Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2065: New Activities - Metastases and Supports

An adventure center that is fully engaged in the study of metastases. To start the activity, the upper management was to gather together and hold a meeting to confirm what was needed in the future. Once this was a sidetracked topic, Tina once again decided to share what she needed to start her current metastasis study.

"Now, as I mentioned earlier, the first thing we have to do is analyze space and dimensions. So, what we need to do is stabilize the space and dimensions."

"? But the stabilization of space and dimensions was three and four?

"Hmm. I can only say that this is a slight downfall, but I'm not stabilizing it and analyzing it."

That's what Kite said at the Continental Congress. Sola listens to Zuiki and Tina and recalls a conversation she had with Kate a while ago. At that time, Kite also said that by stabilizing the space and showing the change, it would facilitate the analysis of the space. Tina explains the same thing to them.

"So, it's in a stable state... I mean, seeing it on a zero basis doesn't make it easier to understand the change. So we don't need to stabilize it from the outside first. And then, when you know that, you stabilize it with your own power."

"Stabilizing the dimensions and spaces of our destination," he said, "saves the first four journeys."

"I see... if you know that the space and dimensions are stable, there is no need for analysis or stabilization again."

"That's what I'm talking about."

Kate nodded one by one to Zui's words, who understood her intentions after hearing her own supplementary explanation. After all, it was not easy to analyze the next space, which changed instantaneously, and it seems that it was possible to stabilize it from the outside. So Tina, who heard the words, decided to move on.

"Well, that's good enough. The important thing for rabbits and horns is to stabilize the space. Nothing begins without it."

"Yes, that's why I'm paying attention to you once."

Pam. In Teacher Mode, draw the attention of the upper echelons, where the Lantern was trying to talk. That's why Tina talked where the attention was focused.

"Well, what it takes to stabilize space and dimensions is to create a fairly large space. Well, if we just stabilize it, it doesn't have to be that big... but when it comes to metastasis research, I want to secure a place for myself in the future."

So, one.

"Yes, what is it?

"You're free until Kite wears the bracelet, right?

"Well, yes, but...."

After all, Risha and Juliette say that you can fight if you don't use the power of the demons. Nevertheless, since it was difficult, instructions were given to refrain from fighting in an instant if it was not an emergency.

Well, Kite said that if it's a hasty product, it can be done without that. So in the meantime, I had to endure it, and I gave up instantly.

"Once you've recruited a candidate, go back to the school and organize the area in the southern corner of the school. We'll build a laboratory there."


As long as it's near there, it's certainly not much to think about fighting. At the same time, it can be near the school, making it suitable for long working hours. Above all, it's an empty land sometimes far from the city. It was a good place to set up a large research facility.

"But the south side?

"Oh, yeah. Look, I can hardly use anything else."

"Ah... speaking of which, yes."

As Lampoli pointed out, I remembered that in a moment. We're going to work in Basic Maxwell. So this is a strange story, but it seems that I sometimes forget about the area around my home campus.

"Well, thanks to that, there are still powerful monsters around me. Basically, there are only monsters below rank C. It's rare for magic to affect space."

"So far, there are no streets from school to Maximilian territory in the south, so there are no people. Perfect for setting up a research facility."

"Is moving a little cumbersome?"

"So I went south of the campus. I can use the school as a base."

Tell Tina why she set it up near the campus, pointing to Langsari's words. In addition to this, there was also a reason why we couldn't put such a large facility near Maxwell on a boulder. And I can instantly convince myself of her words.

"I see...."

"Mm-hmm. So, kite. You'll be adjusting the sealed bracelet for now... okay?

To the boulder. I would like to make this arrangement first, considering the efficiency of the work later. "

Currently, it is expected that the instantaneous leveling work will require at least about a week. After that, we will enter the actual architecture, but basically, after finishing the grading, we will coordinate with various places or buy materials from merchants in the same way as other people. Within this time, it would make sense to lead the labor force to be in charge of purchasing. In the meantime, I wanted to do something about the sudden product.

"That's right... that's fine. That's not what happens when everyone gets to work here. So, cherry blossoms. You should continue to lead the entire procurement process."


"Mm-hmm, and the others are still the same. Well, I knew about this place from the beginning, so I arranged for it to happen. Therefore, you may continue to think about this."

In the first place, Tina was said to be a genius in magic. Therefore, metastases are mastered in areas that can be taught to others, and we know exactly what is needed and what to do from the outset. So she had notified Kate beforehand while she was away, and all she had to do was move on.

