Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2098 In the Grasslands - Training

Cooperation with Fabrice and Neue training that was requested by the Astor family.On the third day of the training, which was to be carried out with increased difficulty due to Fabrice's offer, she managed to capture the magic equipment used for the training, which Sola managed brilliantly, due to the fact that Neue used magic.

Leaving behind Sora, who came back with an excited Fabrice and a slight bitter smile, Kite now decides to manipulate her training magic equipment.And that's how he moved, but I noticed a lot there.

"Speaking of which... Fabrice boy"

Ah, yes. Are you kidding me?

"What do you want to do?Would you like me to increase my difficulty too?

"What? Ah, I don't know what to do..."

Fabrice is a little bothered by Kite's question.Originally, the difficulty in Sola's training was due to the fact that Neue could get bored with linear movements alone, and the fact that the speed was not much because it was on the ground.Therefore, it is natural to say that we interwoven movements like this one.

However, that does not apply to kites who are accustomed to operating, and if it is a flight type, it is not reached by the highest speed, but there is a pilot named kite.There is no doubt that if we do it seriously, we will not catch him for the time being.Since Neue might refuse to train, it was important to know to what extent it should be kept under control.

"... just a little"


Kite nodded with a smile to Fabrice, who offered to stop.Apparently, it turns out that Neue can use magic, so I thought maybe I could raise the difficulty a little.

So, I decided to raise the difficulty a little too.That said, from the beginning, it was possible for Neue to be infidel somehow, so I only decided to speed it up.


Facing Neue head-on, Kite creates a slight stagnation.Basically, this is my husband's hunt at Ariri.So even if Neue knew there was a prey, he couldn't set it up.But he seems to be in a hurry.It was slightly stronger than the wings.So, for a few moments. Fabrice gives the order.

"Neye! Go!


While listening to Fabrice's orders, Kite also moves her training magic equipment.The kite then descends sharply toward Neue from the front as the nail is pointed toward the front.

Neue looks surprised at the training magic equipment that appears to have disappeared in an instant.So he turned his back and looked behind him, but there was nothing there.But the voice of Fabrice flew there.

"Neuille! Downstairs!

Neue turned down and suddenly descended to Fabrice's voice.Seeing Neue chasing after her, Kite draws an arc like a race game and flies through a terrestrial thread.

Nevertheless, the movement was shown by Neue in training with Sola earlier.Therefore, Neue glides smoothly.Then, a training tool that mimics a bird like a fighter plane and a monster that resembles a bird fly through the air.

And because of what happened, Neue doesn't think that this bird-shaped training magic instrument can be caught peacefully.While accelerating, it creates a brown magic formation ahead.


Well, this is the first time.For now, let me show you a little evasive movement and dare to shoot you down.Kite makes that decision and watches Neue's actions.As a result, countless stones were quickly crushed and now fired at the front.


Crush the fired stone and Kite avoids while rolling.But at this point, I dare to rub some rubble against the wings and make them think that it leads to Neue.As a result, the gravel rubbed the wings and slowed down slightly. At the same time, Neue stretched out her nails and caught the training magic equipment beautifully.

(I see... for now, it seems possible to be oriented.If you look like this, you can shoot like a gatling.)

That way, you'll be good at battle all at once.While watching Neuille's magic, Kite hears her thrill, saying that she will grow up to be enough to be a nobleman and a knight partner.

Above all, he wanted to see strange monsters like "Diamond Rock Bird" grow up, and above all, he was honestly interested in what happens when "Diamond Rock Bird" evolves.And it was with such expectations, but Fabrice contacted him.

Mr. Kite

"Ah, yes. What's the matter with you?

You're out of hand, right?

"Ahahah... did you find out?"

I wonder if that was a little tricky on the boulder.Kite laughs with a little light on Fabrice's point.Nevertheless, there was also a reason why my hand was pulled out if it was pulled out.

"Nevertheless, there is no reason.For the time being, I wanted to see Neue's magic arm.Perhaps Neue is still hiding his power.Knowing that, he wants to determine the difficulty of training. "

Do talented eagles hide their nails?

What's that?

"A great guy doesn't reveal his true power lightly, he's hiding it."

When asked by Fabrice, who heard her own sluggish tweets, Sola tells only a few Japanese proverbs.And the more Fabrice, the more convinced she is.Indeed, I would have said that Neue's appearance now is worthy of it.And that's why Fabrice was in a bit of a mood.

Sure, I see.Because I still don't understand Neue clearly.I want to know more. "

"Yeah... to do that, I have to show you something that I can use.Even now, it's the same < > as before... but instead of pouring it down on the ground, it's a projectile to the front.It looks the same, slightly different.Probably made some improvements.It's supposed to be for the ground. "


Sure, if they say so.Fabrice glances slightly at Kite's allegations.Again, when I took a look at it from one point of view, Kite was still up there.Therefore, Fabrice herself will want to train seriously to learn the perspective of Kite and Sola.

"So, little one. What do you do next?

Sola-san again, please.

