Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2038 Continental Conference - Invitation -

Second day of the Continental Conference. Kate and Sola participated in the Continental Conference to serve as observers from this day when they became countermeasures against evil gods and < >. Those two had finished the second day of the meeting without a break, but they came there as messengers of the kingdom of Larimar.

The ambassador told me that the ambassador somehow wanted a meal with Sola, not Kite. It was Kate and Sora who were worried about how to respond to the messengers from the Kingdom of Larimar, but after receiving the call of Lord Jake Heisenberg who came at the same time, Kate went to work as the Duke and Sora decided to accept the meal for the time being. So Kite, who came to the meeting, explained the current situation to Lord Heisenberg Jake for the time being.

"Why is that? Something else surprises me."

"What is it? That's a strange face."

"Oh, I see. Speaking of which, I don't know your employer, but is it impossible? The last time you were involved with Larimar was 300 years ago."

"Well, yes... I think it was the last time those beasts asked me to revive the land."

Apparently, if we knew the other side, we soon understood why the Kingdom of Larimar tried to call Sola, not Kite.

"That's the last thing I remember. After that, I didn't say anything because there was no point in talking about it."


What happened to the Kingdom of Larimar? Kate leans her neck against Lord Heisenberg Jake's words and understands that. So, a little. Kite was listening to the situation from him.

"Oh, that's it! Speaking of which, I heard that once!

"That's what I mean. Would you be satisfied if you asked?

"Oh, I'm convinced. I'm sure it's not for me."

So something caught me? Kate nodded deeply at the connection between the Kingdom of Larimar and Sola, which he remembered in the words of Lord Jake Heisenberg.

"Well, then I don't even have to say anything. It's what he thinks, and it's what he realizes when he talks."

"Well, I can't say anything to you there."

"Ahahaha... that's right. Speaking of which, Grandpa."


With this flow and Kite's face laughing, he didn't think anything of Lord Heisenberg Jake. And of course, it wasn't that serious a topic.

"How long have you been dressed like that?

"Ah, that's it... well, I'm going to stay like this until next year. So, anyway. What do you think of today's meeting?

"Hey... I wonder if this is where I really got a sense of crisis in the countries with the boulders."

That "Lee Knight" is completely destroyed. Fortunately, human damage had been contained, but the fact that one city had been destroyed could not be changed. And the city is Leigh Knight, the main mountain of adventurers. This city bears the name of the first Union Master. That's where it fell. This meant too much.

"Is it likely that each country will serve for the time being as an armament enhancer? After that, we're going to have a military alliance... and we're going to be busy."

Let's see. Several countries have already said that they want to have a discussion about the conclusion of a military alliance. "

"Hah... well, that doesn't really concern me."

After all, Kite is still out there. Then I was just dragging in for a while. Nevertheless, I am in a position to think more of myself as a politician than a duke. So he decided to discuss his future policy with Lord Jake Heisenberg for a while, and with Lord Riddell and Iris, who were interacting with the countries that came a little bit later.

Now, while Kate was discussing her movements as an empire, Sola left the hotel in response to a request from the Kingdom of Larimar.


While reading the materials of the Kingdom of Larimar sent secretly by Kite, Sola once again smacks the other party's information into her head.

(LARIMER KINGDOM... as Kate said, a country in the grasslands. The land is quite fertile, so it was dropped early in the war 300 years ago... really? Uhhh....)

Egg, I don't know. Sola looks into the hands of < > taken in the battle 300 years ago. I turned down the food first. No matter how many people there are, we can't move without food. It was a fundamental part of the strategy.

We did it at a stage where every country was still alarmed. All I could say was that it was too splendid. Besides, what was good here was that this country was also a transportation hub. At the time, there were only means of transport by road. As a result, the drop made it difficult to send reinforcements at once, and it became difficult to secure food.

(No, okay. Things to think about right now... That's right... of course, the cults and the devils are after the food.)

That's why it's in the report. Sola understands the meaning of this information in the report. Will they do the same thing again? We are watching out for it. In that case, there were some questions I wanted to ask.

(Er... then...)

