Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2088 In the Grasslands - Home Teacher

At the request of the Astor family, Kate and Sora became involved in the training of "Diamond Rock Bird" owned by Uncle Astor's eldest son Fabrice. When they finished their first training, they were supposed to be tutors to Fabrice and his sister Lily, another client after noon. Then, while Sola was on her way to practice swords on Fabrice, Kite would train Lily in magic.

"Well... let me take a look at all the books first."


"Yes. Quick Reading is a must-have skill for Alliance Masters. Of course, it's another story that I learned because I finished reading it."

In response to Lily's surprise, Kite just laughed and said she had read it. He then asks what to ask first.

"First of all, how far are you going?

"Ah, yes. Um... I'm moving on to chapter 4 on page 57."

"I see. About how to use alchemy."

"... do you remember?

Lily inadvertently twitched her cheeks to a completely targeted kite without opening the page. To this, Kite nodded with a smile.

"Yes, I have a job to do, and I use magic to help with my memory."


Is that also necessary? Lily is surprised at Kite's response, but accepts it. How bad she didn't know she was an adventurer yet.

Especially when it comes to Alliance Masters, it can be said that they are unknown, and if this is said to be normal, they can only be convinced that it is normal. Kite didn't say it was normal, so she just thought it was normal.

"Now… before we begin this conversation, there are a few things I'd like to check out. How familiar are you with alchemy?

"About alchemy?

"Yes, we need to know what's going on before we start the class. So let's start with the basics of alchemy."

I'm sure you're right. Hearing Kite's words, Lily nodded convincingly. Therefore, she closes the foundation of alchemy so that she doesn't read the textbook once.

"Alchemy is the technique of smelting a substance using a smelting team to create a different substance. The ultimate goal is to smelt pure gold, so it's commonly called alchemy."

"Yes, that's right… So what's the procedure?

"Analysis of materials that become elemental. Disassemble for each element to be constructed afterwards. And finally rebuild… the less waste, the better the alchemist."

"Yes, that's for sure."

After hearing Lily's explanation, Kite nodded clearly. He then took out the clear pebbles he had in his pocket during Neue's morning training.

"Now... let's slowly recheck the flow according to the current foundation. First, the analysis of this pebble....."

"Ah, um... what are you doing?

"Huh? Ah, this is a refinement of the smelting team. Is it about visualizing the analysis results? I don't do it all the time... but this time I used this format because it was a lecture."

Well, maybe not this guy. I don't have an upper arm than I do. Lily understood that her father had told her to be a tutor, but she thought it was just a pretext to make Kite a tutor. There was a feeling of underestimation in my heart, and I was very surprised to see Kite flatly improving the smelting team. He laughs one by one as he looks at the smelting team he has made up.

"That said, there's no point in looking at what's written in this smelter."


"Yes, because we use silicon, carbon, and other materials on the planet... you won't know until you understand the periodic table. I'm an easy-to-use smelter. So the analysis shows that this is glass. Probably got cornered for some reason."

Kite observes the results obtained by extracting the part for analysis in alchemy and concludes so. Lily had an easy-to-use smelter team because they were built in an easy-to-do manner for him.

It should be noted that in the case of Kite, she was also from Earth, and it was similar to a computer using near-future AR technology. This is the basic form since he learned alchemy, and Tina and Lampoli use a similar alchemy team to take alchemy seriously.

"Well, when that happens, we know that this is glass, and we'll break it down first."

When Kite says so, the piece of glass that his smelting team wrapped glows and turns into some powder. In his case, he was performing alchemy based on the Earth's chemical technology, so decomposition was carried out on an element-by-element basis.

Therefore, the silicon and the carbon attached to the surroundings ranged from the visible size to the size that would not be known without the surgeon. He then reconstructs the glass piece again from a state that had been paused during the decomposition phase. However, at this time, some of the soil components that had adhered to the surrounding area were mixed into glass and smelted into colored glass.

"Yes, the glass has now been rebuilt into colored glass. This is the basic flow of alchemy."

"Hah, hah..."

That's right, but I've never seen anyone so slow and polite. Lily once again feels the excitement of Kite's arm. Rather, there are few people who can be polite enough.

"Well, that's just what you should do if you're building a proper smelter and doing the most polite smelting. Because this is the foundation, you don't have to tell me all about it."


That's right. This is, after all, a recheck of the fundamentals. I was caught by a smelter I've never seen before, but I'm not surprised to think about it. Lily made that decision and nodded clearly at Kite's words. Kate nodded to her again.

