Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2105 In the Grasslands - Fight Over -

At the request of the Astor family, Kite and Sola helped train Uncle Astor's eldest son Fabrice and his pet Neue.Both of them, but one day, familiar with the training, we will engage the monsters who will be contacted by the Astor army during the training.

It was a kite that fought a subspecies of "Bloody Auga" called "Weiss Auga," but after that, Sola contacted us to start a fight against the newly emerging "Worm Species."But before that, he went back to Sola and the others.

"Sora, is there a problem here?

"Nothing so far.But it looks pretty tough over there. "

I guess so.

In the first place, our main force is currently dealing with monsters from the grasslands, and a separate team is moving to deal with monsters from the mountains.On top of that, it is not possible to cope with the third arrow.

But if we had to do it, we had to do it, so the troops that were controlling the border were fighting.Nevertheless, I am a supporter.Therefore, it was never strong as a combat force, and the stall seemed to be at its best.

"Baby, how's Neue?

"I'm so excited... you're staring at me so much..."

Bloody, huh?Kite stares at the monster of the giant worm species while still judging it to be much better than being confused by fear.

"Sola, you keep an eye out for Neue in case he gets away.Just in case. "

"I know. The strings are fine."


Kite nodded one by one, looking at the magical rope that was so thin that it was finally found.This would have made it easier for me to leave this place.So Kite checks the enemy for a moment.

(Enemy... worm species.The details are unknown at present. The size of the enemy... is just over 20 meters.Combat Power... Rank B)

A slightly stronger monster. Kite gathers information about his enemies while gazing at the stranded sorcerers.The combat power is not low, but at the same time it is not the same as the "Weiss Auger" earlier.

(... probably "Land Worm" or "Fusion Worm".A simple worm species monster.Even with combat power, it can be said to be this position in view of its enormity.There is no subspecies.Enough, enough monsters to destroy)

Then, will you finish it quickly?There is no big difference in how you will defeat it, but the question arises whether you will defeat it easily or take time to defeat it.The criterion is still "Weiss Auger".It was only natural to win at a weaker point, and if you were strong, you needed to show me what you were doing.

"... Sola"


"Scaffolding, please. I'll pull him out and blow him in the air."

"That's it for you?

In any case, the monster of this worm species is much weaker than the previous Weiss Auger.Of course, it is possible that it is even stronger just because it looks like this, but Sola can only defeat it enough alone.There was no problem even if I didn't bother to do difficult things.

"I'm afraid that in that size, the magic released from the corpse will accumulate.In the meantime, as a guest, I would like to crush him in strict accordance with the Iron Rules. "

"Ah... can you do it about 20 meters away?

"That's enough."

Respond to Sora's words without thinking too much.With a body of this size, even Sola can now lift enough.Kite wouldn't say anything.

So Kite, who finished the meeting immediately, disappeared.He then boosted the momentum of < > and jumped into the side of the worm species.

"Please pull! Here's the rest!You control the border!

"I'm sorry! Please!Hey, let's pull!

The astrologists quickly retreated to the words of Kite, who kicked the side of the worm species and jumped into the air.No matter how easy it is for Kite and Sola, they can't fight without special army uniforms from the general soldiers of the army.I'm sure you survived the ambush.On the other hand, the kite landed on the ground confirms the monster of the worm species that was hit by the impact of its own kick.

(Simple worm species... but "Land Worm".It had a slightly hard body skin and a rocky feel.Slashing is not effective.)

Strike or stab if you want to.When Kite stores her sword in a different space, she grips her hand with her bare fist.That said, I'm not going to beat you up.It was just because having a weapon to pull it out would get in the way.But Land Worm retreated to the ground before he moved on to the next move.


I didn't expect you to pull in like that.Kite was slightly surprised by the Land Worm as she lay down and dived into the ground.Basically, worm species monsters dive into the ground from a state close to upright in order to check all surroundings.

Alternatively, there is only a difference between some worm species that dive while rotating in relation to the position of the eye, and some worm species that return to retract as it is.Diving to the ground while lying down is probably called the individual difference.It wasn't impossible for Kite not to imagine.


It's still invisible.Kite focuses slightly on the situation under the ground that resonates on the soles of her feet.He immediately understands what the Land Worm was trying to do.

"I won't let you do that!

