Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2035 Continental Conference - Status Report -

Second day of the Continental Conference. On the second day, after the interrogation of the discipline held on the first day and the decision of each country's movements following it, questions about the acceptance of the discipline will fly to the adventure department led by Kite.

In response to the flying question, Kite explained that if the opponent was Tajima Yanagiso, he would only accept it. Furthermore, while explaining the difference between Yanagi Tajima and Yanagi, it was possible to gain a temporary understanding.

"... okay. I'm sure you're doing everything you can in terms of security. If you let me be clear, I think it would be safer not to accept it."

"Of course, I think so. But the benefits of accepting him are too great. If only Musashi, the other teacher, had said that he had returned to Yanagiso Tajima's discipline, we would have accepted him."

Again, in response to the Messenger's words, Kite clearly states that she believes that if there is a word from Musashi, it is the discipline of Yanagiso Tajima Shou. That said, he himself crossed a spear. He also understood that the current discipline was that of Yanagiso Tajima. Therefore, the final exchange took place, and the discussion ended.

"... that's good. That's all we got."

Okay... so what else?... no. This concludes our discussion.

Although it has become an unscheduled agenda from the beginning, can we get down to business for now? The Mysterious Woman does not make any annoyance and declares the agenda closed. So, after her declaration, I decided to share my awareness of the status quo again.

Well, first of all, Let's start with an explanation of what happened. All triggers are over 2,000 years old. This is what we call the Age of Myths. "

Once again, the mythical woman starts telling the story of the time of the mythical war. That said, it was about a complete reconfirmation of the status quo when I tried it with Kite and Sola, and there was nothing particularly vague about it.

Well, this is just a rush to match the status quo recognition. Although dignitaries from all over the world are highly educated, they are not listening to the same thing. Of course, there will be messengers who are not familiar with the times because they are the times. There was a need for a combination of perceptions. Nevertheless, this is just a mix of perceptions. Kite and the others had little to ask.

"... that's all you know."

"I can't help it. Basically, all we're talking about here is our involvement. For example, the earlier OpPro ruins. We certainly know what's going on here, but it's not known in every country."

"Well, that's true... but you've been doing the same research in every country, right? I wonder if there's any information we don't know."

Certainly, Sola was right. Naturally, the Empire is not the only one investigating the ruins. Countries that have received information from the imperial empire and shrine cities < > are all encouraged to gather information and are supposed to come here for meetings. However, if there is a lot of information, it is not impossible to be confused.

"I see... I do have a lot of information I'd like to know..."

"What is it?

"Speaking of which, it would be a lie. Here, trouble as a country. There are things to talk about, things to talk about."

"Well, I know. But there's something you should share with the whole group, right?

"Ah... but there was something I couldn't help it with."

Kite laughed slightly embarrassed at Sora's allegations. That's how he told the story and what he had to do.

"As it stands, the most informed guild is actually my guild."


"Look... we have Kanata and Charles, right? Those two survived the Mythical War era. Of course, I fought the spiritual soldiers many times. And so are you."


"You have inherited Ernesto's memory, too. Memories may be close to martial arts."

In response to Sola, who is in a state of supremacy, Kite explains why she is surrounded by him. That said, this is only one example. It's not that he's the big reason.

"Well... it's rather biased against martial arts than martial arts. Basic martial arts and magic. Well, most martial arts are almost magic."

"Well, he's a warrior hero, though... As such, we are quite involved in the mythical war of some kind of cause and effect. Why are you touching raw information more than any other guild? Well, we're the first ones to find a shelter. I don't know about Kanata anymore. It's confidential."


If they say so, maybe so. And even though it was such a sola, I was surprised by the words of Kite now.

"Eh? Canakona, is this confidential?

"Don't call me by a weird nickname... well, that's odd to say."

* giggle *, Kite laughs at Sola's name. Nevertheless, he nodded again to this.

"... I actually took it from us, and there was some disguise work. That one's hard to find out."


Sora was not interested in those cover-ups. Of course, you don't have to know. It should be noted that the reason she was kept confidential was because she was still a god of man-made life.

Such an idea would not even happen in modern times. Valheit made it happen. There is no doubt that forces will emerge to capture her. In view of this, it is sometimes better not to place it under the influence of the country.

"Well, it's so much brighter than the others. I don't think you need to ask me just about the combination of perceptions."

I wonder if that's enough.

"I don't know anything about boulders or anything."

Kate laughs slightly at Sora's words. How could I have known all the findings of the countries with him? That's why he seemed to be going to ask. So, for a while, we were going to ask them if they had any confusing topics.

