Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2106 In the Grasslands...

A contact from the Astore army, who came in during the training, temporarily interrupted the training to fight the monsters, Kite.If he leaves Fabrice and Neue's defenses to Sola, he will intercept a herd of monsters led by monsters named "Weiss Auger" and a huge monster named "Land Worm".

By the end of these two interceptions, Sola would have been ambushed by a wolf-shaped monster that the Astor army would have suppressed.Then, after it was crushed with Neue's < > support, Kite returned to Sola and Fabrice.

"Baby, how's Neue doing?

"Um... it seems okay.But maybe I'm a little sleepy... "

"I don't know what to do.They used magic that I had never used before to protect my little one. "

Kite sends comfort to Fabrice, who seems a little worried.That said, it is simply a matter of consuming too much magic, and of exerting a lot of effort due to the large-scale fighting that took place around us.Kite's eyes were visible to the extent that there were no physical or magical problems.

"I guess so..."

"Yep... but I'll let you rest today.Training is not a necessity today.You can take the day off and come back tomorrow. "



As Fabrice nodded in response, Kite nodded one to the carriage lord who stood a little further away.It meant letting him go.

"Sora, you and your little boy go back to town in the carriage."

"What about you?

"Me? I'll help the army properly.Even if you're left in the wilderness, it will resonate from tomorrow. "


On Kite's instructions, Sola nodded and agreed.It is a very good place, and it ensures a place.If it gets rough, Heinez and the others will have to look for it again after tomorrow.It was a hassle, and I didn't want to be postponed many times because of the circumstances over there.

So when I saw the two of them off in the carriage, Kite snapped one by one.As a matter of fact, there was one reason why he stayed, but the biggest one was another.

"Well... I've been trying to be elegant for a while, so do you want to exercise?"

For the past week or so, it has basically been the nobles and their families who have been involved.He was acting as a nobleman to suit it, but it seemed that it was stressful.Somewhere ferociously, Kate decides to go and clean up the fierce monsters.

Well, a few more hours.Kate, who stopped training today under supervisory authority, came with Sola to report back to Uncle Astor as soon as she could.

"I see. I'll tell the army how hard it is.I don't know what to say, but they're bloody, too.I want you to understand that. "

"No... it's common for a monster herd to move under the influence of exercises.I don't suppose we've encountered a large herd this time.He said he was caught in a turmoil. "

"Thank you for saying that."

Uncle Astor thanked Kite for her intercession.After that, it was a sight that Kate, who embarked on military support, saw, but in conclusion, it seems to have been quite a state of confusion.It seemed that several swarms were in turmoil and even the battle between the swarms of monsters was happening.

Originally, the Eagle Knights could have moved so that they wouldn't have done so, but it seems that some of them were in good shape.I would have been able to go this far, but on the contrary, it was just right for the training partner. As a result, it seemed to have been done without any prospect.I guess Kite left them a little follow up.

"So I heard about Neue.Fabrice, Neue is still a good eagle. "

"Thank you."

Since there is also a history of the incident, should I let you participate?Fabrice, called by Uncle Astor, lowered his head with joy at his father's praise.And Uncle Astor nodded.

"Ah... that's it, Kate.I definitely heard that you stopped training this afternoon.That would be good. Fabrice, you're free to go... do you have any plans?

"No... but I didn't know you wanted to practice swords."

"Hmm... so motivated."

Uncle Astor looks somewhat surprised at the inspiring fabric.Fabrice told me this.

"I wanted to be a knight who wasn't ashamed of Neue.That's why I want to do a little sword practice while she's resting. "

"Really... Sola-kun.I'm sorry, Kenneth couldn't make an appointment this afternoon.You're going to be alone... Will you do me a favor?


As for Sola, there was nothing wrong with having a sword practice.So he nodded in reply to Uncle Astor's offer, and Uncle Astor rejoiced at him.

"Thank you. Think of this as separate from your request."


Apart from the request, it means putting the reward on top.That's how Sora understands Uncle Astor's words.Therefore, I was Uncle Astor who quickly cleared up the story, but I asked Kite as I remembered.

"That's right... then I'd like to ask Kate-kun for one thing."

"Hah... what is it?"

"I'd like Lily to take sword practice with me anyway.I had Fabrice guide me through alchemy.Anyway, I thought I'd let you go through the opposite. "

"Well, I don't mind...."