Suddenly, the army magicians revealed their surprise to Kite, who suddenly moved straight in front of them and hit the ground.In this way, the impact of the beating is transmitted to the ground, and the ground is shaken greatly.With that shock, "Land Worm", who was trying to prey on the army's magicians from underneath, appeared unbearably.


When I put out my face, Kite beat me as hard as she could.Shortly after being launched, Sola created a < > scaffold on his diagonal top.


Visually viewing the resulting scaffolding, Kite stepped on the < > scaffold before the Land Worm landed on the ground.Then I wrapped the magic thread around the giant body of "Land Worm", which was about to fall slowly.

"Whoa, whoa!

As she screams, Kite pulls up the body of Land Worm.So he took Sola's scaffolding as a stepping stone and pulled through the Land Worm.


At the same time, "Land Worm" was completely pulled out by the collaboration between Kate and Sola.He stepped on the last scaffold and threw the giant Land Worm as hard as he could.In this way, the kite raises an arrow with a bow and arrow toward the "Land Worm", which was launched far above heaven.


Normally, I just need to get my hands on it properly.With that in mind, Kite smiles slightly deeply at the fact that this is another territory.It may be good to say that you don't have to worry about it, but I didn't want to know that it was very effective.


As she exhales briefly, Kite throws several magical arrows.So, like the rain of an arrow, countless arrows were thrown into the hard epidermis of Land Worm.

But now it's just an arrow poking through it.Moreover, the epidermis of "Land Worm" was so stiff that it was scattered with arrows that could not be said to be piercing.Nevertheless, there is still no problem.This is called an antenna. It was a fabric stone to the next hand.


At the same time as Kite's mouthpiece, the arrow blade he knitted with magic explodes.The principle is the same as the usual weapon throwing and < >.And he did it simply with a hammer, and with that little, he did it in as many numbers.

Basically, < > is more difficult to handle and less powerful.Because it is close to explosives, it could explode with a small impact.

Nevertheless, it was only a general story and Kite was used to it.So in the next moment, countless explosions drank it, and the bulk of the Land Worm was gone.And the next moment I turned to Sola and the others.He raised his voice unexpectedly.

"Sola, right rear!

Ugh! Ahhhh!

As soon as I cautioned Kite, I noticed a monster approaching her back.We were approaching a monster of Wolf species that had been observed on the prairie side earlier.Apparently, the eagle knights who were watching the perimeter of the boundary failed to take care of it, and there were about a dozen monsters rushing towards us.


When Sola stops the Wolf Monster from getting bitten with her shield, she uses her shield defenses to blow the Wolf Monster away.And the next moment.Suddenly, the sound of a tall bird echoed.


"Is this... < >?"


Fabrice looks at you puzzled as she sees a light strip that disappears far away through a wolf monster and crushes it.Kate taught me this quickly.

"It's magic that bundles light and emits arrows.I didn't know you could use it.... "

Neue may be a better monster than I thought.Kate seemed impressed, and she thought so from the bottom of her heart.Nevertheless, I can't stop being stunned.He immediately kicked the ground and returned to the side of Sola, who was driven into the defense while Fabrice and Neue were involved.

"Sola, you're safe!

"Ah! Shit! The number is huge."

There are many. Shortly after they tried to say so, they realized that Neue had been released again.The arrow of light that was fired penetrated the wolf's torso beautifully and certainly wasn't enough to crush with a single blow, but it was perceived as powerful enough.

"Is that a problem?

"No, it's not."

The remainder were three tall.Besides, he seems to be able to fight even Neue.There was nowhere to lose.Therefore, Sola also sprayed a slight agitation, laughing at Kite's question and shaking her head.

"Well then... let's knock it down quickly"

"Oops... before that.How did you get in here?

"The Land Worm raid just now must have weakened the border."

I see. Then I can convince you.Thora apparently had developed a bond, but she couldn't convince herself that a monster was sneaking behind her.Nevertheless, he saw the carriage that the military magicians were waiting for being crushed, convinced that this could happen.

"I see... Kite.I will help Fab move and Neue not to return with excitement at a basic distance.Can I take care of the crusade?

"Of course."

It is a place where the right material is suitable. Sola, who understood it, made it clear that she would support Fabrice and asked Kite to advance the crusade with it.Then, in about five minutes, we succeeded in getting rid of all the monsters that had entered the interior of the border.