Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2056 New Activities - Countermeasures Act -

A drunken child who is a half-god and a half-god. The following morning from the incident that ended in the runaway of his ancestors' return and at the same time his rebirth. Kite receives some suggestions from Juliette, one of the expert factor researchers, and returns them to the Adventure Department Alliance Home Office.

"I'm home."

"Welcome back."

Apparently, the time was running out, so it looks like all the people in the office are already packed. Say hello to Kite. That's how I looked at him and asked him in an instant.

"Kate, how are you?

"In the meantime, some policies have been decided. I decided to make a bracelet that would allow me to control the seal from the outside."


"Well, for now, Senpai, please read this material. In the meantime, I make a lot of arrangements."


It's a strange story, but I was asked to leave a message in spite of a discussion to decide on my own. Nevertheless, this was agreed to in the middle of the moment. Because I understood that I didn't know. Then we just received the conclusion and decided that we should understand the optimal. So, sitting next to him reading the report with the conclusions, Kate sat down in her seat.

"Well... cherry blossoms. Let's start with a status report."

"Yes, right now, Mr. Langli has received a report from the investigation team. Ah, come and show me your face later."

"Come on, show me your face. - Is that a mistake?

"Ah, ahahahaha....."

The cherry blossoms twitched their cheeks a little and laughed at the kite, who completely reproduced each word.

"Either way, you have to go later. That's good. Anything else?

"Ah, yes. From Alice. I'd like to go and get ready, but I was wondering if my plans were okay."

"No problem. I'm sorry to get sick again, but I'll be available again in the afternoon."

"I understand."

Kite nodded one cherry blossom at a time. Preparing is Sonya's preparation. And Alice was preparing her room, and she wasn't here right now.

Originally, Kite was going to help you in the morning, but I decided to concentrate on this in the morning because there was a sudden incident. Instead, I helped her in the afternoon and asked Alice to follow her all day.

"Please, Sonya will eventually be more efficient if she adapts as soon as possible. Tsubaki, how's she doing?" Already with office supplies. "


Now, are you ready to let Sonya do her job? Kite checked the newly installed desk office and nodded one. To reduce her burden on both the rabbit and the horn, we need to gather more people. Therefore, we have already increased the number of desks at the moment in order to increase the number of staff further.

Do you want me to fix the rest myself?

"I was wondering if that's good."

"Alright, Tsubaki. Please help her for a while."

"Yes, sir."

On Kite's instructions, Tsubaki nodded one by one. This will reduce her work a little from about a month ago. Nevertheless, that's not enough.

After that, accounting and general affairs? General Affairs is a rabbit and a horn, and accounting needs to be done somehow... "

"Ah, um... you don't have to do that..."

"I want you to focus on my secretarial work. In fact, if we think about the future, we also need to get rid of unnecessary work."

From now on, not to mention after Kite returns as Duke. Looking at it, it is not the secretarial work that is now the center of the chores, but the original secretarial work such as Kate's schedule management.

Since there will be a person in charge of accounting, Tsubaki doesn't have to do it - rather than do it. It was time for her to get used to it as well as looking ahead to the next move.

"In that case, I have no objection."

"Ah... Tsubaki. I'll check it out, but you have plans after noon?

"There is no problem with that. Just be sure to come back after the evening."

"What happened?

"An ambassador is coming from < >"

"Oh, I see. Was it the Duke's Mansion?


As for Tsubaki's point, Kate said the same thing, recalling her own plans for the future. And Sola asks him that.

"Messenger from < >... what is it?

"I don't know. I can imagine."

I'm sure Einadis is coming. However, given each other's positions, it is also difficult for the Alliance Masters of the eight major Alliances to move directly. In view of the current situation, Kite guesses so. And I can guess the reason.

"Is there anything I can do for you?

"Well, I guess so. Maybe I'll move alone in that case."


Does it look pretty bad? That's what Sora understands from Kite's words. Nevertheless, that was not actually the case.

"Probably a request related to the investigation of the site."

"Heh? Is that so?

"Maybe. That's what happened at the general meeting."


