Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2091 In the Grasslands - Internship -

Kate and Sola were asked by the Astor family to help train Fabrice, Uncle Astor's only child. Each of them was to be separated by Fabrice and her sister, Lily's tutor.

That's why Kite, who was supposed to take Lily, went out and trained to know that she was studying.


Projecting an arrow with an attribute, several times. Kite was looking at Lily's approximate skill. That said, this is just a basic story such as how far away and how accurate the analysis can be.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it was just a talk on a spec sheet. Of course, as long as you just teach. But I wanted to give Lily a bit of a hook problem when she was motivated.

Miss Lily. Now that you've shown me one arm at a time... what do you do? Are we done here?

"Already? You can still do it.

Lily throws herself at Kite like she provokes somewhere. So far, Kite has grasped Lily's approximate character on the boulder and understood that there is a slightly militant place on the inside against the soft surface. I thought it was not suspicious because I have family ties. So with her consent, Kite decides to shoot the last shot.

I see. Nevertheless, the continuous exercise of alchemy on boulders will be tiring. Let me make this my last shot. "

"Oh, aren't you tired?

Well, what do you think?

Against Taunt, Kite also returns Taunt. Because I thought this would be better for Lily. In fact, Leila, who stood aside from Lily, raised her thumb slightly towards Kite, and it was felt that Lily was in a tough state.


Kite takes out the last one and grants it two attributes. It is thought that this analysis will also be easy because we have been assigning two until now. So, after sharpening his consciousness, he slowly grabbed the arrow and released it normally.

Looking at the shot arrow, Lily was surprised. That should be it. Kite's thrown arrows almost seemed to be flying at critical speed, and if they were a little slower, they could stall and crash to the ground. Nevertheless, that's why Lily tightens her mind.

(This is what this man does, there must be something.)

In previous exchanges, Lily considered Kite to be a noble lady and a man who couldn't be careless. I hear you're from a normal family, but occasionally you see an elegance you can't even have with a first-class aristocrat.

For her, who has seen super class as a nobleman, what he could have done was enough to conjure up the realm. From there, I thought of him as a man who had been painted with all sorts of lies. In this way, she stretches the magic of analysis to her limit.


Find him. Find him. Lily told herself that and accelerated the analysis all at once. I will investigate what the abnormality is. However, the more we investigate, the more we investigate, we don't see any unusual abnormalities.

(... nothing!? That can't be right!

Structure. Wooden shafts on stone bars. The wings are turkeys. It's a regular arrow with no freaks. So, the attribute that is given is. Lily checks the attributes again.

(... single earth attribute! Axis... wind and earth! Wings... single wind!

Lily seeps a rush in her face into the attributes that should have been given to her that she could not find by scratching her feet. I can't beat someone who hasn't been up for less than a year. That's what dominates her.


Looking at Lily like that, Kite laughs at herself as she thinks she's a bad person. Because she knew that this would happen to Lily. Then, the arrows fly immediately to reach a distance where Lily can be disassembled.


If we get any closer, there is also a possibility of a direct hit if we succeed. Of course, there is no problem being hampered by barriers, but it is no exaggeration to say that in that case you defeated without a clue. I couldn't accept that. Therefore, Lily develops the magic of decomposition knowing that the analysis has not been completed.

"Ha, ha!

At the same time as performing decomposition magic, Lily unexpectedly blushed her face. I was supposed to estimate more than I needed because of insufficient analysis, but I still couldn't.

As a result, the power to construct arrows exceeded the power of decomposition, and magic was played. Then, Kite helps Lily with her buttocks in the recoil of the failure of the decomposition magic.


"Ahahah... do you know what I gave you?

"If you knew, you wouldn't be exposed to this ugliness!

There's blood on your head. Kite thinks Lily makes her face bright red. Nevertheless, it was he who set his head to bleed. I knew what would happen. And this is going to happen, because Leila knows Lily's personality, and she opens her mouth.

"Ma'am, I wonder if the behavior of the Astor lady is worthless."

"... that's right. Excuse me. I agreed with the other one. I'm sorry I yelled at you."

"No... well... So calm down and understand what I did?

"... I'm sorry. I don't know."

When asked by Kite, Lily shook her head in a slightly calm manner. What did you do? It was not grasped. Nevertheless, I learned from my mistakes.

"But I understood that I didn't do anything at least. I used twice the magic I consumed on the first arrow. Still, I couldn't... Doubling the boulder would make sense. I wonder if he did something....."

"Yes, of course. Well, if it's a force technique, I'm going to use it about twice as much as I actually do, so I put a little effort into it...."