"I see. Sola"


At Fabrice's request, Sola received a training magic device from a kite that moved in an instant.Then, Sola and Kite would take turns training again.

Well, then, about thirty minutes.Fabrice and Neue were close to finishing their training.Once again, Neue succeeded in capturing Sora's training magic equipment.


Once they used magic, Neue realized it was still useful for hunting.I began to use magic frequently, and with it, the success rate of hunting increased dramatically.Therefore, Fabrice was always in a good mood, and Neue was also in a good mood to see if she was caught by it.

"Well done, Neuille."


Because my husband praised me, Neue snorts his throat in a slightly better mood.Nevertheless, on the other hand, Sola seemed to be worried.

"What's wrong?

"No... how can I improve my chances of winning?"

"Ahahah. I don't have to force my chances of winning....."

Certainly, even if you win a series of matches like this, it won't do you any good.Kate thinks a little of what Sora says.After all, I thought it would be frustrating to be bad at it, and I lost to Neue for a while.But even if you let him win too much, it becomes a factor that can be licked, and you will not get into training.It was troublesome afterwards.

"That's not cool. I'll win once.Well, in your case, I'm not with you yet.Let's call Uncle Astor and see if he can borrow some magic equipment for his training. "


"That's fine. Sometimes it was a little unexpected."

In fact, even Hans didn't know Neue could use magic.Therefore, even if it is requested, it is an area that was thought to be sufficiently achievable by Kites as it stands, and Uncle Astor's sudden increase in difficulty is unexpected.

It was also part of my job to multiply and get ready.Nevertheless, that's what we'll talk about later.So he moves onto the hill once away to activate his training magic equipment.


Let's do it. Kite takes one step and snaps her neck.Looks like he's a little motivated.Nevertheless, there are no concerns.

Well, I guess it's our job to go out and compete.

In the first place, Kate and Sora's job is not for Hans to train Neue with training magic tools during his vacation.It is only done on a secondary basis.

That's why Kite was nervous that her work might be closer.He then firmly gripped the controller once and deployed his training magic equipment.Fly gently.


The kite that flew the magic equipment for training only stayed there once.That's how Fabrice understood the start of the training.Fly Neue into the sky.


So far, so far.Kite watched Neue stare at the training magic equipment while she was idle on the spot and watched for a moment to see what to do from here.

"Even with the same difficulty, it's about time you got tired of it...?

As she talks about it somewhere, Kate snaps.As if agreeing with that, Neue also saw a slight deviation from the training magic equipment.Easy to win at this level. That seemed to be what I was thinking.

Of course. It's only the second day since the training magic equipment was changed.Kite is loose and Sora is not used to it in the first place.If you're serious, that's all you need to win a streak.I think so, too, humans.

No wonder Neue thought so too.Therefore, Kite moves fast so as to move to the blind spot while gauging the moment when Neue's mind is distracted from the previous frontal match.

"Ah! Neye!

Shit. If I dared to say it in human terms, that surprise came to Neue.As a result, Neue hastily and rapidly accelerated, as if in a hurry somewhere in Fabrice.I set up a chase for the training magic equipment that moves like an arc.And I guess it's because I'm late.From a rush, or deploy magic early.

"Ah, fast!?

Fabrice unexpectedly opened his eyes to the speed of Kite's magic tools.Originally, I knew Kite was out of hand, but I still had to say it was faster than I expected.

On the other hand, when Neue pursues such a training magic tool, he captures Kite's manipulating magic tool in sight, and activates < > in a horizontal direction to launch a crushing stone.


Just before the stone was crushed and fired.Kite changes the orientation of her training magic equipment and dares to take a lot of resistance from the wind, slowing it down suddenly.Neue cut through the training magic equipment that had emerged in relation to the resistance of the wind at a high speed.

"Neuille, behind you!

In Fabrice's words, Neue slows down and twists herself.She then grabbed Kite's training magic tool in front of her and accelerated rapidly.


Kite avoids Neue in a crashing motion as she approaches him in a straight line.This gracefully glides through the ground wrestling.

"Neuille! Downstairs!

On Fabrice's advice, Neue looks down and sees the magic equipment for Kite's manipulation training.She then plunged down suddenly with a new silver magic formation in the front.


It's magic I've never seen in this phase.The feeling that the kite is slight but may lose brings a false neck.Nevertheless, it is not yet a decision.

Therefore, he grasps the signs of the activation of Neue's magic while thinking about it in a subcircuit of thought.As soon as Neue reaches 10 meters of training magic equipment, countless muscles of light are created.

"Is that... < >?Well, I have no choice but to say, "

While watching countless silver slashes, Kite dexteriously avoids training magic objects.That's why the third training also failed, but Neue set off a sudden acceleration toward the magic equipment for the training that was still running away - in fact, just going back to Kite.

"Neue!? Get back here!

Fabrice roughs up his voice at Neue, who ignores his instructions and flies.Nevertheless, the voice did not reach Neue, and the hunt was to enter the extension.