"Now, once again, I will distribute to everyone a list of what they will need in the first phase. Put it right in your head."

Tina says she distributes pre-made materials to each of them. That's how Kate looked distant from the material she saw. In that case, Sola and her voice lurk.

"... I don't think so."

"I don't know. It's a metastasis anyway. Enough magic to say you're one step ahead. It must be quite..."

Looking at the list of materials that I have hardly heard of, I can look at the seriousness of the instant and Sola. But this was actually a completely different story.

(Were you doing this without us... no, I'm not...)

The reason for Kite's distant eyes was this. Needless to say again, the time when he was studying metastasis was a time of lack of resources. Besides, during the war, the space was shaking much more than it is now.

Moreover, in his case, he was practicing while traveling. He was not as well prepared as he was this time, and it was there that his mastery became difficult. Nonetheless, no one understands the meaning of his expression, so Sola asks with a serious face.

"Kate, is this how difficult it is? You want me to go as far as I can?

"Hmm? Ah, ah. I see... Tina. Some of these things don't get caught in the general distribution network, but which of them is still more difficult today?

"That's right... well, I hear the Next Sky Stone is soaring a little now."

"Ah... it's essential to make a sterile room..."

What's the matter? Kite recalled the existence of the "next empty stone" and its application, and sighed slightly. Sola asks.

"What the hell is this" next empty stone "?"

"Low purity 'next empty stones' are used to process and isolate space, and high purity objects are used to isolate dimensions. I'm going to process this."

"... where do you use that stuff?"

"Originally, it was used to study metastases like us, or to develop defensive boundaries to keep you from entering your nobility's mansion."

"I see... it was a military item."

That will certainly be hard to come by. Sora nodded after hearing what Kite had taught her. It was originally said that metastasis could not be taught because it was possible to convert to military technology. The "Next Sky Stone" could stabilize it, but on the contrary, it could have prevented it. Tina nodded again at the words of Sora.

That's right. As a result, the controls were tight, but now they are relatively familiar. "

"? Military supplies, right? Oh, the boundaries of the city?

"No, it's not. This low-purity" next empty stone "potato (kite) is used to make sterile chambers. So there are relatively low purity products out there. Well, it's still slightly more difficult for us to get around because demand is expected to increase in this case of" Lee Knight. "


Is that Kite's face just now? They recall that Kite looked down when she heard the name "Next Empty Stone", and they are convinced of the reason. However, it was also true that it was not the only one.

"Well, that doesn't matter. Low purity can be managed. What matters is the high purity. This is only used for basic military supplies. You don't have to worry about dimensional continuity to make a sterile room. Of course, since the mines produced by the" Next Sky Stone "are managed by an army of nobles above the Duke or the Kinsai Corps, it is difficult to get them."

"So, what do we do?

"No, I'm the Duke."

When Sola asked, Kate stumbled on her face. An army of nobles above the Duke or the Kinsai Corps is in charge. And Kite is the Duke. In other words, the "Next Sky Stone" mine in the territory was the same as the one he managed. Therefore, he makes it clear.

"I can handle this. I can't let you bring the boulder, so I'm sure you'll go get it. Well, fortunately, you don't have to go into the mine."

"What is it... then, why don't it be me?

"Submasters must be seconded for administrative reasons. That said, I have to write the application form and a lot of things, so it would be good to go later. Worst of all, there is no problem at the end. I'm sure I can secure it."

"I can convert it to military supplies, so I have to apply."

"That's what I'm talking about."

Apparently I'm going now, but I didn't think I could handle it. Sola is convinced of Kite's reasons and speaks of them. Agreeing with his words, Kite went further.

"I don't care about any other building materials... hmm. What are you gonna do with the wiring?

"The basic wiring has to be made here. Alchemy, as usual."

Does that mean you're Mr. Kuranori?


The lanterns laughed joyfully at Kite's words. I don't think that's a good idea because I don't have any more bodyguards than she does. Cabling is necessary because the entire laboratory needs to be protected from external influences. He said he needed to make something more powerful than just a boundary.

"And then... well, I'll check the current situation from the distribution in a timely manner."

Bye. As with the previous communication machine, Magic Stone can be obtained when it is available, and not when it is not available. The only way to do that is to stretch the antenna. "

"Ah... good. Now, let's talk about the materials and decide who gets which ones."

First of all, is it only the "next empty stone" that is difficult to collect and obtain at this time? That's what Kite thinks. In that way, he decided to allocate the work to each person again.