Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2056: The Blood Rush - Awakening

A runaway moment and a battle between Kate and Rufus. It ends with Rufus poking a < > spell into the gap that stopped the blink of an eye and taking the factor to a temporarily inactivated state. As a result, Kite, who took the moment of loss of consciousness, was joining Sora's airship, which appeared just at the end of the fight.

"That's why."

Senpai? Seriously?

The intense intimidation I had felt earlier was definitely comparable to the monster of Rank S. If Sola had crossed many fierce battles against her Rank S opponents, she would not have been able to believe it was caused by the instant runaway.

"I can't believe I don't understand either. But if you keep talking as you see it, it will be."

"No, I can't believe it even if you say so... but is senpai okay now?

"Ah... you'll understand. < > was used to bring the factor into a temporarily sealed state. You won't run away soon."

"Ah... well, can you use it?"

Sola recalls a book of magic that Kate told her half of the story in an illegal camp in the Principality of Minierra. He is also familiar with the myth of Kurtulf, a cherry blossom brother who admires himself. So even if they said < >, they could understand it.

"Well, that's what it is. In the meantime, Nakoto analyzed it and handled it with a surgical technique. There will be no risk of runaway."

Okay. Well, then, I'll clear the alert. Ah, after that, I'll tell Suki and the others who stopped at a distance to go back. "


In Sora's reply, Kite nodded and cut off the communication. So he turned to Fujido and the others.

"So... senpai Fujido. Are you okay?

"Yeah... thankfully, I didn't do anything here..."

"Hah... I'm going to put you through a lot of trouble"

After all, even if they were running wild, they wouldn't have done anything to themselves. Instead of being instantly frightened, the Expeditionary Corps looked stunned as if they were saying, "Do something."

Well, a factor runaway is a well-known event in Enephia. This is the moment when it was originally said that the factor was strong. Everyone thought it was possible for him to happen, and decided that he was a little overconfident. Actually, that was the correct answer.

"I'm sorry about the sounds. The moment took a long time."

"No... well, I wasn't expecting this, but it was possible. Sometimes I'm a little concerned....."

"Hmm? Anything?

"Yes... but this could be..."

It may or may not be. Kite sees a faint moment with a slight bitter taste. And I was called to him like that.

"'... that's right.'"

"Mmm? Moments. Wake up."

"... no, it's not. Son of a bitch. It's you."


The drinking boy nodded to Kite's question. In line with that, the instantaneous figure transforms into that of the drunken child whom the instant dreamed of.

"" Nh... ""


Too overwhelming presence. Everyone stands up for the drunken child who shows up. But one drinking boy ignores it as if he's not interested in the weaker guy. The only thing I could say about it was that it was like Rufus except for Kite. It seems that it was the first time I had seen him before.

"And that you came out at this timing... is my guess correct?

"Ah... that's the answer."


You'll see. Kite nodded to the drunken child who had just said that. Nevertheless, he was the only one who could tell such a thing, and that was why even Rufus - who was originally from a religious country, so he couldn't understand it - didn't know. Therefore, Fujido asks.

"What do you mean?

"That's right... well, it was one of the possibilities that was written in the thesis proposed at the academy..."

"But at the academy... you know that well..."

A little embarrassing onee-san (Juliette) provided me with information.

Kite sighed and shrugged her shoulders against the stunning Fujido. In fact, if Juliette hadn't provided us with the information, he wouldn't have known about the paper.

Tina and Lil also replied that it was possible as a conclusion after reading the paper, which was taken into account. But I was surprised that it didn't really happen. It was something that I thought could not happen.

"Well... that's good. So, what's the paper?

"It's a paper about what happens when an ancestor is reborn into a descendant of his lineage, and when the blood is retained to some extent and ancestral return occurs. There are a few examples in Enephia, but...."

I didn't expect that to happen to senpai. Kite shrugs her shoulders in trouble when she doesn't know what the possibilities are. And Ayazaki asks him that.

"So this is what you expected?

"No... that's not true. I really didn't see that coming."

"I don't think so. He doesn't know my blood line anyway."

Ayazaki also agreed with Kite, who made it clear that she was asking questions. I can only say that about this. After all, she doesn't even know the blood line of a drunken child.

Rather, even Kite, who knows the wives of Ibaraki and Sake Boy, doesn't even know the half of Sake Boy's life. He said that he barely knew about Ibaraki himself and the alcoholic drinker for half his life. So Kite asks the drinking boy.

"Tell me. What the hell is your blood line?

"It's an old Onijin... even older than a double-sided inn."

"What's your first name?

