation has completely changed."

Seriously. Sola was stunned by Kite's words. In fact, it is a Kendo area in Enephia, so if you become a militant, you can really fight. You'll have less experience in battle, but you can do it as an adventurer. In fact, few adventurers aim for adventurers after learning in the dojo.

"Well, that's why the military has a good reputation. In fact, the president is certainly one of the most influential politicians in the military. Even if I wasn't the president, I'd definitely have noticed."

"I see... uh... later..."

I wonder if there are any other passages that come to mind. Sora remembers Murcia again as she listens to Kite. Thus he nodded one.

"Oh, speaking of which. The alcohol seemed pretty strong. I don't know if you're unconscious, but I think you drank about twice as much wine at dinner with your master."

"Ah... it's true that Bronzite didn't get much to drink because he was in the lower house... but twice as much"

I see. I found a good story. Kite has a slight interest in Sora's words. I still don't know if I like the amount or the quality. but at least it will inspire us to talk. So Kite was going to gather a little more information about Murcia from Sola.