Because Einadis and Kite were moving, I thought it was a favor. Sola seemed to have some sort of passion for Kite's response. Nevertheless, it is also true that it is not a one-size-fits-all request because of the fact that these two move. But there it is. It wasn't a situation that I could say, and above all, it's still speculative. There was no need to talk about it.

"Well, that's good. In the meantime, if you're free this afternoon. The meeting with the messenger is out of business hours."


"Okay... senpai. Is it time you finished reading?

"Ah... I understand roughly. You're sure Cardinal Ayul has something like that?

"Did Rufus tell you that?


After all, who is most involved in Rufus in the upper realm is Kite and Al in the causal relationship, but there is no doubt that the next one comes instantly. So he must have heard of Ayul before.

"Well, that would be quick. Basically, we're going to make something with the same mechanism... but this is something that's extremely high-performing and used by adventurers."

"I understand that. As it stands, I have to."

"Ah, I have a few other ideas for that..."

"Is there something?

The instant she asked Kate, who separated the words, wonderfully. To this, Kite sighed one sigh.

"Well, I guess. When it comes to this area, there are only a limited number of craftsmen who can make it. If you like Cardinal Ayul's personal protective equipment and performance at a reasonable level, it's a good commercial product. But this time it's a special order."

"Does that mean we have to start by looking for a maker?"

"No, that's fine."


Build a magic item that is both bespoke and suppresses adventurers in Rank A space. I could instantly understand that a semi-life arm was not enough. However, that is why, at first glance, there is still insufficient information gathering about this.

"Basically, the production of magic equipment in difficult situations is determined by the < > 's workshop and the price. I'll ask you to produce it."

"So, what was that face like?

"It's troublesome to ask for a favor there. You've never heard of the < > Magician's Workshop, have you?

"Speaking of which... no, on the contrary, I've never even seen a member of the < > Magician's Workshop."

As far as I can remember, the moment I followed my own memory, I remember one of the eight major guilds that no one knew. In fact, when I was in Urca, I knew or met other adventurers in the eight major guilds than < > and < >.

Among them, the former were told by Urca's adventurers that it was only a fleet of airships, so it was unknown whether they could meet. However, < > was hardly mentioned, and I was just told that I would never see him again. Actually, I've never met him.

"I guess. Basically, < > does fieldwork, but < > rarely does. It's hidden where the guild home is."

"It seems like a magician, but it seems like a magician...."

"It's the < > Mage's Workshop."

In response to the instant impression, Kite laughs and tells the magician's workshop clearly. Well, I've had such a chat, but this kind of thing is out of the question. So he moved on again.

"Well, that's good. In a situation like that of senpai in the rabbit and horn, basically I ask < > to produce it... but that's the difficulty."

"What do you got?

"Whether to put it in the branch first. Rather, whether we can get to the branch before that."

"... is it a problem in the first place?"

It's no wonder that the opponent is the sorcerers' nest, but even in the blink of an eye, it seems that we could only convulse our cheeks on this premise.

"Well, I'll take care of it here. Until then, Senpai is forbidden to use the power of demons, so don't remove the necklace."

Is it okay to go to practice or ask for help?

"I don't mind. With that necklace, a temporary runaway can be avoided. But you'll be slower than usual, so just be careful."

"Okay. I'm not going to push you that far."

The instant she nodded clearly to Kite's attention. Even with him, I'm not going to impose any more than I've already caused trouble. Nevertheless, as an adventurer, he also understood that dropping his arm would take a lot of effort to resurrect him. That's why I was going to work so hard that I wouldn't drop my arm.

"That's good. Rabbits and horns are most troublesome to run wild. Try to keep it the way it is until the bracelet is complete."


"Alright, I'm going to rely on a handler to get in touch with < >. I'm asking you to move as fast as you can... now, how long will you have to do this?"

"I'll take care of that. It's pathetic, but I can't do it."

I made it clear to Kite that I was a little sorry for the bitter taste. And in this case, since the other party was the other party, it was best for Kite to move. Above all, in his case, there is an invitation that he got at a previous general meeting. I didn't expect him to use it sooner, but I was grateful for it.

"Okay... well, let's finish the work that we can finish in the meantime overall."

Having finished the whole story about the instant bracelet, Kate decides to get her mind back and clean up the work she's accumulating now. After that, he was to concentrate on paperwork in the morning.