Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2077 Resumption of Activities - Consultation -

The Earl of Astral, a branch of the Astralian family, the Duke of the Empire of Entecia. Kate and Sola were supposed to go to Astoria at the request of the Earl, but it was the Astoria family's decree that welcomed them in Astoria on their way.

Hearing that Lord Astralia Philip wanted to have a meeting from the House Order, Kate accepted the request from House Astralia. Sola and I were at a meeting with Lord Astralia and Philip. So, say hello to Lord Astoria Philip for a moment. Kate and Sola have been reviewing the investigation report on the ruins in Astralia that he gave them.

"Hmm... there are still a few undiscovered areas."

"Oh, that was what each Duke had in mind at the time of the McDawell report. In fact, at a meeting with the Blanchettes that preceded this meeting, I heard that they were receiving similar reports."

"What is it? Were you meeting with the Blanchettes before?"

"Ah... we don't have any good points to pick up."

Lord Astoria Philip laughs at Kite's words. Well, because of that, it seems that the Astralian family is pursuing the investigation in a joint pace with the Blanchette family, which can take advantage of the acute sensation of the beast, and it seems that information is shared frequently. But Kite laughed at this.

"I don't know... I don't think there's a better home than the Astralians in maintaining supply lines, securing food, or where it's necessary in military operations. He who understands the importance of the Astralian family is less than second-rate as a politician. It's pointless to worry about second-rate bullshit."

"Thank you for saying that."

In response to Kite's praise, Lord Astoria Philip exudes gratitude. As Kate mentioned earlier, the Astralia family is plain compared to the other four houses with strong Akki. It can be said that there are no outstanding achievements.

However, the flashy appearance of other houses only meant that they did not understand the importance of the Astralian family. That said, it seemed that I was still a little worried about it as a person. That's why Kite continued a little.

"In fact, since the Blanchettes are close to the hunting nation, is it because they understand the importance of securing supply lines or are not good at it? I was also taken care of by Felic during the war... Lord Astoria during the war. It would be flawed to say that there are no good points to pick up."

I see.

In Kite's words, Duke Astralia and Philip laughed. So, Kite decides that this is the right amount. Lord Astoria is bent over. He does not think that he has not been able to assess himself.

Therefore, I thought that the previous words were meant to test myself. And that was a good idea. Therefore, Lord Astralia Philip lowered his head as long as he was qualified.

"I'm sorry I tried. For how long, the Astralia family is not noticeable."

"Ahahaha. You can't deny that... no, don't you like it?

"Come on, I can't answer that."

The laughing kite and Lord Astralia Philip laugh again. Kite stands out in both good and bad ways. Therefore, I could take this as an aversion to the fact that he would stand out as evil, and I could accept it honestly.

But it must be an astrological masochism story. Therefore, I will exchange greetings and return to the topic again.

"So, Lord Astoria. I took a look at the materials. So, what do you care?

"Ah... first of all, < >, reported by Lord McDawell. I'd like to check this out."

"Hmm... did you find anything?

"Ah... Samuel. I want you to take the case file to Lord McDawell and Sola-kun."

"Yes, sir."

Apparently, the materials weren't everything. On instructions from Lord Astralia Philip, Samuel took out a photo.

"This is...."

"A small... capsule?

"Ah, it was recently found in an excavation conducted during the Continental Conference."

In response to Sola's inquiry, Lord Astoria Philip nodded clearly to explain the situation. What you see in the photo is a capsule-shaped object that resembles the maintenance capsule that fireflies use.

However, adjustments and repairs were not mainly constructed like firefly maintenance capsules, and items such as rags were found inside. Otherwise, a capsule-shaped bed. That impression came to them.

"The size is about 170cm. It's a little small for adults to sleep in."


I still think so. From the comparison of the soldiers and adventurers in the surrounding area, they assumed that it would be roughly that size. So they didn't seem surprised at this. Then, before talking to the two of them, Lord Astoria Philip asks Kate while looking at Sola.

"Lord McDawell. From here on out, I think the public understands. I want you to judge if I can talk to you."

"... I don't mind. Without a doubt, Sola will also be at the core of this fight. He's still young, but he's the newest sword player. You should ask."

"Really... okay."

Upon Kate's reply, Lord Astoria Philip nodded one by one. He's the only one who knows if he can tell Sora "Angel's Children Angelic Childrens", which is also a state secret. So it would be normal for you to take care of your judgment. That's what Lord Astoria Philip tells you.

"As the public imagine, House Astralia and House Blanchette speculate that this capsule was the capsule the subjects of Angel's Children Angelic Childrens were sleeping on or using to adjust. What does the Lord think?

"I think so, as far as the pictures are concerned."

From what I've seen, it's obviously not the right size for adults to sleep in. And I've never seen a bed like this tuning tank before. If so, it was inevitably thought to be used by subjects of Angel Children's Angelic Childrens. Sora sandwiched herself in a conversation between the two dukes alone.

