Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2060 New Activities - Job Talks -

Sonya, the current Union clerk, is a former Special Forces member of the Holy Nation who has newly arrived as an aide to the upper echelons. Along with her, Kite was out shopping for the supplies she needed to do her job in the future.

On the way, Kate was temporarily flirting with Sonya, who realized on several occasions that she was a kite of adventurers who had come to the country and been involved with her. Therefore, Kate, who was relieved of her vigilance, was once again resting with Sonya while diverting herself from the topic that was inconvenient to her.



"Hmm? What?


If you always look so elegant, you probably look better. Sonya thinks so from the bottom of her heart to Kate, who drinks tea gracefully in her role as an Alliance Master. But I still had the first impression, so I couldn't honestly say such a thing.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot to say so, but you should feel free to contact Ms. Sheila. We have a comms room."

"Do you have one?

Sonya opened her eyes unexpectedly to Kite's words. It is not uncommon for a Union Branch to have a Communication Machine or Communication Room, but few Alliances have a Communication Room until the Alliance Home. Because everyone decides it doesn't have to be used.

"Date doesn't know I'm capable. In addition to the communications room, the Expeditionary Corps has a portable communications machine. Even in the last case, I was able to respond immediately because I had prepared a communication machine. In addition, each member is given magic equipment to report emergencies, and they distribute communication machines that can be used at short distances to each other. There are other emergency units made up of Dragon Knights, so we can respond immediately to requests for help."


Again, as an adventurer, this man is very good as an Alliance Master. Sonya wraps her tongue around her heart. She didn't know if this was the difference between education on Earth and Enephia, but at least she understood that she had enough strength to accomplish it.

And with that in mind, I could not say enough that Kite was capable. So Kite laughs at her with such surprise and impression.

"Have you reviewed it?

"... at least that's what I have to say."

I can only admit this to the boulder. As a Union clerk, Sonya understood that Kite's mining and deployment was more important to her as an Alliance than anyone else. This alone changes the number of casualties.

How many adventurers were rescued in time each year? And the biggest reason we can't make it is because we can't get in touch right away. So I knew I had to be quiet, but I had to take it to the city. But it is also a factor that increases mortality, and it falls into a vicious circle.

Kite was working on it. And he played with his nose with laughter and took out the headset magic equipment.

"Oh, yeah. That's why it's for Sonya."

"... what is this?

"This is it. This is the only way to get in touch with Alliance Homes in Maxwell."

"Do you always keep someone in the comms room?

It is not a level of surprise to go so far to the boulder. Sonya asked Kate, who admitted that she should be able to extract and distribute it, how surprised she was that she was able to do so - surprised to forget that she had been called again. But Kate shakes her head on this.

"Well, the comms room is available 24 hours a day, but... this one's for the office. Well, there's something else I can do to connect with this guy... but basically, Sonya will be fine here."

"Hah... uh, how do I get there?

"Here it is."

Kite lifts her hair again and shows her right ear.

"It's the third moon, isn't it? It's a shape that puts that part on your ear."

"Like this...?

"Hmm... excuse me."


Once Kite stood up, she took Sonya's hands and put on the headset. Once you can wear it, you'll be able to do it yourself.

"That's good. This headset relies on sound for bone conduction and caveats, so it doesn't have to be blocked by ear holes... but that makes it a little difficult for this person to use."

"Hah, hah..."

As a matter of course, I don't understand Sonya where it is said to be bone conduction. Moreover, this headset is difficult to understand because various improvements have been made.

"As a feeling, it feels like you can put it on your ear. Later, there is a switch under here that can also adjust the volume. It's also possible to switch on and off... but if you get used to it, you can switch it by your own will."


I can't imagine a future where I can. Sonya was surprised to find herself in a kite that flatly controlled her headset. Well, it takes a lot of getting used to using this communicator like your own limbs on a boulder. Even if she thinks so now, it won't be impossible.

"And then... you'll like this one, but do you want this one?

"What's that?

"Wearable device. It's an unpopular product... but I'm a treasure."

"Could it be... something in the reception area of the Union...?

That's a little bit of an improvement.

Kite moved the wearable device on her right arm to make it look Sonya. He was removed during the battle, but basically he plays the role of commander.

So I wore it during the march and used it to give an overview of the operation as well as to create brief materials. However, it was not good to have a smartphone type communication device even if it was not worn as it is on Earth.

