Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2071 Resumption of Activities - Practice -

I came to the Adventure Department to practice as a guide for Yanagi Shin-Yin Yu. At his request, Kite was to engage in a mock fight with Fujido, who was to be guided in the future.

Then, I exchanged a chat with Musashi who was also coming to practice for a while. Kite rented one of the training grounds for a mock fight and was supposed to play a mock fight with Fujido in front of Musashi and Sotomi. And I heard rumors of such a mock fight, and there were people around.

"Oh my God... it's not a show."

With the sack of bamboo sword given by Shinsho on his waist, Kite smiles a little bitterly. Well, rather than on campus, it was a battle between Fujido, who was said to be one of the best young people in Japan, and Kite, who suddenly showed up here and was said to be the strongest in the Alliance. Some of them heard rumors outside the guild.

"... good"

Kite checked the sword band and bag bamboo knife and nodded one by one. This sword band is also for the Shinto's improved Shinyin Current. It seems that you can even slash it with the Shinyin Divine Diversion Bamboo Sword he made. On the contrary, if you use these two, you will be able to practice all the swords. Looking at such a set of sword bands and bags of bamboo swords, Musashi peeked at the slightest interest.

"Ho... I've heard that before, but do you really want me to prepare a sheath for the bamboo sword?"

"Without a sheath, we cannot train to use it."

"I see... no, that's strange."

It was a musashi that was convincing for a moment, but even though it was a sword practice in the first place, I accidentally put in a comic book.

"If you don't have a sheath, you can practice slashing."

"Yes, I can. Of course, the senses are different, so it's not normal."

"Then what?

"I don't know."

"... hah?

He shook his head to a discipline that he could not immediately understand when he asked, and Musashi stumbled upon his face and looked at it. On top of that, he looked troubled.

"... do you think I can understand your thoughts?

"... sorry"

No way. Musashi understands that he can't even imagine and apologizes unintentionally. The only person who understood this sincerity was Kate, who was given the only three secrets from the Nobunaga. Well, even so, there's no way to use Fujido's obsession with a driftstone, so I won't reveal the truth. So Kate and Fujido arrived before they watched.



Fujido thanked Kite for relaxing her shoulders in the same calm manner as usual, seeing this as a Kendo match. From here on, I fought as the swordsman of Yanagi Shinyin. It was not the usual attitude as a swordsman, but a battle as a person who carried Japan. But he shook his head with pride.

(... as a person who carried Japan?)

Fujido asks himself if he can win with it. But I understood that I couldn't do it right away.

(He wants to see this world. And I suppose you were fighting with the Earth on your back... then you would never win just by being proud to fight with Japan on your back.)

Fujido only knows a fragmentary thing about Kite's past from the moment she heard it. However, I know that Ku Fulin, Celtic's great hero, is considered an apprentice at a strange moment, and I also hear that Ku Fulin and Kate were brothers and apprentices who were mentored to the same teacher (Skasaha).

At that point, it was easy to guess that Kite was in some kind of big trouble on Earth again. If so, he would have fought with the world on his shoulders. Yes, I thought so.

(Then... I should be proud to be one of Yanagi's heirs to the new yin current.)

Successors of the historical school. If Kite had carried the planet today, he would have fought as the one carrying the centuries-old genre. Yes, I'll decide. Seeing him like that, Kite was a little bit distracted.

(If you peeled it off... then I'll have to thank you for it.)

If you carry the same thing, the weight of the one you carry is stronger. It is the spirit that will eventually divide victory and defeat if we fight each other with the same skill. Then you shouldn't fight with something you can't win from the beginning. Fujido understood it intuitively and decided to carry history. And in Fujido, who carries history, Kite has the style of a man who carries the earth and fights.


Obviously, the style has changed. Fujido doesn't seem to be under much pressure and is under pressure. Many kings. Many heroes. Stroll with many monsters and the style of those they have recognized. I felt it. But on his back was a weight of history he could never bear now. It pushes him back.



Stand up. Kite smiles at Fujido standing under her own pressure. Otherwise, it's not worth fighting for. And so did Kite. I also thanked Fujido. And after a moment. Kite disappeared.


