Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2059: New Activities - Again -

Shopping for Sonya's new life. To help her, Kate came to a shopping mall in Micaya with Sonya. I did some shopping there, but if I stayed with Sonya for a long time in the boulder, Sonya realized that Kite was a kite she was once familiar with.

Therefore, Kate, who was pointed out by her, once moved to the cafeteria in the shopping mall as a discussion place, she was supposed to convey a message from Sheila to Sonya again.

"In the meantime, if you find out, you should give me the letter you were told to give first. Take this."


If the rabbits and horns don't understand the situation, they can't plan for the future. Sonya receives a letter from Kate and confirms one of them.

"... I opened it and read it... it doesn't look good."

"It's not so innocent as to read a letter to a girl on a boulder."

I don't know.

Sonya looks down on Kite's reply when she finds out who she is and treats her badly. Nevertheless, it is true that rabbits and horns need to be checked inside first. Confirm the letter before half the words.

"Well, if you're reading this, you realize that Kite is the kite you were worried about."


"Hey, wait a minute! I don't know what it says, but I'll read it all if I break it!? Or does Sonya have quick-reading skills!?


"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

When I read the first sentence, it was a kite that rushed to stop Sonya, who tried to tear the letter in two. However, Sonya apologized in a bit of a hurry when she was again directed to the light of spiritual power for calling. Also, Sonya decided to calm down and read the letter again.


"Ah, just so you know, you can't take your wings off too much because you don't have parents' eyes. I don't mind framing it. Ah, but you're a good age to tell, so even if you frame it, it's planned.


Let's not do it again, shall we? I'm not gonna do it again. "

Against Sonya, who tried to tear it in half again, Kite tells in the style of an Alliance Master. I didn't want to spend my time like an idiot on a boulder, and I was busy taking over - and that's why I wrote to you - and it was a hassle to ask Sheila to talk to me. I tried not to step on the same line. So Sonya tells such a kite.

"... if you could just slap me later, Mr. Sheila."

Whatever you want.

They're about Sonya and Sheila. As a kite, there's no need to get involved. Therefore, Sonya confirms the letter again when she decides to pull and slap Sheila when she sees something folded later.

"... I understand. I mean, I want to be your liaison with Sheila."

"I don't know. I was just told by Sheila to pick up Sonya. I have nothing to do with what you told me to come here. That's Sheila's deal with me."

"Is that okay?

"Sonya, what are you doing? The worst part is pushing down the bed and hugging it. Ah, this is double mining."

It's scum.

Tell Kate that Sonya is in danger. Besides, Kite smiled lightly.

"Do you have a track record? It's gonna open up a new world."



To Sonya, who unleashed a mass of spiritual power without any preliminary action, Kite slapped it with a knife. As always, there was no reluctance towards Kite.

"Well, forget it. Either way, I've decided there's nothing wrong with you... that's all."

"I haven't reported it to the Empire."

"I'm not obligated."

You didn't report it, did you? Kite laughs a little inside. He is also a nobleman of the state in the first place. I believe that I can deal with anything in my territory, and I am prepared and prepared for it. I didn't think it was until I dared to report it.

"Well... there's one more thing I want to ask you."

What is it?

"Who's Laurent? I don't think it's some high-ranking knight."

"Why do you think so?

That's right, but I wonder why you think so. In the first place, for Sonya, Kite cannot tell between her allies and her enemies. But Laurent, on the other hand, is the one who rescued himself. It was overwhelmingly the latter, if asked, which should be given priority.

"It's a simple story. I took you back. What else?

"... do you know where I was?

"Mana. Darkness of the Holy Land. Sheila hid it, but when she heard the name of the unit, Rufus confronted her. Well, he doesn't seem to think the rumors of the troops are true on the boulder, so he seems to be trying to ignore them."


According to Kite, Sonya's face was magnificent. They knew that they didn't want to know. That's what the face said most eloquently. But Kite smiled lightly at this.

"I've heard the treatment of the Sisters back there. I was saved before that happened. If your heart breaks, you'll be in trouble with the boulders."

"... you don't think anything?

"Oops, you'll see when you don't shy away from the connector in the first place."

What now? Kite smiles lightly at Sonya, who looks surprised. Sonya was formerly assigned to an army of dirty men in the so-called Catholic countries. There were quite a few who would have avoided it, and the kite that I didn't care about seemed peculiar to Sonya.

