Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2099 In the Grasslands

Uncle Astor's only child, Fabrice.Kate and Sora were supposed to help train their pet Diamond Rock Bird Neue as their partners, but during that training.Three people understand that Neue can actually use magic.For the time being, I was supposed to train on that premise.

It also lasted about 30 minutes.Neue was close to a runaway from a lightly excited state due to signs of defeat in a series of victories.

"Hah... well, I knew this would happen."

Until now, I've been in good shape.Of course. My husband admired me, and in fact, I won almost a serial victory.I got used to it and I was proud of it.His self-esteem was hurt by the arrival of a prey that moved in an area where he could not do anything at all.Even so, my husband praised me slightly, but his loyalty to Fabrice was also reduced.The complicated folding of them resulted in ignoring Fabrice's instructions.

"Sola, spread the barrier around your little one.That said, it's pretty recent. "

"What are you doing?

"discipline. I don't think it's gonna work like this."

Oh, my God. That's how Kate snorts her neck.Neue doesn't listen as it is.Then it was necessary to calm down somehow.

That's good, but... how?

"Well, I need you to know where I stand... and I'm going to go to Fabrice for that.Maybe he knows, so you should roll out the barrier.Of course, watch out for Neue's bullets. "

Oh, okay.

On Kite's instructions, Sola nodded one.Then, seeing him gently deploy his protective powers around Fabrice in the distance, Kite moves to the side of the two in an instant.

"Mr. Kite."

"Yes... you know about that, don't you?


When Kite asked, Fabrice nodded, protected by Sola's barrier.It's been a long time since the rebellion began.If so, I would have watched this rampage many times.

"Well, I'm going to intimidate you here.Please go and call him. "


You don't have to tell me what to do one by one.Kite nods one nod back to Fabrice, who nods honestly to her instructions.

"Well... Sola.Put your strength into your belly. "



Kite checks Neue's situation again, looking sideways at Sola, who does not know, but follows her instructions for now.It seems that he is still desperately attacking his training magic equipment, and he is not paying any attention to us.Of course, Fabrice's call will not be answered as it stands.So Kite breathed a little and told Fabrice.

"Baby, the timing will suit you.Three seconds after your signal, I'll release it.What about the signal?

"Can I pull my sleeve?

"I see. Okay, so..."

Kite nodded one thing in Fabrice's words.Fabrice then breathes deeply once to calm her mind.



Kite nods in a fabric that never pulls her sleeves.That's exactly three seconds.Fabrice speaks.


Neue, who had been rampaging so far, stopped unexpectedly and looked at us under intense pressure released with Fabrice's call.As the attention turned towards us, Fabrice raised his voice again.

"Neuille, come back!


After a moment of stagnation.Neue accepts Fabrice's instructions honestly.So I landed on his arm as before.

Good. Good boy.

As Neue landed on Fabrice's arm, Fabrice nodded with a soft face.And Neue showed some relief.

"Phew... do something about it."

"Thank you."

"No... this is my job."

As Neue landed on Fabrice's arm, Kite shook her head in gratitude for the pressure she was releasing.So I decided to take a break as originally planned, but Neue still seemed to understand who was the real master of the pressure.I asked about Flickers and Kites.As I watched the situation, I was convinced that Sola was getting better.

"... ahh, you're gonna teach me that when my husband gets angry, something terrible happens."

"That's right. By doing so, I subordinate myself to my husband.Originally, I wish my husband could do it... because he's so young for so long. "

The two of them can rest a little while watching Neue look much more calm than before.It seems that the boundary has not been resolved and that Neue is not going to jump freely to the boulder just now.I was resting next to Fabrice like I was leaning against him.

"It's basically with normal dogs and cats."

"Otherwise, I can't keep it."

I see.

After all, the original position of Neue and Fabrice is as partners.But Neue is a monster.You can't really live the same life equally.No, I can't do it if I look at the three of you, but I don't have the means that have been established.Living as a husband and a pet is a common and best relationship.And Sola, who understood such a thing, said what she thought of Kite.

But it was quite intimidating, wasn't it?