Coming. Fujido warns of the shock for a moment and sets his mind to see when Kite shows up. But one kite appeared one step ahead of the other. Then he disappears again.

"This is...."

Appear and disappear. Fujido unexpectedly opened his eyes to Kite, who repeatedly appeared when she disappeared. By repeating the movement at an ultra-fast speed, he was creating a double without using magic.

Moreover, in this case, Kite left a highly kneaded object of spiritual power to keep the illusion going for a long time. Surrounded by such phantoms, Fujido only breathes once.

"... fuu"

Fujido sharpens his spirit in front of him. This is just a petty check. It's not even a pussy. I'm just here to try out the basics of how you can get back on your feet right away if your mind is disturbed. Therefore, he immediately detects signs and prevents Kite from attacking.

"... wouldn't this kind of petty investigation work for a boulder?"

"I don't want to go through a boulder."

Fujido laughed at Kite's words. It is obvious that this is just an experiment. If Kite is serious, in addition to spiritual power, she weaves even magic to disguise the signs.

If you're even more serious, inject magic of all attributes here and even disguise the entity. This was nothing but an illusion that could be prevented by reading the signs. So, both laughed and kicked the ground and took a distance. From here on out, it was real.


Breathe in and Fujido once again looks at Kite with his straight eyes. Thus, he remembers for a moment the divine pussy countermeasure taught him by Musashi.

Be careful if you're going to take on a god-yin stream. If your consciousness is disturbed, you will be attacked at that moment. Therefore, the most important thing to worry about is not disturbing your breathing. Breathing is not breathing in and out. It's called a flow of consciousness. If it's disrupted, he and his crew will shoot an unknown blow at us all at once. "

How terrifying. Fujido remembers the mystery of the goddess Yin Dynasty and is slightly afraid. But at the same time, I was convinced. It was developed by Kamiizumi Nobunaga, who is perhaps one of the best swordsmen in history. I didn't think he'd be surprised.

(Do not disturb your mind)

The Yin Dynasty of God is a genre of the mind, the three elements of the mind technique. Therefore, the discipline came to nostalgia, and the kite came to the sky.

(Therefore, it is said that the divine pudendal current is also written as the pericardial flow. A genre that lurks in the shadow of your heart and cuts from the shadow)

So the moment you disturb your mind, it ends. Therefore, do not disturb. Fujido prepares his breath and concentrates his consciousness like a thread. From the outside, Masato and Musashi looked at him.

"Well, good for your mind. Is that enough?"

"Only that point depends on your genius."

My mind does not grow over age. With all sorts of experience, it doesn't grow. How well can you sharpen your mind? All this was brilliant. In that sense, Kite's aptitude for this mind was exceptionally high.


Fujido feels intimidated as he sees a kite that looks just like standing up. The appearance is too natural. Perhaps now he just stood there and 'disappeared'. Until then, the kite was natural. Such a kite slowly stepped out of her feet.


Coming. Fujido does not move his gaze from the slow walking kite. It is impossible to read the signs. If you lose your sight, it's too natural to recognize. Because it feels normal to be here. Therefore, only the eyes can be relied upon. He thus raises his motor vision above its limits. And Kite disappeared.


The disappearance was not due to metastasis, but to < >, which should also be said to be divine speed. Therefore, Fujido managed to follow it with accelerated consciousness and dynamic vision.


Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii) As a kite, it might have been better to show more oddness here, but it seems to have avoided it. And again, Kite kicks the ground lightly.


To Kite, who kicked the ground, Fujido also kicked the ground and chased him. It was understood in the previous militant societies that defeat was all about protection. It's impossible to go after a superior opponent. Further aforementioned. Then we have to attack.

And that's what I wanted to see. You can understand just standing and behaving in your own genre. How to apply it to people who don't work there. That was what I needed to know.


A blow exchanges and Fujido reveals his surprise. I tried my best, but my response was light. It is not light because it is airborne. Clearly, Kite seemed strangely relieved. And soon afterwards. A roar sounds on Kite's back.

"If you're calm, you can also pass on the power of the other person..."