Now, the status quo has been going on for about an hour. In conclusion, there were a number of interesting topics from Kite's point of view, although each country brought in information and arranged the current situation.


Looks like we found some new ruins.

"Oh, I don't have any doubts about that..."

Still, don't worry about it. While recalling the reports of various countries, Kite is somewhat surprised. Besides, Sola leaned her neck.

"Is something bothering you?

"... ahh. Remember what I said about Canata?

"Oh, you mean confidential?

"That's it."

Kite was curious about a request from Valheights. As for that, neither the Empire nor Kite has forgotten. Therefore, we have focused on finding out whether children have been found in all the ruins explored within the Imperial Kingdom, and we have not received any reports that they have been found so far.

Well, of course, he thought there was no other way because this was only the result of the exploration where it had still been found, but he was still a little worried that the countries would not come out even if they investigated the unknown ruins.

"Did you tell me that Mr. Farsch was doing a lot behind the scenes before?

Just a little bit.

"Well... I was wondering if I could get a report from talking about it. but with pear gravel."

"Something's wrong?

"No, that's not true when I'm told it's crazy....."

When Sola asked, Kite shook her head with a slight bitter smell. As a matter of fact, I had speculated that it would be difficult to find kites and empires if they were asked whether or not to find them. The reason is simple, and it was in the age of mythology that Valheit operated in the first place. Because it was over 2,000 years ago.

It was thought that it might have been discovered at some point or that someone who knew the back of the OpPro ruins had secretly helped.

Of course, Valheights himself thought of this possibility, and in that case, the discovery of traces of it was judged to be the fulfillment of the request. But even the traces were strange inside the pear debris.

(Did you find a shelter sometime...? Or is there some kind of special facility... if it's a special facility, it's troublesome...)

If it is a special facility, it is still not listed on ordinary maps or documents. It's not even on Legado's map when it gets so special. In fact, it remains a mystery about the research facilities of the Summon Monsters of the World.

Similarly, it was sufficiently probable that the facilities where the children, subjects of the Angel's Children Angelic Childrens project, who were capable of creating God, were transported were also of paramount confidentiality.

(So... what's the matter? Should we go back to the Empire and then start investigating new ruins again.....? No, should I have the Opposite Site information re-verified once before that?)

What should I do? Kate thinks so, first listen to the summary of the results of this survey and think about her future policy with her heart. At least it is true that "Angel Children Angelic Childrens" were executed there more than Valheit was at the Oprah ruins. If so, that's where it starts. Then, there must have been some information left.

(... can't the current adventurers move? Then we'd better stop here once. All right. First, let's have the information re-validated. In the meantime, the adventurers will return. Will we be able to move?)

In retrospect, the Adventure Department is not a decent place to be. If so, the only thing we can do now is not go to the scene. That seemed to have been the decision. And that was how Kate thought about what happened after she returned home, but Sola whispered.

"Kate, it's almost time we finished sitting together."

"... I'm sorry. Thank you."

"Oops... but there was hardly anything new about it."

In conclusion, that is the only way. Surely Sola was right. But at the same time there was a mistake. Therefore, Kite points it out.

"I don't think so. At least it turns out there's a good chance the shelter was used."

"Well... that's true. But that's why I feel like it."

Well, that's true.

No wonder the shelters were being used, not just because they were at war, but because they were in a rather disadvantageous situation. So I was a kite laughing at Sora's point, but I turned around and pointed out one by one.

"Nevertheless... because of its structure, it can't be opened from the inside. It's taking away the consciousness of the people inside, and it's changing over time, so no matter how much time it takes outside, it's not over inside."

"Ah... I see. If it's used and it stays the same, is it strange that someone should be inside?"

"That's right. Like Canata Conata."

Is there a high probability that rescue activities have been carried out at the current place, at least where the product was used? That's what Sora thinks about Kite's words.

"As it stands, if we want new information, we'll have to go to the new ruins..."

"So, as soon as the adventurer's recovery is over..."

"There will be another request to investigate the new ruins. You should be prepared for that."

Then I guess I'll be busy again. That's what Sora thinks about Kate's point, and she decides to keep one thing in mind. And as if you had seen such a prospect for the future, they turned to the kites.

Now, please provide information from the Adventure Department Alliance Master and Sub-Master as you have been involved in this matter on several occasions.

Finally. Kite and Sora nodded in one spirit to the words of the minister of the demon tribe. So they decided to talk about what they had been through.