"But... that's why I pulled you out in the dark. I don't know what happened, but Laurent is probably some high-ranking knight. It doesn't have much influence, either."

"I won't deny it."

Needless to say, Sonya has no love for the Holy Nation. The girl is only covering for Laurent. Kite had no intention of revealing his position.

"But... one mistake."


"I have heard that the person who directly negotiated my offer was the master of the Westlitter."

"Mr. Ludwig?

This was my first time hearing about it. Kite slightly opened her eyes to Sonya's statement. Nevertheless, this was also to say that his guess was supplementally correct.

(Which means... Laurent would still be a high-ranking knight. A knight famous enough to cross with a knight captain... isn't there a knight captain... in a boulder? You can do it yourself. If the Knight Commander moves, whether in the dark or in the dark, he will have to approve the relocation.)

But then, it doesn't come to my mind that Rufus doesn't know. Kite thinks about what she would care about if she were a knight.

(... no, if the Westlitters, will the adventurers move from a humanitarian point of view? No, it does work, but it's still weak. You'd better think of it as a knight... no, I see. You don't have to be a knight. This is definite. It happened in that waterway in the first place. The technique is highly educated. Even as an adventurer, you must be a former knight.)

Remembering a few things, Kite speculates that Laurent would still be a knight, separate from his former or current duties. I thought it would make the most sense.

"... oh, sorry. Well, then why don't you ask Rufus to tell Mr. Rudwig? You can talk about it, and you can tell Laurent."

"No, I'm fine. Laurent told me not to do anything until we get in touch."

"... I see."

So, is it tough to find out who Laurent is from here? Kate makes that decision in Sonya's response. Therefore, he gives up any further pursuit and shows the way he has been so ridiculous.

"Well, that's a rabbit and horn. Let me be the basics. I won't complain if you work hard."

"Before that, can I have one?


"Who are you?

Ma, you're coming. Kate remembered some of the contracts she had with Sonya and thought there was no reason not to ask this question. And Kite dared to look like she was in trouble.

"Someone... I can't answer that. I am me. It's just a guy named Heavenly Kite."

"That's not what it means."

"I know. But this is the only answer. Who I am and who I am. If I lose my answer, I don't know."

"Now, let's change the question."

"There's only one thing... well, good. What is it?"

Happily, Kate laughs and prompts Sonya to ask questions. I don't interact with many foxes and foxes in the social world. I couldn't help but wonder what the little girl was asking.

"What is your purpose?

"Return to Earth. And there is no falsehood. Whoever I am, it is true that there is a family on earth. There is no lie in wanting to go home. I'm moving even further ahead."


"After returning to Earth. I don't know what to do from there."

It seemed like Sola and the others were trying not to talk, but Kate thought there was no need to hide it. He therefore declares that he is unconvinced and has a vision after his return to Earth.

"What's that?

"I don't know how to get back here... there's no need to stop in the world. Then there's nothing wrong with trying to get back and forth, right?

"You think you can do it?

"I can't?

No way. Kate asks Sonya with a strange smile on her face. That's how he makes sense.

"If we can get back from here, we can come from there. Countries are already moving towards it. Probably on the Earth side. Then there are things we can only do."

Seeing Sonya drunk by the strength of her own words, Kite smiles slightly inside. Sonya may not have noticed, but this is actually one of the ways of speaking, and Kate was slowly shifting her arguments. Initially, she was listening to the purpose. But what we're talking about now is a vision for the future.

"The Alliance will probably be there next time."

"What's next?

"After the final stages of our return to Earth. Sonya, you can do whatever Sonya wants."

"I'll think about it then...."


"Do not tap on"

Knock down the bullet of the released spirit and Sonya tells Kite that the light of the spirit is converging on her fingertips again. To this, Kite laughed and apologized.

"Sorry, sorry. Well, we're free to do anything. You can help me, or you can give birth to my child."


"Hey, at least say something and shoot!?

Kite roughs her voice to Sonya, who unleashes a bullet of spiritual power that was silently converging. Sonya told him this with her half-eyed eyes.


"Hmm!? You didn't have to shoot now, did you!?

"After I told you to shoot me... are you complaining?

It's probably not because of your mind that Sonya is having fun somewhere. Kite smiles slightly softly - though she may not have noticed it herself - and soothes Sonya slightly inside.

With this, we can continue to do it. That's how I stepped on it. Thus, Kate succeeded in making Sonya understand that her roots would not change while shifting from a topic that was inconvenient for her.