Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2040 Continental Conference - Secret Service

Sola and his meal were held at the request of the cross site. In the meantime, Sola will be invited by an officer from the Kingdom of Larimar. As for the cross site itself, Sola rejected it. But then, with advice from Cross Site, Sola was supposed to recall her arm as the ruler of Kite, which she saw a few days ago.

"Master, a customer? is coming!"

"Why is it questionable?"

"No... he seems to be an adventurer, but... the Duke asked me to report to him."

Answering Kite's question, Shiroe was puzzled by the unnatural nature of the flow. Nevertheless, this is not impossible. Become a Duke, not a kite from the Adventure Department, rather than a request from the Duke.

Of course, if the Duke, Kate, had sent a request through the Duke's house, I know that, but in that case, it should have been conveyed to Shiloe as well. No, it's not. It's here. Either there are circumstances or there are lies. Fortunately, the former this time. It was because of the circumstances.

"Hmm... what kind of person are you?

"Er... a man in his mid to late 20s. I was wondering if you could train. The weapon is a wide one-handed sword. Oh, I was presented with a card with a branch pattern along with my registration badge. This will be communicated."

"Oh, I see. Okay. They're contacting me. Just let me through. Fortunately, Rufus and Alice were absent this morning in preparation for their departure. It's okay now."


Apparently, Kate was right to respond. When Shiroe nods to Kite's words, the ghost disappears.

"I don't know... recently, Shiroe. Are you serious about ghosting?

"A ghost, right?

Ah, that too.

Sola laughs one more time at Yuri's point. Until now, it has only been possible to break through the wall, but recently, it seems that it can be freely transferred as long as it is inside the hotel. Tina was scrutinizing her with interest.

So Shiloe, who returned to the lobby in an instant, came with a man this time. But what a surprise it was to see him.

"Excuse me. I brought a customer with me."

"Excuse me."



Al raised his voice of surprise, and a man called an instructor leaned his neck. But he also glad at Al.

"Oh, Alphonse, Alphonse Westlitter! You look so different! That said, you were here!

"Yes! What's wrong with the instructor!? I heard you were transferred....."

"Ah, no... a little"

What did he say? When Al asks, the man called the instructor laughs like he's in trouble. And while looking at him like that, Sola asks.

"Do you know him?

"Ah, yeah. This is Professor Dalen Finlay... Ah, former professor. I used to be a survival teacher in military science when I was in magic school. [M] I just heard that I moved to another department a little after I was assigned here...."

"Dalen Finlay. You're taking care of your teacher."

From the face of an adventurer who looked crude, Dalen turns around and looks like a carefree brother. Apparently he came in as an adventurer, and now that Al was there, the face he was showing in front of him made him peek at his face. And so Al asks Dalen.

"So, instructor. What's the matter with you?

"Please stop being a teacher... and let's get down to business. I've got a request from the Duke."

"Sure, I got it."


Sola tilts her neck as she looks at the envelope she received from Dalen. The size of the envelope is about the size of A4 size paper. The thickness was there, and it didn't seem like there was at least one piece of paper. Looking at the envelope, Al seemed to understand where Dalen had moved. I had my face peered with respect.

"Maybe... you moved to that department?

"... well, I can't hide it from you. Yeah, actually. By the time you got here, I had to get more men and I was assigned to you."

"Isn't that amazing? Congratulations on your success."

"Thank you."

Dalen thanked Al for his honest praise, even though he was a little shy. Though I didn't know the details, it seems to have been transferred to an amazing department, at least to the point where I could be commended.

"So, how far have you been this time?

"Take the southern route from 'Portland Emeria' in the east and come here. It was about three months ago... but I saw something I've never seen before."

"Hmm... does that mean you have a previous prognosis?

"There's no answer for the boulder."

Apparently, Dalen was working in the military. Sola realized that she was hiding behind her position as an adventurer. And Kite tells Dalen and Al that.

"Al, there will be stories. Mr. Dalen, I've heard from Kuzuha. You don't have to hurry, do you? There is a bar above, so please use it."

"Is there such a thing?"

"This is originally a hotel. There are so many things."

Al laughs at Dalen, who is surprised at Kite's suggestion. And Dalen nodded one more time.

"Well... then, I'll take care of you a little bit."

"Yes, well, Kate. Thank you."


Al thanked Kitt and they headed straight for the bar. So after he left, Sola asked curiously.

"Is he an adventurer after all? Or a soldier?"

"Soldier. He's in a special department, and he's working as an adventurer."

"What kind of position?"

"It's a necessary position. Pretty important, huh?"

Kite laughs at Sola in surprise. Toryn, who had listened to Kite's hand from the Bronzite before, told him of his words and Sora's wonders.

"The Fifth Column?"

"Ah... did Lord Bronzite tell you about Toryn on the boulder?"