Nothing. As a kite, I'm free now that my afternoon training is over.Anyway, I only think about looking around the city, but if you have a job, that's fine.But it was just that he was different from what Lily said.

"Is your daughter okay?

"There is no problem. Born into a knight's house, it is the fate of those born into a knight's house to take a sword and fight in the unlikely event.It has nothing to do with men, women, or good or bad arms.I'm just saying we have to fight.Alchemy is just an option. "

In response to Kite's query, Uncle Astor said so with his noble face.Besides, Kite nodded.

"Then there's no problem.You don't have to put your arms together for this. "

"Ah... ah, I'm telling Sola-kun, but there's no need to be serious about it.I'll just let you in, and you can do it and point out the bad things. "

"Is that all right?

"Of course.It is not for us to choose what kind of genre the enemy will use.Therefore, it makes sense to let them experience the battle against many genres so that they can fight any enemy. "

Uncle Astor makes it clear to Kite, who was surprised to hear a story that in a sense was just a light job.And Kate was convinced that this was true.

"That's true.It's good to assume a virtual enemy, but it could be tied to it at the same time.Is it the true Knight who can fight anyone? "

"That's what it is. Well then, let's both do it."


Kate and Sora nodded together in response to Uncle Astor's words.So they set out for the afternoon training.

Well, a few hours after Uncle Astor's request.Kite and Sola were now at a training ground on the grounds of Earl Astor's Mansion.Before that, of course, Lily, who was looking at Fabrice with a little resentment, seemed to have been the worst development.But there was one more person there.

"Uncle Astor... what's wrong with you? Uncle Astor is dressed like that..."

"Ahahah... actually, my wife said to me earlier at lunch that you were a little motivated by Fab, so why don't you do a little apprenticeship?I can't pull this off. "

Uncle Astor smiled slightly at Kite, who seemed unable to anticipate this development.When he pointed to the balcony of the mansion, the second lady, who had been introduced earlier, was accompanied by a large lady.

"I'm sorry about that, but I'm going to have to join you."

"Well... that's fine... but so is Sora, right?

"Ah, ahh...."

Nothing, as a kite, it was not a problem because whoever was doing it was the same.That's true even for Sola.Therefore, both of them nodded to Uncle Astor's offer with confusion.

In fact, it seems that Uncle Astor was a little worried about his stomach meat when he said that he had not exercised recently during lunch.It may be said that he cared too much about the reason and because of his physique, but there was a passage that came to mind according to his age.Therefore, Uncle Astor asked what motivated him as much as Fabrice.

"So, in what way are you going to train?

"Yeah, basically, I was wondering if you could put me in a shift... when I get to three, I think I could put two people in a break."

"I see... that makes sense."

Perhaps both Kite and Sola could fight even if they took the three of us together.Uncle Astor thought so in view of their ability to listen, but at the same time he couldn't understand that this was training.He therefore decides to go first.

Well, first, let me ask Sola-kun for help.Fab was always practicing with Sola-kun, so sometimes it would be nice to have Kate-kun do it. "


"As you wish."

Apparently neither Fabrice nor Lily - Lily wasn't motivated in the first place - had any objections.Nodding at Uncle Astor's words, Fabrice also grasped the handle of the sword and stepped forward in front of Kite.Then he lowers his head to Kite.


"This way, please."

Kite also lowered her head against Fabrice.Basically, he won't attack this time.Beginning with the appearance, I just point out Fabrice's habits.That's why Fabrice is motivated.


A powerful blow is fired by Fabrice.Nevertheless, kites are not scary to this extent.Therefore, Fabrice was surprised at Kite, who didn't seem to have any shock at all.


"Too much strength. It's good to have enough energy, but I won't keep it going until the end."


Looking at Kite's overwhelming margin for laughter, Fabrice took a deep breath at once.I forgive you for wandering away. So he kicked the ground again.


I see. A blow with a spring on the upper body.Kite sees a sword that is released to kick the ground and use centrifugal force to understand that this is the basic sword technique of eagle knights.


Kite slips slightly away from the shot.To this, Fabrice tried to turn back like an arc, and Kite put her foot in there.

"Wow, wow!

"My feet are gone.If you want to go around, you should take a little more distance. "

"Ha, yes!

Kite's guide nodded with a fabric that stepped on her feet.In that way, he would take a distance again and push the kite over and over again.