I'm glad you managed. Kite was wondering what to do if Lily tripled her strength. But I managed to do it because I used it about twice as much as he thought.

Then he picks up the arrow that pierces the ground. But was it unable to withstand the force imparted to it? When it was picked up, the tree shaft broke apart, and the tree shaft broke in the middle.

Was that a clip?

"What do you mean...."

"I didn't do anything. I destroyed myself."

"Self-destruct...? Ah!"

Is that so? Lily heard Kite's response and seemed to understand what he had granted. He opens his eyes with an inadvertent loud voice. That's how she talked about the answer.

"Soil Attributes in the Sphinx! You gave the Axis Wind Attribute!?

"Exactly. If you calm down and think about it, you'll be able to analyze it."


Exactly. Lily couldn't respond to Kite's allegations. And so, after a moment of bitterness, Lily lowered her head to Kite as if she had given up.

"I've missed you. I apologize for embarrassing you."

"No... I'm sorry I lied to you."

"No... it's my fault. It was I who forgot that my father had chosen me and thought that I could not teach without measuring my good and bad skills. It's all my fault I exposed the ugliness."

Apparently you should admit it and apologize. Kite sees Lily's attitude as good. And as for Lily, if she looked ahead, she decided that it would be better if she lowered her head.

You've heard from her father that Kate will be attending the party. The reason is uncertain to her, but in view of her position, it can be read that she even admitted the Astoria family above her. I can't say no. I understood that it was better to be bad than to rebound and make the relationship worse.

"Really... I see. If that's the case, accept the apology."

"Thank you very much. Thank you for your continued guidance and encouragement."


Now, have you finished the soil that we can talk about? Kite was slightly relieved by Lily's honest listening gesture.

Even though it's been a week for rabbits and horns, it's a problem if you don't show some improvement over contracting a tutor as a job. Then, it was also important to create an attitude that allowed you to tap into your strength first. He then decided to take a break and go back outside for a little lecture.

Now, while Kite and Lily finished their practice outside and went on a break, Leila was on her way to report to Uncle Astor. That said, this is no wonder.

When it comes to why she's here, it's to keep an eye on Kite so he doesn't have to do anything unnecessary, and to report his work status to his master, Uncle Astor. It was just the job.

"That's how it feels."

I see. Isn't that amazing? "

According to Leila's report, Uncle Astor put a teacup in the saucer in a good mood.

"One of Lily's original disadvantages is that she doesn't listen much to what she thinks she's up to. I didn't think he knew that, but... no, he didn't. Lily will not take classes seriously unless she is taught which one is higher first. Of course, you'll hear it."

Fun, Uncle Astor laughs. In fact, some tutors have now declined their jobs. It was also in view of the fact that the Astor family had never released Lily before.

"Nevertheless, this will be reassuring. I was worried about how much I could teach you for a week... but is it enough?"


"Ah... ah, Leila. Thanks for the report. Keep an eye out for Lily to do what she doesn't need. Kate will be all right."

As far as I can tell, he understands his position and his surroundings. That's what Uncle Astor thought of Kite's condition as understandable in its present state. If that were the case, Lily would not be involved, and it was thought that the work would be taken seriously. At the end of the report, the door to Uncle Astor's office was knocked again.

The Count.

"Oh, Kenneth. Come on in."

"Excuse me... oh, were you reporting?

"No, it's almost over... right?


Leila nodded one by one to Uncle Astor's inquiry, and gave way to Kenneth with a step aside. I couldn't leave the room on my own without getting permission to leave.

So, Fabrice and Sola-kun?

"Yes, I've finished my training today, so please report it."

"Tell me."

I was just getting a report anyway. It would be easier to finish it all together at once. Uncle Astor thinks so and encourages Kenneth to report it. In response, Kenneth made a report.

"That's how it feels. No, I'm surprised. Sola-kun will have quite an arm."

"Hmm. I'm surprised too... but not just to defend, but also to swordsmanship."

"Yeah... he probably liked swords for a dozen years."

"Really... where's Fabrice?

"I'm being honest with you."

"Well, I'm being honest here... but being too honest is a flaw in the balls."

Uncle Astor laughed slightly at Kenneth's report. My sister bounced back inside. My younger brother is pure and innocent to the aristocrats. Until then, both were much younger, but that's why I could only think of a bitter smile.

"... okay. Well, either of them will be fine. Fortunately, I am sure of my arm. It was unexpected that Kate had Kaoru pottery in the alchemy itself... but both are good luck. Stay put."


Well then, you can stand back.

In response, Uncle Astor nodded in a good mood. So, on this day, we went on Fabrice's training, and Kate and Sora fell asleep.