Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2061 A New Activity -- An Invitation to the Woods

Sonya, a former member of the Church's special forces and a Union clerk, is newly assigned to assist in the activities of the Adventure Department. Kite, who went shopping with her, returned to the guild home after finishing her shopping for what she thought she needed.

It's a good idea to take a break to prepare for tomorrow's work, as the work comes to an end when it's almost done. On the other hand. Kite was going back to the Duke's residence, pretending to go back to his room himself.

'Phew. ......'

In the meantime, since the room was also being cleaned, Kite had decided to take a shower for now. It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. And then he was called out to him.

''Master-. Ainadis-sama has come!


I knew the messenger was Aynadis. Kite accepts it without any particular surprise. But he was, but he raised his voice to Yuhara.

''Ah, a change of clothes, leave it there!

Okay. Oh, and I'll send the clothes I took off to the laundry, okay?


As he takes a shower, Kite shows his approval of Yuhara's words. Then he quickly dusts off the dust and throws on the sleeves of the prepared clothes, taking care not to let the water get cold.

'Alright ......'

For now, I've groomed myself. Kite looked in the mirror and nodded at one. The person she was going to meet now was Aynadis. It's not easy to know what they will say if you dress poorly.

And so, after checking his appearance in one way, he moves to his own room in the Duke's mansion. He's a guest, but it's Aynadis. There would be no problem meeting in his own room. And the other party is known in the Duke's mansion. He was sent to his room as normal.

'Sorry to keep you waiting,'

'No. ...... You said you were taking a shower, what's going on?'

''No, we're hiring a new clerk as the guild grows in size. I was helping that kid move in, so to speak.

I see.

So you were taking a shower. Aynadis nodded one, satisfied with Kite's explanation. Beside her, Kite sat down in her own chair.

'So, what's up? I knew it was Aina, as far as emissaries go.

Yes, ......, I have a few requests.

I'm listening.

In the first place, we can determine that it is often in the public interest if it is requested by Ainadis. It's not like he's going to be nicknamed the chairman of the school's public morals committee in Datu. When it comes to fairness, she is probably the best adventurer in the world. The request from her was worth listening to.

''Didn't I tell you before that I'm currently investigating the 'Divine Burial Forest'?

Yes. I was told you were investigating the matter at Lord Surion's request. 'Is that so?'

Yeah. And we could really use some help with that investigation.

I knew it would be something like that. Kite thinks that's what Ainadis said. But that's why he could only wonder.

'I suppose,' he said, 'but the "Forest of Divine Burial" ...... or rather, that's a different space under the jurisdiction of the elves. It's true that access is limited, and the number of people you can reinforce is limited. But even so, I don't think it's something that you would bother to ask for in an investigation of that place.

After all, Ainadis is a contractor. That's her. When it comes to combat, it would not be possible to go to the trouble of sending a request to Kite without a significant amount of circumstances. And 'The Forest of Divine Burial' is something that Kite knows about. I didn't think there would be that many bad demons out there. If that was the case, then it was highly likely that this was something other than the combat aspect of things that had happened.

''Of course, I didn't make it difficult on the combat front. You can rest assured about that.

So what's going on?

"A new area has been found in the 'Forest of Divine Burial': ...... or, more accurately, a different space.

"Ho, .......

To begin with, the Forest of Divine Burial is a vastly different space. It is obvious that it is possible to reach most of the places in the Enefia from there, and because of its size, the elves do not know the entire territory.

In fact, it is said that it is called the Forest of God's Burial, but it is also said that it is not known where the god is buried. Hence the Ainadis investigation. So that's what he found, I suppose.

So it has to do with the site.

You will. I'm no expert when it comes to the ruins, either. I thought it would be best to ask for your help in reaching out to the gods. The Council has decided that Kite is the best person to ask for help.

I'm exclusive.

Do you really think that Congress would tolerate anyone but you?

Aynadis laughs with a slight wry smile at Kite, who is somewhat dumbfounded. It's obvious, but it's not like Surion is making all the decisions on everything alone.

There was a council to assist him, and basically, like Surion, the majority of the council was made up of conservative elves, just like Surion. That was why the adjective "If it's Kite," was attached to it. However, that was always the case for the two of them, so they didn't have to worry about it.

'Well, no. It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what is going on in the world, but if it's not that, it's not my area of expertise.

I'm aware of that, of course. But what you don't know is that you can't do anything about it. On the other hand, once you know that, you will have the option to send out a request to another expert.

I see. If you have an answer that I don't understand, you'll have another option.

What was in the newly found area in the "Forest of Divine Burial" this time was the ruins. If so, what I'm worried about here is the case that these ruins are the tombs of the gods. In that case, the elves would not want to do anything rare.

But we can't start without investigating. Therefore, we can propose to the council in the form of having Kite, who can judge that no matter what happens, come first, and if it is still impossible, then we can get his advice.

I'll take it. Then I'll take it. It's too much trouble if Kuzuha cries about it.

Well, well, well, ...... it is,

'Hahaha ...... Well, that's it ......, getting back to the topic at hand, how many days do you need?'

The investigation itself takes about a week. The investigation itself will take about a week, and it will be a light preliminary investigation. The council is currently pondering whether or not to send a full-fledged team to investigate. ......