This was an incredible monster. Minori laughed unexpectedly. This is a subspecies of < >. It lost its Attack and parries everything around it. And with that recoil, Fujido is also blown away.

"Nh... fuu"

Don't upset yourself. Fujido strongly disciplined himself and exhaled the disturbance with his breath. The switch was simply brilliant, I see. It was only said to be one of the best among Japan's young people. In contrast, Kite gracefully landed on the ground. Stand on the spot without shaking your head off. Fujido attacked him again.


Fujido burst into the kite with his eyes open. In addition, Kite had a slight discomfort. The front-eye stance is reasonable at first glance, and it is reasonable because it can actually shift to many other stances as it is.

However, as long as you use the front-eye stance while you are running, there are only a limited number of hands you can take afterwards. I'm not the one who can't see it through. What is the purpose? I had to think about it.

(Stabbing? Or is it a bamboo shooter? Or are you trying to crush me?

All bad. It is the fastest if it is a thrust, but there is a disadvantage that it can only be attacked at one point with Kite's dynamic vision. If you want to split the bamboo shoot, the kite with its arms down is faster to cut. If you're going to lean against your torso, put the blade in front of you and parry it when you see the movement.

That's what Kite said, and Fujido is one step ahead of him. Determine when to attack. Then Fujido ran through a few steps in an instant, but barely moved.


If we were to knock in the attack as fast as we could without stopping, that would still be the only way. Kite assumes Fujido's idea and looks at a straight line. As a result, the time between the two was further narrowed.



Kite just slightly moves the axis and gently avoids the fastest thrust pulled out. And just after that. Fujido put a strong brake on him, and his movements stopped.

"Gu! Ha!


Pretty much, it's a really powerful brake. Therefore, it seems that Fujido's whole body is under heavy G and the impact on his arm, and his face was massively frowned. But in exchange for the recoil on his whole body, he stopped thrusting with a roar. Transition to immediate wiping out.


Kite dared to break his posture against the forceful exorcism. As he fell down, he dropped off a red lacquered bag of bamboo swords passing over his head. There, Fujido brakes again. Cut down from the middle toward the kite.


It's a pretty good flow. Kite was unexpectedly impressed by Fujido's attack, which responded with a sudden brake to his evasion. Then he made a slight patrol. You may lose here. Such a patrol. But it was judged innocent of the boulder.

"... eh?

It was definitely decided. Fujido only saw the ground shattered by his own blow. In a few moments, Kite's going to be out of business. In a few moments, Kite suddenly disappeared. Such a man stood a great distance from Fujido.

"I wonder... was it impossible from that attitude on the boulder?

Kaito, who had stopped slipping on the ground, smiled a little happily. Fujido asks him that.

"Hey, how did you...?

"Oh, I just kicked the ground. Like this."

This is how Kite demonstrates the behavior she just did. When he threw his body into the air for a moment, he hit the ground with his right foot and kicked it at the moment when the ground and his body paralleled each other, as before. With this recoil, he stood up and stood on the ground, slightly leaning forward.

"You're too strong....."

"It's not as bad as senpai. That was a lot of work."


Fujido smiled bitterly at Kite's point. That sudden braking. Even if it wasn't for him, the load would be on.

"You still don't have enough training for your body. Forced sudden braking using magic is too heavy a burden on the body. I shouldn't have done it."

"Ahahaha... maybe it was influenced by Article 1."

"That's not very impressive."

Here, Kite and Sora saw each other as a good contrast in the way they fought. Sora basically doesn't do much fighting with disadvantages. His reinforcement is basically aided from the outside by the use of armor, and his body is less burdened by the use of protective equipment.

In contrast, instant expansion of protection to self, engraving runes to amplify physical abilities are very high added. Of course, if you're told which is better, it's a moment when you can fight without Sola, who can't be strengthened without armor. The latter. It wasn't very praiseworthy to set it as a goal or reference. And, where such a conversation took place, Minori made a voice.

"That's it! That's enough."

Thank you very much.

In the words of decency, they both bow their heads simultaneously. After the simulation, both sides decided to leave the simulated battlefield behind.