"That's because you're stronger... nearly twice as strong as when you went to the 'Rock Bird' nest.That's enough pressure to think that way. "

"Really... did that mean I could do it?

"Oh, I can do it... I can do it..."

"What is it?"

Sora strangely shook her head at Kite, who smiled with a troubled face.To this, Kite asked the truth.

"Can you intimidate me?

"Well... I can do it."

"No, it's not."

Kite laughed at Sola, who looked at her with a stinking smell, wondering if there was a mistake.So he points out his mistake to Sola.

"You're thinking about what happened in middle school, right?


"No, no, no. The pressure this time is the pressure as a style.Overwhelming presence.Well... I don't know if you remember, but did Bernstadt come to the Guild Home to say hello?That's it. "


I see. That was a mistake.Sola understands that what she had in mind was a violent intimidation in which a defect could intimidate others.In contrast, the intimidation Kate described is, dare I say, like the dominance that grown-ups wear.It was similar to both, but it was different just because it was similar.

"Violent intimidation, such as that dispersed in the dark cod, calls for atrophy.In contrast, intimidation with dominance by the presence of different personalities creates self-reflection.I got the attention of a different person. "

"I see... I've never done that before."

You said, "That's why you can do it."

I've never done it before, but I don't know if I can do it.But there was a possibility that you might be able to do it just without knowing that you could do it.Then it would be wise to keep confirmation for now.In addition, the intimidation caused by this hegemonic attitude was an important factor in the future.

"Well, let's just say that.This domineering intimidation is actually going to be important in the future. "

"What do you mean?

"If you're going to be the head of the organization, it's important to be dominant.I can say that the presence or absence of dominance determines the order of the organization. "

"I see...."

No, Master said something similar.Sola sees reason in Kite's words and thinks she might have to remember that.His future path is still uncertain, but if we were to form an organization like a squad, this dominance was a necessary skill to remember.And I noticed it, and Sora noticed it.

"... that? Maybe I was chosen...."

"That's also why.In that regard, senpai is actually quite good at this. "

"Can't you?

It's the first time. Sola is surprised at the instant Kite tells her about her dominance.To this, Kite shook her head.

"No, I haven't seen it before.But... in senpai's case, there is a factor that shows that this is good. "

"What do you mean?

"In the case of senpai, we are putting together a federation of ministry activities.As you may know, the League of Activists has been a militant group since we arrived in Enephia.In other words, like the previous Neue, you can think of it as a period of rebellion.You can't imagine a well-informed militant, can you?Loyalty and obedience are different. "


Sora also laughed and agreed to some fun questions from Kite.In fact, the more militants you become, the more people who have one or two habits.A career as an adventurer is a good example.

"So, if you want to lead the basically self-thinking people, you just need to convince them that they can follow their instructions.For the head of the organization, the element of dominance is one of the most important. "

"I see... so how do I wear it?

"Come on...."


Tell me about it.Sora stepped on Kite's words unexpectedly.Nevertheless, this was something that could only be said to be true.

"Hachi is naturally worn when you realize it.I really have to put them all together and wear them. "

"I mean... it's important, but I have to get used to it."

"That's what I'm talking about."


So, after all, we'll have to actually lead the organization.That's how she understood it. Kite tells Sola one thing.

"Well, that's why this time, learn what the difference is between my dominance and the intimidation caused by the violence you thought.That would be enough. "


Rabbits and horns have nothing to learn.And Kite is going to tell me.I just wanted to thank you for learning.Wait a little while having those conversations.Kite stood up after putting in enough pause.

"Fabrice boy. How's Neue?

"... yes. It settled down a lot."

"Do you think you can continue your training?


Fabrice nodded clearly to Kite's question.Until now, Kite had been away from him because she had just intimidated Neue.Sometimes it can be panic if you do poorly after intimidation.So basically, the intimidated man stayed away as much as possible, and Fabrice forgave him.

"I see. Now, let's resume training again.Where do you want to start?

"... please come from Kate.This time, I think we can do it without running wild. "


After a few thoughts, Kite left the training magic equipment in one hand, as before, in response to Fabrice's offer.Thus, on this day, Neue would not run wild again, but would finish the day by training as usual.