Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2104: Fighting in the Grasslands

A report that the army came in during Fabrice and Neue's training.It said that a monster attack was confirmed on the Eagle Knights who were training a little further away.It was Kate and Sora, who were on the lookout for it, but as expected, they would be attacked by monsters.

Thus, when Kite entrusted Sola with the guarding of Fabrice, she prepared her bow and arrow in preparation for her engagement with a herd of monsters centered on a single auger.

(The surrounding signs... no problem.No sign of the assassin.

First and foremost, the assassination of Fabrice.Especially in the adventure department, it is difficult to say that it has strength contrary to the popularity, and it was still used in such aspects.

This time, I thought there was no problem because Tamoto was an Astralian family and they knew who Kite was, but the Astral family didn't know that.I thought it would be possible in case.But fortunately, there was no such thing, and there was not even a shadow of a monster around.


Then let's focus on killing monsters.When Kite thinks so, she switches consciousness and focuses on the fight in front of her.As he breathed, he sharpened his consciousness and used his magic to improve his vision.Confirm goal.

(Enemy shadow... confirmed.Two "augers"... where the hell are they?

Military reports suggest that a herd of monsters is made up of three augers and other Goblin species.However, there were only two augers that were supposed to be the most difficult enemies in the herd, and the third one was nowhere to be seen.Thus, he explores the signs again in the usual manner of divine pussy.

(... found it.I see... this is somewhere in the Goblin Wizard.)

Goblin Wizard. It is a subspecies of the Goblin species, an individual who has acquired small wisdom.Therefore, he sometimes played with odd tricks such as using illusions to hide troops, and this time he also used them to hide the whole of the Augusta species and the subspecies of the Goblin species that act with it.Sometimes it was far-sighted and could not be found visually, that's what it is.

(Smart, but... about that.Now... after we break the boundary, we'll have a match.)

Due to the specifications of the boundaries developed for training, it is not absolutely free to enter and exit from the inside.It's a mechanism that can't be helped to keep Neue out, but because it also supports the exercise of attack magic during training, attacks can no longer pass inside or outside without any exception.

Of course, Kite had to lift some of the boundaries in order to attack.And the soldiers knew that.Therefore, the magician who was managing the passage of the border in one of the carriages used by the army said.

The timing will be matched here.Give me the signal. "

Got it.

After that, start the fight with one of our favorites.Kite still decides to attract a little more and sharpen her consciousness.The boundaries have unfolded in such a way that outsiders do not appear to be approaching easily.

Therefore, the monsters were normally found at this juncture, and they were heading straight for us.Then, while looking at such a herd of monsters, Kite gave instructions.

Please let me know when the distance from the boundary reaches 1000.And at the same time, lift the bond. "

Got it.

I understand too.Together with your first strike, I will raid the Goblins. "


In response to the eagle knights on the eagle lion (griffon), Kite nodded one and waited.So, a few minutes went by.

Relative distance exceeded 1000.

Boundary lifted!


The moment the relative distance is divided by the specified distance, the boundary is lifted and Kite shoots an arrow with it.It went straight to the herd of monsters led by Augu.But then the Goblin Wizard developed magic and created a storm.

"Get him while you can!

Got it!

The eagle knights threw a blast at the Goblin Wizard, which stopped with the development of magic, as Kite's prospects showed.When the battle between the warrior-shaped Goblin herd and the Eagle Knights begins, Kite wins further arrows.


Aim only for "Augur".Kite takes the Eagle Knights' assault and steps on the ground, then shoots arrows at "Augur" heading towards you again.Now it's a shot to make sure you kill him.It is also very powerful.Receiving such arrows directly from the side, the "Augur" body disappears from the sky and falls down.

"After all, that's about it... next."

This distance is well within range.Kite didn't have to look at the lightly erased "auger" and set her sights on the next one.Once again, he casts magic on the arrow.However, there was still a big difference between surprise strikes and attacks.Arrows that fly in a straight line are severed by a sword like a big sword that swings "Auger."


It is not a problem if it can be prevented separately.Although Kite prevented her strong bow, she relentlessly raised her second arrow toward Augur, who looked like she had been hit in the arm.So I shot two arrows in a row.


I can see the results.Kite looks at the last one without seeing the two arrows go straight to Augur.But that made him look a little shameless.

"A subspecies...?No, it could be an evolutionary species..... "

Apparently, it's not a simple "auger."Kite sees an Augur-like presence that fires a blow to the ground with a blade that prevents Eagle Knights from attacking back.In response, Kite once asked one of the Eagle Knights.

