Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2107 In the Grasslands - Divided

Kate and Sola were attacked by monsters during Fabrice and Neue's training due to some military trouble.Both of them, when I gave the report to Uncle Astor, I was asked to train Fabrice and Lily in swords instead of Neue, who was supposed to take a day off from him.

The two of them accepted it, but in a word from his wife, Uncle Astor also took part in the practice, and the afternoon work started.Thus, the training, which began in the form of Fabrice vs. Kite, Uncle Astor vs. Sola, finished a single training and was in the evening.


Now that I have finished my practice, I have no problem training Neue and Fabrice.With Uncle Astor at the forefront, the relationship with the Astor family would not be bad.While taking a shower, Kite feels a temporary relief from the current situation.

"In the meantime... you can't see any more problems than the status quo.Well, even if there is a problem with this request, it is troublesome.... "

If this request comes from a high-risk request to the Adventure Department, then there is no danger.So the basic question is humanity.Sociality is whether you can build enough relationships with your client.In this regard, Sola is one of the top adventure players in the category.Thanks to that, it was finished without any problems so far.

"Phew... I wonder if it's just the Astralian party..."

The schedule of the request has already been turned back, and with this condition, it will be finished without any problems.After that, only the Astralian party was a concern.


I don't think I'll rub the boulders to the Duke's party, but as a kite, I was worried about the Soltel family riding in the waves now.

"As for us, we're actually connected to the Soltel family....."

Looks like Kite had a headache.Needless to say, the McDawell family was the most committed to the development of the airship.

Of course, the Soltel and McDawell family have important materials in the development of aircrafts, and they also have a strong focus on development.The combination of Soltail's sighs and his attendance at Magic School was also strong.

Actually, as a kite, I didn't want to go too deep into this problem.For that reason, there was a color on his face that said something was bothersome.

"Hmm... let me ask you something once.Julie, is this a dive job? "

"Ho... where are you?

"I've finished all my work today, so I'm just thinking..."

Hmm. I'm playing with Kuzuha and the others, so if you don't mind... "


Anyway, as a kite, I'm just soaking in the bath, and if you're having fun over there, that's fine, but if you stick your neck in a bad way, Kuzuha and Aura may come out.So, Kate decides to listen to what she wants to hear.

"Are you going to Astralia's party?

I don't know how to do that.I don't know if I'm going because I'm here, Kate. "

Well, that's about it, that's about it ~

Needless to say, Yuri is originally an official partner of the brave kite.He also serves as principal of the Magic School.So speaking of being busy, I'm busy, and that's not why I can't get an appointment.If the opponent was invited by the Astralia family, it would have been nice to accept.

"What do you do every year?

Every year, I don't really have to decide my position until the end of the day.In fact, we are Hitachi and Ise, right?Basically, it's like we started with a dragon as a pet, and the most amazing thing is where we kept it. "


As I was told before, the culture of keeping monsters like dragons as a weapon of war has long been practiced in the Empire.Basically, it can be said that Kite started to keep it as a pet and a playful animal.

The nobles who envied it started asking adventurers to raise monsters as playful animals, and now they are.So Yuri was also treated as a leading player in this field in a way, and if only her position had been fairly free.

"So, what? Should I join you?

"Well, if you think about it carefully, I'd like you to be the arbiter of the Astor and Soltaire clashes.Even if I rub it here, it won't do me any good. "

Ah, I see.Until now, I'm glad I didn't give a damn, but now I have to give a damn. "

In my opinion, Kate is currently moving as an associate of the Astor family, and she will be invited to participate in the party in that capacity.But, as I said earlier, Kite is in a position to be associated with House Soltail as Duke of McDawell.Even if you rub it too much, it could be troublesome later.Yuri noticed that too.

I see.I'll check the schedule for now.Ah, I'll talk to the skechers about this one later. "

Wow. Seriously?Was it?