"What's that Angel Kids Angelic Childrens?

"To put it plainly, it's a procedure done to Canata. Farsch was forced to use that subspecies at the Oprah ruins."


In other words, it was made against my own intentions. Sora understands the intentions Kate talked about first and foremost. The only bad thing about this is not Valheit, but the director of the OpPro ruins at the time. The one-cushioned kite talks to Sola about "Angel's Children Angelic Childrens."

"That's why. The Empire is now re-examining the ruins to find their Angel Children, Angelic Childrens.

"Such a back....."

Did it happen? Sola opens her eyes surprisingly behind the reinvestigation of the empire's ruins, which Kite told her about. Kite nodded to him one by one.

"Of course, it is also true to reaffirm the dangers that have been overshadowed. In addition to that."

So that's Mr. Farsch's last request?

"Ah, once that's confirmed, we'll get Vibrating Stones, which could be the trump card for the next battle."

"Was it important to be reckless..."

That's pretty important. Sola understood how important brainwashing measures were when she touched the battle between Ernest and Ernest. So, Kate agrees with him who exhaled deeply.

"Oh, and above all, you can say that these Angel Children Angelic Childrens are victims. Morally, I have to protect them."

"... I see. Oh, I'm sorry. I broke my hip."

"I don't mind. We need to have more basic information than we can talk about here."

For Sora's apology, Lord Astoria Philip shook his head. Once the information sharing is over, Lord Astralia Philip tells the story again.

"So, if this is the capsule used by the children of Angel Children Angelic Childrens, the problem is the contents. Where did this go?"

"Any leads?

"That's nothing... this is how we found this capsule, but it was a complete coincidence."

In response to Kite's question, Lord Astoria shook Philip's head in trouble. He then explained how the capsule had been found.

"By chance, a monster attacked me while I was exploring."

"Didn't the boundaries unfold?

"I came out of it. Apparently he was originally sleeping underground in the ruins."

I see.

It is an accident that happens occasionally. Kite understands that when the boundary unfolded, it happened by chance that there were monsters within the most unfortunate boundaries. And that was the coincidence that the capsule was found this time.

"So, by chance, the monster broke through the wall to the hidden room further down the basement."

"It was discovered by accident."

"Ah. The seal wasn't bad... but the function itself was lost for a long time."

"How long have scholars been losing power?

Sola questions Lord Astra Philip's words. On top of that, Lord Astralia Philip turns the file.

"... about 1,500 years. It seems to have been judged by the degree of deterioration within."


Which one? I wonder if Kite was sleeping inside, whether she found a child, or if she was prepared but not used. So thinking about it, he asked one question.

"Are there any signs of people getting in or out, or living?

We haven't found him yet.

"What about the passageway that leads there?

"I found it by accident, so I'm still investigating you."

I see. I mean, they came here by accident, so we were on our way to the investigation, but we wanted to hear your opinion. Kite understands Lord Astoria Philip's thoughts. And if so, I also understood his request.

"Okay. If that's the case, I'll take care of it. It's no coincidence that I came here, so no one would doubt it."

"Will you do me a favor?

"Of course."

"... I'm sorry. What are you talking about?

Here, it's okay to say that you two are still working as aristocrats to read the other person's thoughts, so you can go through with it. So Sola barely knew. And on this, they laughed unexpectedly. That's why Kite asks, suppressing her laughter.

"Oh, oh, I'm sorry. Do you understand Lord Astrair wants to proceed with the investigation into the hidden room?

"We just found out, so it's only natural. And" Angel's Children, Angelic Childrens "? It's pretty important if you can find it or not, right?

"Yeah, but you know what? It's not as good as Kanata's combat power, but if it gets worse, there may be someone sleeping that matches Rank S. I mean, try to be as good as you can. And maybe the enemy is asleep."

"Oh, I see...."

If they say so, yes. Sola nodded one by one, understanding Lord Astralia's thoughts about Philip. Philip nodded in agreement.

"That's how it is. Of course, you don't have to go through all the investigations. We will investigate the roads and passages here. but I want you to attend the room investigation."

"As I said before, there's no problem... Sora, you?

"Huh? Me?

"Well... you can choose whether or not to take it. This is just a request."

She asks Sola, who looks surprised, what Kite takes for granted. Besides, Sola cut it off immediately.

"There's nothing wrong with that, and so am I. Besides, I should be here, right? If you use the Sword, you can deal with brainwashing to a certain extent."

"Ah... well, that's how it is."

"Don't miss out. Let's color the request fee. Just hang out with me for a day or two on my way home."


Kite nodded one thing to Lord Astralia Philip. Stop by Astoria on your way home anyway. Then it's a waste of time. There was no loss even if I took it. Thus, Kate and Sola were asked by Lord Astralia Philip to attend an excavation of the Astralia and Blanchett armies on their way home.