"I don't even know what to say. He is a god of Kunitsu who does not ride the Kojiki or the Nihonkai. Amateur Terrace might know that."

"My God...."

That's strong. Kite understood why the alcoholic toddler had so much strength that she just sighed.

"Teko, are you a half-god or a half-god? I see. Then I'm convinced. No, if it's not that strong, it won't make sense."

"I don't know. I'm just saying that there was this possibility in the knowledge that I knew as a half-god."

"It's awful."

Apparently, with the grasp of the magnificence of the situation, Kite didn't care much in the middle of the day. I was talking to a drunken child so much that people around me were stunned.

"Hah... I'll ask Juliette later, but don't you know the details?"

"Whatever. I just told you the answer."

"Yes, yes... I'll check it out later."

"Just do it...."

Apparently, this is the end of the requirements. The drunken child retreated into the depths of the blink of an eye again. And you wake up in a blink of an eye to replace it.

"... hmm?

"... instantly?

"Ah, ahh... what's wrong, suddenly... hmm? To Kate... Rufus? What's wrong with you two?

When I woke up, Ayazaki and the rest of the expedition were alerted, and Kate and Rufus, who weren't supposed to be there, were there. I couldn't help but get confused at the moment. Therefore, by waking up instantly, he would again be briefed on the situation.

About an hour after the moment I woke up. When I heard what had happened until now, I was depressed by the boulder.

"Really... I'm sorry. Everyone got in trouble."

"Well, there's nothing I can do about the boulder this time. Never mind."

"Besides, you didn't seem to be completely out of control."

Ayazaki and Fujido followed the instant apology. This is something we do not know, but in fact, the moment of the runaway did not attack Ayazaki and the others for a good reason.

And that's a big part of drinking children, but Kite, who only knew about it, kept quiet. Because it is not to give water where we think so.

"Hah... both of you. I caused trouble to both of them. Thank you."

"No... it's been a long time since I've had a good exercise."

"Well, it's not that I had a slightly sweeter prospect. Don't worry about me, I should have been careful."

In a moment of gratitude, Rufus shook his head in shame, and one of the kites made it clear that he was responsible for not stopping, even though he knew it was possible.

Well, there are very few examples of boulders, and it's like Juliette finally found them. On top of that, even if you are told to assume that there are several special cases such as this one involved, it can be said that the boulder is impossible. It was lucky to think that this accident was unprevented.

"I'm sorry... so what do we do now?

"For the time being, please proceed with the expedition. However, Senpai should come back to see Juliette Genius."

"I see... okay. Excuse me, may I take you aboard? Besides, I'm sorry to bother you, but I need you to lead the expedition home."

Accept Kite's advice honestly and instantly. I thought I'd done it on my own, but I didn't even have to patrol. Therefore, leaving the rest to Fujido and Ayazaki, he instantly boarded the airship with Kate and Rufus. It was Sora who welcomed the three of them.

"Senpai, are you okay?

"Sora... it's hard to say it's okay with the boulder..."

I don't think you're lethally down. While watching her depressed moments, Sora made that decision in her heart. Fortunately, Fujido and the others were not harmed at all.

Only monsters were destroyed. Somewhat directional runaway. As a result, Fujido and the others were also thinking lightly, and they also grasped the instant seriously, but they were still facing forward.

"Senpai will do nothing today and rest in your room. Do not attempt to cast magic on the rabbit, the horn, or even the wrong factor. Well, there's no problem with the necklace I'm wearing right now... but if I do, I can take it off. Never take it off."

"I know. I will never take it off."

The instant she nodded clearly to Kite's attention. He had a necklace with a slightly larger magic stone on his chest, which completely invalidated his factor.

In the enhanced version of the bracelet worn by Ayul, it was supposed to scatter even if the magic was poured into the factor unintentionally. As a side effect, the instantaneous combat power will also drop, but there was no problem because I didn't intend to let you fight.

"Ah... Lou. You saved my life. Rest like this today."

"Oh, what about Master Kate?

"I don't know, I'll report the situation to home and have Juliette Genius pick me up."

"Well, should I be there?

"You want me to come? Please don't do this."

For instant confirmation, Kite shook her neck with half a sigh. The instruction to rest was also intended to prevent her from coming.

"I see... well, call me if you need me. I'll be right there."

"Ah... well then, good day to all of you. Rest for a while. We're already in territory, and Maxwell is close. There are military patrols nearby. There will be no problem."

As soon as she twitched her cheeks slightly, Kite nodded and again instructed everyone to take a break. So he decided to go to the communication room alone.