"This is a new model that has been upgraded more recently to accommodate both hands-on operations... but it's also close to being exclusive to us because I'm actually the only one who uses Tina and Lansato-san"

"Tina and Acari-san...?

"Oh, my tech guy. The adventure department's tech team is headed by him and Mr. Kusato... two of the teachers. This is the original made by the two of them. Well, we only use the three of us in the first place."

"... that?

Perhaps this magic tool was developed by the Alliance itself. Sonya took a while to understand the back of the wearable device that Kite told me again.

"... you made it in the guild...?

"Oh, because the original plan was on Earth. We developed it with this technology and improved it so that we can project keyboards and monitors."


What kind of guild did I come to as a whole? Sonya was stunned when she saw the monitor projecting and the keyboard appearing semi-solid on her desk.

Although the wearable device was small, its performance far exceeded that of the console at the union reception. That's why Sonya pointed it out half-heartedly.

"Isn't that... better than what's in the Union reception?"

"No, we can't go that far to the boulder. Devices located at Union reception must have the ability to exchange information with Headquarters. In addition, search is the main area, so processing speed is also important. This is important in targeting short-hearted adventurers."

"... is that so?"

Shit. It was a perfect snake. Sonya honestly agrees with the commentary that she doesn't understand. Because I am a Union employee, I am not the only one who understands in detail the principles and performance of the tools I use. It was normal not to know.

But that's why I also reviewed it. I did see a light figure, but at the same time it was recognized that I had only the insight and observation that the Alliance Master deserved when talking like this. Well, that's how it is. I decided to admit it honestly this time.

"I'm sorry, I lost."


"I don't know even if you say so. Please do so in the form of a request if necessary."

"Oh... that's fine. It's just that he can be used when he wants to work in a room."

"Ah, that's right."

Sonya nodded with her eyes round as she finally understood how to use the wearable device. Apparently, she gave up her understanding in the middle of the process because she said something a little difficult - Kite was asked, so she just answered, and it was just a sidewalk.

"But that's okay now. You have a console in the union... right?

"Oh, I need you. It's a loan from the Maxwell branch... wouldn't it change the way it's used even if the branches are different?

"I think so."

Sonya and I have never been assigned to any branch other than the Luxerio branch of the Catholic state. So I didn't know if the device was the same.

Nevertheless, in the same organization, Kite is the original solution for all devices used in the Union. Sonya and, of course, Kite thought it would not change much.

"Then there won't be a problem."


"Well, if you need me, just let me know."


Let's not use this for now. Sonya does not want any more new tools in view of the current situation, which is not needed at this time. What's more, she seemed clumsy, and using something new seemed like a billionaire.

"All right, let's keep shopping."

Now that I've finished talking, I just went out to buy it in the first place. I couldn't stay long. So, when they finished talking, they decided to go back to buying again.

Well, then for a while. Once they had finished their purchase, they returned to the Guild Home and stored what they had bought in the room together with Alice, who was still organizing the room.

"Okay... this is it."

"Thank you."

"No, it's fine. I'm not tall with Date."

Kate shook Alice's thanks with an interior on the top shelf. Now I realize that Sonya and Alice are small. Therefore, depending on the position of the shelf, it was often impossible to reach without a stepladder.

"So, Alice. How was the water?

"Ah, yes. I checked the drainage. The smell is gone."

I see.

Is this okay? Kite nodded one thing in Alice's report. Basically, in rooms that are not used, water does not flow to avoid strain on piping, etc.

However, when using it, it was necessary to leave it to some extent and remove the dirt inside. Alice remained because she wanted to see if there were any abnormalities there.

"I guess we're all done here... Sonya, are you okay with this?

"... yes. I was wondering if there was a problem."

Sonya nodded after checking her surroundings in response to Kite's question. That said, it is not yet fully in place. Most of what I bought this time is what I need in a hurry. It was necessary to buy other small items separately. Nevertheless, that is not something to think about now. So Kite nods one.

"All right, then, get ready for work from tomorrow. Alice was saved. You can go up and rest now."


"Ah... oh, yes. Don't forget, I'm going everywhere tomorrow morning to say hello."


Sonya is slightly inspired by Kite's words. Whatever I had to do, I had to go around first and remember people. So Kite also decided to finish her work and head to the Duke's Mansion this day in preparation for tomorrow.