"Yeah, well, let's get into today's workshop. How to Leverage the Smelter… There are a few guidelines for this. How are you currently speaking with your teacher?

"The status quo should be balanced."

"I see...."

Balanced, to put it mildly. If I say bad, it is not settled by postponing it. Kite took a slight offense to Lily's teacher's policy. How to use alchemy is important in the future. Kite couldn't decide that, so I wanted her to decide if she could.

(Well, if you say that, is it like being taken off in the first place suddenly? I don't know.)

Originally, I would have thought about the suitability a little more and decided. Kate, in a sense, is either he or she, or a selfish victim of the Astor family. That's how he told Lily.

"That's right. In that case, let's learn the basics as a whole. Regardless of the future direction, the foundation can be applied to other fields. It won't hurt to learn."

"Yes, thank you."


In reply to Lily, Kite nodded one. So Kite was going to give Lily an alchemy lecture for a while.

Now, while Kite was giving Lily an alchemy lesson, Sola said, rendezvous with Fabrice again. I was practicing swords on him.


/(adv, adv-to) (on-mim) (on-mim) slightly/slightly/slightly/

Buhhhh, toward the large wooden knife, Sola feels lightweight and combines the wooden knife to kill the momentum. This is the sword of Sola, who has been training in combat since her daily routine, and Fabrice, who has no practical experience even though she was a child. Moreover, I have learned swords since my childhood with Sola, and there is little difference in that respect.

As a result, it seems that she could play with Sola if she was dealing with a child. When he saw his attack stopped, Fabrice shook it up again and threw a sword in the opposite direction.



Ahhn, a loud noise sounded, and once again Sola prevented the sword. Sora, who was playing almost unilaterally, was asked by a grand man who was practicing Fabrice's sword.

"Hahahaha. Baby, you're playing one-sided."

"Nh! Haaaaahhhh!


Apparently, there was blood on Fabrice's head after he was attacked by a man of great age. Cheer up and shake down the wooden knife as much as you can. However, Sola kicked the ground lightly and took a distance, and the wooden knife was struck against the ground.


A wooden knife collided with the ground, causing the fabric to stick to the surface. Almost simultaneously, Sola landed on the ground and immediately kicked the ground before leaving.

"This is the second one."

"Nh... I'm here"

Looking at the cutting edge of the wooden knife pointing to his throat, Fabrice made it clear that he would surrender carelessly. So at the same time, he put his ass on the spot as if he were tired.

"Hah... hah... Sola-san. It's really strong....."

"Ah, ahahaha... well, I can't beat a kid with a boulder yet."

Feeling the admiration and respect for herself, Sola turned a little shy. I don't seem to feel bad because I don't like children even with him. And a man of great age asked those two.

"How's it going, kid? Meet with a real adventurer."

"No way. There's no chance of winning."

"Yes... but do you know why I couldn't win?

"... not at all. I know you were playing with me, but...."

"Really... then, Sola-kun. What did you see when you actually fought?

A man of great age, who heard Fabrice's reply, asks Sola again. Besides, Sola told him that she felt it.

"That's right... somehow, it was straightforward. And then I feel like I'm doing a mold practice."

I see. I think you're right... baby. The sword is not good as long as it is shaken as it should be. Of course, it's not an attack to think with one hand. "


In the words of a man of great age, Fabrice carved them into his chest silently. It seems that there was something I thought about when I was told.

"It is important to always read first in practice, but the boy who read first in the first match was too eager to attack by reading first. Then the next hand will be rested, and there will be a delay in movement."

"So, what do we do?

"Well... this is a difficult place to say. The only thing I can tell you is that getting time to think about yourself in the kid's movement just now paradoxically gives the other person time to think about it. It is also used to heal the opponent's energy and health, and what if the opponent launches an attack in the middle of that moment of thinking?

"Eh... uhh..."

What should I do? That's what Fabrice said, but I saw the answer. So before he gave any answer, a man of great age told him.

"You can't, can you? It is indeed important to think and fight. But now the boy is too long as a boulder. Also, I can't overlook the fact that it fits too much into the mold."

"But isn't it natural to attack with a mold?

"Of course, it's important to tailor it to your type. but the mold is somewhat fixed. That's why Sola-kun cut out some molds in the first fight and took them in the opposite direction."


"Ah, ahahaha"

Sola shyly diverts herself from Fabrice's surprised gaze. In fact, when he saw some Fabrice molds in the first match, he remembered the flow of motion in which they were released.

Take it backwards and anticipate Fabrice's attack. I was always able to read and move a few hands. So Sola also spent about an hour in his sword practice with respect from Fabrice.