What can I do? While Sora was shaken by a carriage, she thought about the aims, thoughts, and demands of the Kingdom of Larimar. Think like that a little bit. Yesterday I arrived at another fine dining restaurant that I had with the Ragna Federation.

"Thank you for waiting."

"Ah, thank you."

When Sola thanked him, she gave him a chip and entered the restaurant, imitating Kite. Soon after entering, a man of great age, who seems to be the manager, welcomed me.

"You're Sola Amasilo, right?


"I've been expecting you. Closite is waiting for you."


Surely the name of the messenger of the Kingdom of Larimar was Loddin. Sola wonders at the manager's words. But the manager nodded one more time.

"Yes, this way."

"Hah, hah..."

I wonder what's going on. Sora is led by her manager to a private dining room in the back, where she is confused.

(Sure... the ambassador of the Kingdom of Larimar was a half-warf man named Stahl Loddin... right? Kate's been looking into this shop... but I'm curious to hear the name of the cross site...)

I'm being deceived. There will be no such pattern. Sola rethinks the status quo and discards the possibility that she is just in charge. Nevertheless, in that case, I wondered who the person who would be the cross-site would be.

(No, I don't know if I'll come in later if I get here already)

"Here we are."

Apparently, he arrived in the room almost at the same time that he was ready. The door will open and let you through.

"Excuse me."

"Oh, thank you for coming."

"Thank you for inviting me."

Sola bows her head to the person who was waiting for her in the room. And so he looked at the person who would become a crosssite again, and he opened his eyes slightly.


"Do you remember? I only met him once...."

"Oh, I remember. That's right. I thought I heard it somewhere."

Remember, Sola nodded and rejoiced at an old man smiling at herself. Sure, I've seen the cross site before.

"Was it you? It's been a long time. It's been about three or four months since your master's funeral?

"Hmm... it's been since my brother's funeral, so is that it? In any case, I don't think you've seen it."

Cross-site also responded to the laughing words of Sora. Someone Sola calls a teacher. There is only one Bronzite. He said he was his brother and that he was meeting him at the funeral. If so, the answer is limited.

He was one of Bronzite's younger brothers. In fact, his appearance was a little younger and his hair color a little closer to red and brown, and Sola looked at him at a glance and remembered him.

"You served the kingdom of Larimar?

"Hmm. Was that the only country you said you were in?

"Yes... I remember Toryn said he was still in the meadow country... but I didn't think it was Larimar."

Sora once again shakes hands with the cross site and sits face-to-face at his recommendation. When I sat down, the cross site asked me.

"Do you want something to drink?

"That's right... in keel"

Well then, let's do the keel.

Keel. It's a cassis and wine cocktail. As an advance information from Kite, the restaurant is a well-known meat-based restaurant, and the menu will probably also focus on meat dishes. So I was going to order an aperitif to match the meat. Nevertheless, that's why I'm slightly surprised at the cross-site order.

"Hahahaha. Do you know your brother by any chance?"

"Eh, eh... Master. It was really weak."

"Ugh, that brother was really vulnerable to alcohol."

Giggle giggle. The cross site laughs amusely and smiles like a dead brother. It is a fold of how many times Sola participated in the Bronzite taboo in the last few years, but apparently it was the only Bronzite who could not drink any alcohol with his brother and sister. I was surprised to see my daughter Marine. So when I waited a little while talking about the memories of Bronzite, a bronze liquid arrived.

Well then, to my late brother.

"To Master."

It is now the dead Bronzite that unites these two. They therefore put a small glass at him. That's how you put a sip of keel in your mouth.

"Phew... hmm"

"Phew... but I was surprised. I can't believe it was you... is Stahl Rhodin a hidden name of the Pearls?

"Ah, no... Lord Stahl will be here again. However, I thought it would be good for him to talk, so he came to talk."


Apparently, the ambassador wanted to talk to us early. Sora understands that Cross Site called her in the first place. So, after a little chat, Sola decided to get to the point when the main dish arrived.

"So, what can I do for you?

"Hmm... I see. One, you have a suggestion."


I wanted to know if I wanted to hear about the devil's countermeasure or about Earth. Such a sola confused herself with the words she was told. That's how the cross-site was supposed to propose to him.