"Yes, I heard that Kate's 'Fifth Column (Quinta)' is one of the hallmarks of McDawell territory."

Toryn nodded one thing in Kite's words. That said, this is not commonly known. It is only known or famous in part. And after asking such a name several times, it seems that Sola had a verse that came to mind.

"I heard about the 'fifth row (Quinta)'... What... ah, I remember. It was definitely an abbreviation for the word spy."

"No. Quinta is a word that originally stands for the fifth in Italian. We just created a unit named" Fifth Row (Quinta). "Well, to be more precise, it seems to be an even longer name, but I didn't even know that at the time. It was just the fifth unit."

"The fifth one...."

One is the Army. One is the Navy. One is the Air Force. Sora understands up to three of them. But then I couldn't understand the fourth one. So he asks surprisingly.

"I know up to three, but the fourth one? You're talking about the Fifth Row to the Army, Navy and Air. So, what's the fourth?

"My idiots. That's the first one, to be exact."


I see, I'm convinced. For Kite, the order of the army was originally the volunteer army, < >. Then there are the three armies that I founded as the Duke.

Then, as the fifth army to conduct an internal investigation, a "fifth column (Quinta)" was created. Of course, 'Fifth Column (Quinta)' is a hidden word. But because those who knew the existence were using this code name named by Kate, they still passed.

"So, what is the fifth row of troops after all? Is that it? You want to go out and spy?

"Oh, that's it. It's just a territorial investigation. Of course, I'm doing something like that, even though I'm saying" Fifth Column. "

"Isn't it outward looking?"

The "Fifth Column (Quinta)" began with a statement on the radio that the General, who was originally a member of the Spanish Civil War, would move the fifth army that communicated to us. So it's better to say "informant" or "traitor" in the original fifth row. So I guess Sora's point was correct.

"Ah, well, even if I said that, it was similar to what I was doing... and that one of yours would make a mistake, wouldn't it?


Seriously, Sora's got a funny smile on her cheeks. Now, nobody else has made a mistake. It was a mistake to know the earth. So he regained his temper.

"But... Sometimes you know Earth because it's us, right?

"That's right. That's why, isn't it?"

"Where are you going?"

"I'm the only one who knows, so what if you try to beat me?

"Well, we'll have to find out about you. And then... ah..."

Oh, yeah, that's right. Sola opened her eyes to what she would do if she tried to beat Kite. There is only one answer. That is why he speaks of the answer with surprise.

"I wonder if we'll have to find out about Earth... and then..."

"That's right. We have no choice but to summon something from Earth, as the old civilization did. So, what would you say if you heard the name" Fifth Column (Quinta) "from Earth?

"A spy pointing out..."

"That's right. The truth is the opposite."

Have fun, Kite laughs. But, besides, Sola felt something horrible. Take it backwards after reading what the other person will do. Speaking of the ordinary way, it's the ordinary way, but I shake my head if I'm told if I can do it. That's what Kite was doing.

"Well, it seems that no one has actually been sniffed to the origin of the fifth row (Quinta). I don't suppose there's that much time left."

"Nevertheless, I think it's time to live."

"Ahahaha. I don't know. Fortunately in misery or something. The earth's books were brought in in large quantities. Some of them say," The Fifth Column. "

Wow. Sora makes Toryn and Kite pull her cheeks in unintentionally. Until now, no one knew the name "Fifth Column (Quinta)" was outward because they had not been able to recall Earth's books or some kind of intelligence. However, from here, the "fifth column (Quinta)" may spread. In that case, it was possible that at some point Kite would follow the prospect.

"Well, that doesn't matter. If you catch me, I'll make a profit."

"I don't know, how do you really think about that...?

I don't think about names until I think about the possibility of getting information from Earth. In fact, if not known, everyone would normally think of it as an inward army. Nevertheless, that's why this solution comes alive.

Troops we used to think were inward may not be outward. And if you're a kite in Enephia, it's probably no wonder you've been doing something you can hide for 300 years. Everyone has to check again. So, Kite, who thought of such a plan, told me with a laugh.

"Hmm? Well, when Tina asked me to think about my name, I thought about it a lot, so it turned out to be this name. I'd like to be a little proud to take a bottle from Tina."


No, it's not helpful. Is it really the result of a desperate thought as a kite? So I bragged about it, but Sola didn't understand the thought circuit.

"Well, actually, they're doing their best. More than half of the cases of unlawful removal of the lords who were sent as dukes were due to their activities. Others report minor problems in the territory with the eyes of people who have come into direct contact with them. They're the things I have to do."


I kind of mixed up various military stories, but as a kite, it seems to be making full use of its role as an investigator in the territory, which is its original operation. Sola was only impressed by his words. After that, I learned more about the strategy and strategy while listening to the findings of the Dalen man from Kite for a while.