So, then, it's really an investigation for the sake of an investigation. Kite recognizes the request from the council as such. If this is just the ruins of an old civilization, then we can organize a full-scale survey team.

But on the other hand, if it is a tomb, the council's intention is that they do not want to organize a full-fledged investigation team. With that in mind, it was not unreasonable for the survey to be conducted by a small group of people.

What time do you want to start?

Half a month from now, I guess. The council meets at the beginning of next week. We'll start preparing the request after that, so I think we'll need at least that much time.

Fair enough.

A week is all it takes to get the equipment you need. The only thing left to do is to select the personnel, but we'll have to wait for the council's response to that. Kite nodded at one of Aynadis' words while thinking about that and other things.

Well, the only thing left to do is wait for the council's response. I understand. I'll clear my schedule in half a month, too.

Thank you. Now I will bring my response to the council.

Please, ...... and let me ask you first, what were the ruins like?

What kind of, is ......

At Kite's question, Ainadis ponders one. If she knew beforehand, she could prepare for it. It was important information. Then, a little later, she opened her mouth.

'At least it's not submerged,' she said. But we don't have a full picture yet, so it's hard to say.

Do you see any grass?

'I haven't done that. The preservation doesn't seem to be that bad: ...... Just a few things that bother me.

A point of concern. At the words that dared to say so explicitly, Kite's face was slightly serious. Besides, Ainadis announced.

''I got the impression that there is some kind of civilization mixed ...... with it. Part of it showed the colors of the old civilization of the Enesian continent, but at the same time, part of it was also the influence of the old civilization of the Agnesian continent. Therefore, it is a form that the Congress also decided it would be better to ask Kite.

...... enesia and annies ......?

Where hadn't I heard that before? Kite gets a slight tug at the words spoken by Aynadis. Then his eyes widened as he realized he was hovering over it.

'Could it be: ......

'Yes. That's what I was afraid of, too.

The legacy of The Losers.

'Yes. I'm wondering if there's a possibility of that relationship.

At Kite's words, Ainadis also nodded clearly. It's a good thing that you're not going to be able to find a way to get the best out of your own home.

I'm sure you'll be able to find it at ....... The clue is that there is a tomb deep in the deep woods. Deep within the Forest of the Divine Burial, that would fit the bill.

'Yes ...... and if that happens, I don't want to play down the quicksand either. I want to make sure everything is in order.

Hmmm: ......

So you've come to me. Kite once again understands Ainadis' intentions. Of course, it's not the first time that the 'Forest of Divine Burial' was connected to various places.

So if you ask me if this is the right answer or not, I can only say that I don't know yet. But if there is a possibility of that, we should be prepared for it. And in that case,' Kite told her, 'Aina.

'Aina. If possible, could you tell the council beforehand that you would like to ask the Seekers of Knowledge (Seeker)>> to help you?

"You think I didn't do ......?

'Hahahahaha ...... I suppose.'

When Aynadis also saw the possibility of the Institute of the 'Defeaters (Rouser)', he would have suggested to the Congress that they ask the <<< Seekers of Knowledge (Seeker)>> who are currently investigating at the request of Raelia.

But it seems that the Seekers of Knowledge >> was still not well received by the council. He was worried that they might do something poorly. Nevertheless, that was also expected by Kite. So I offered a compromise.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. And I have a plan for that too.

Who is this?

'This is Juliet Genius. You are the daughter of the current Seekers of Knowledge guild master.

May I ask why?

I've got some cooperation from her now. She's easy to talk to.

'I see. ...... I get it. I'll add to the council that it's a recommendation from Kite.

The council would have to accept it if it was recommended by Kite and one of the stones. Aynadis makes that decision in response to the compromise proposal Kite has made. And that recommendation is also someone that the council considers to be of sufficient rank for Kite to request. Easy to accept. Enough, there was a nip in the bud to get permission.

Please do. And tell the council that the party will be made up of people I choose to be heroic kites. I'm not going to be bothered by the pressure. It's too much trouble to be reassured.

'Hahaha ...... thank you very much. Yes, I'll add it to the list.

With this one word, the council would understand that Kite understands that this request is not addressed to the Adventure Department. This is not a request that can be undertaken by the Adventure Department.

No, it's a request that can be undertaken, but the council doesn't want to submit it. This request is only a request issued to the heroic Kite personally. That's the form. Therefore, Kite also basically decided to build a party around other members of the Adventure Department.

''Well then, once again, I shall inform the council of this fact.

'Please ...... Oh, yes. Come to think of it, I missed another one.

What is it?

Where is it? Is that as far as you can go with a dragon car or something?

It would depend on this and what kind of equipment they would go with. Kite once again made a list of what he needed, and that's what he noticed. In response to his question, Aynadis nodded, saying that she had forgotten about it.

''Oh, that's it? No, it's not possible to use a stone. You will have to use the airship as a base. I used to do the same.'

'Right. What about the airship? Is it safe to set it up over here?

'Yes. Congress wouldn't say no to that.

Okay. Well, just make sure you get it right. I'll take care of one of them.

I understand.

If it was originally the performance of a flying boat, the McDowell family's would be the highest performance. So even as Ainadis, I could understand the opinion that he would provide it himself. Therefore, after she finished her exchange with Kite, she would stay overnight at Duke McDowell's residence and return the next morning.