Are you a subspecies of Auger?

That's it! I don't think we're gonna make it!

Apparently they have considerable strength.The eagle knights' impatient voices echo through the comms.Apparently there was also support for the "Goblin Wizard", and it seemed unlikely that the Eagle Knights could attack from the front.



If this happens, I'll have to defeat it directly.Sola nodded in such a kite's extraordinary words.So let Sola take care of the rest, and Kite destroys the bow.

"I'm here to help. Please do not move it by spraying it on the far wind."

Roger! Please!

According to Kite, the eagle knights change their movements and avoid direct combat.Capturing it straight ahead, Kite uses < > to rush through a kilometer in an instant.



In response to the seemingly subspecies of "Auga" that surprised Kite when she suddenly appeared, Kite meets the big sword into a sword that looks like a big sword to be shaken.Then sparks are scattered along with the loud noise of metal colliding with each other, and swords like mackerel are blown away.


You did say something earlier.At the moment of the collision, Kite heard a mutant monster of "Auger" making an awkward voice.In just a moment to breathe, he confirms what the relative monsters are.

(One of the evolutions of "Augur".A subspecies of Bloody Auger."Wise Auger"... Shit.Was illusion his illusion?The herd lord isn't Goblin Wizard, he is.)

If you go to the boulder, you can say that you are smarter than the little one.Kite understands that the Goblin Wizard was used as a shadow fighter and disguise for The Wise Auger, and has a few compliments.

Kite had the Eagle Knights target the Goblin Wizard for the first time, basically because this monster plays the herd's brain role.It was meant to be a stream after it collapsed, but it didn't work because this "Weiss Auger" was actually the owner of the herd.I misread that point.And to Kite, who was making such an inference, "Weiss Auger" takes the lead.

< >!


Against the countless wind blades that have been fired, Kite plays all of them with one temper.There, Weiss Auger kicked the ground with enough force to crush it.


/(adv, adv-to) (on-mim) (on-mim) slightly/slightly/slightly/

Against the gigantic swing down, Kite avoids backwards by kicking the ground lightly to see if she was going to meet the boulder properly.When he touches the crushed and flying debris of the ground in such a way as to put his hand on it, that moment.High pressure air was created and ejected between the hands and the debris.


Towards the ejected ground debris, Weiss Auger shakes through and crushes a giant fist that matches the giant body.But it's a bluff.Kite stood right behind him, hiding the debris on the ground.


The moment I swing my sword, Kite slightly opens her eyes.His sword was thrown out, but what a "Wise Auger" was doing was pushing a sword like his own into the ground to prevent it.I understood the possibility that this would serve as a cover.With that, "Weiss Auger" smiles at him.

"Cine, Ningen"


It was "Weiss Auger," who was supposed to have told me about the special, but when I saw one of the kites laughing fiercely, I opened my eyes.But Weiss Auger recognizes it as a bluff.I shook out the left fist I was pulling.

Na, Nandat!?

"That's why I told you.You're the one who dies. "

Needless to say, "Weiss Auger" is "Auger."So "Oak", its evolutionary species, and its subspecies also have powerful arms, and as I showed you earlier, if it is about a few meters of rock, it can be crushed with one fist.Kate took such a blow with her right arm without slipping at all.

"We have a trick that you monsters don't have... don't make me feel bad."

While laughing fiercely, Kite converges her magic in her right hand.What he did is very simple.I just passed all the shock on to the ground.It goes without saying that this is a technique (skill) that humans have invented over many years.I wouldn't have been able to reproduce it if it weren't such a high monster.

"Get rid of it!"

With his voice, a powerful pale flash flashes from Kite's right hand.It swallowed the giant body of "The Wise Auger" and blew away the sword like a giant sword in time for both.

"Phew... well..."

The only ones left are the garrisons.Kite holds a sword uninterrupted against the herd of monsters showing signs of crushing along with the crusade of Weiss Auger, the herd's leader.And that's when he was about to move on to the remaining enemy sweep.Suddenly a voice rang from the headset.

Kite, I'm sorry! Get back here now!

"What's wrong!?

Here comes the monster!The Astorians are fighting back too, but they're pretty cheeky!


Attracted by this battle, another monster has arrived.Kite turned her back with a frustrating tongue.And when I looked at you, a monster of the giant worm seeds appeared to grow from the ground.

"I see...."

I think I woke up where I was sleeping most of the time.Kite sighed one sigh at the sight of a distant monster.It was enough if he didn't notice that he was sleeping on a boulder.I guess this time I was unfortunately training on it.He gave up and decided to go there.