This time it's a skeleton.It was a warrior named Duran who belonged to < >, the school's Madonna of the time, who was a factor in the confusion between the Astores and the Soltels.I got some really interesting stories, so there was no reason not to use them.

I was a little upset.

"Seriously? I love you so much."

Kite laughs amusely at Yuri's report.Kate is not Park Jin-ren to the point where she doesn't know why she's in a mood.

It's a good place to be too.

"I see... well, I guess I'll go for a drink soon.I want to hear it. "

"What are you drinking so much?"

"We can't do it unless we drink it."

Kite laughed joyfully at Yuri's words.Well, that's why I should have seen her frequently for drinks.

"Ah, yes.Then Yuri. Astralia asked me to come home and open the ruins. What about you?

Hmm. How long?

"Two days. Well, I don't think it's such a hassle.After all, the bottom layer was found first in relation to the collapse. "

I see. Well, you're on schedule too... ah, I'm sorry.He was in a meeting in the Imperial Capital.I want to talk to you about it in my interactions with Japan. "

I see.

I didn't think it would be dangerous as a kite, and if anything happened, I'd just call Charlotte.It was only to the extent that Yuri would come out because she would come out.

"So, is that Heisenberg's grandfather?"

Correct. We'll have a meeting next week.If you think about entering the emperor's capital, why don't you do it in two days? "

"I see. What are the requirements?

"Where is the brave kite?"

"Wow. It's incredibly annoying."

After all, as for the Earth side, I would be curious about the heroic kite that was transferred from the Earth to the other world and became a legend, and as for the Enephian side, I would have to talk about it more than I was told that I would have returned to Earth.

If it is possible on the Earth side or the Japanese side, I would like to contact him for help, and if we think about the current situation on the Enefia side, as the flag stamp and the strongest trump card, the existence of kite is the hand I want.It was an agenda that might have been thought to hide something behind avoidance.However, it was only the content that I thought I would leave it alone if it was from this person.

Dhhhhhhhhh.I don't want to leave because I have to wrap my cat around it. "

"Well, that can't be helped.You're Kate's partner anyway. "

What is it?

There's Yuri where the brave kite is.Kate and Julie were together so much as I could say.No wonder Yuri was invited as someone who knew Kite better than anyone to talk about it.

Rather, it's no wonder they don't call me that.And so did Lord Heisenberg Jake, who was his guardian.There must have been a side to the back of the mouth.

Well, I'll do it appropriately.Move, I'll just have to behave properly. "

"It's always the same."


Yuri laughed joyfully at Kite's words.Well, this is where the dust comes out.That's why Yuri is going to go through something she doesn't know.After that, I suppose Jake, the familiar Lord Heisenberg, turned around and didn't find either.After that, the two of them finished talking about the real Astralian party, and then slowly started chatting.

Well, the next morning after dawn.When Kite finished eating breakfast, he was supposed to go to his office with Sola because Uncle Astor was calling.

"Ah, you're here.I'm sorry to call you all the time. "

"No... so what's the matter?

"Oh, actually, I have one suggestion for you."

Uncle Astor takes an envelope out of his desk in response to Kite's question.It was accompanied by a beeswax engraved with the emblem of the House of Astralia, indicating that it was an envelope from the House of Astralia.

"Actually, there was a party at the Astoria house four days later.Anyway, I was wondering if you'd join us. "

"Is it the Astralia party?

"It's not a night's party, it's a party for kids.Of course, it's not that stupid. "

It was something I had heard in advance, but Kite tried to listen with a body she didn't know.Well, I've been hearing about this for about a long time.Nothing in particular has changed.

"... I see.If that's the case, I'd love to. "

I see. I thought you'd say that. "

After some thought - I showed it to you - Uncle Astor laughed and rejoiced at Kite's reply at the end.That's how he sees Sola.

"How about Sola-kun?As for me, I want you to come out. "

"Me, too?

"Oh, especially since you were deeply involved with Fabrice.It is still a place where Neue can be seen.I want you to take a look. "

"... then, I would definitely like to join you."

Though Sola was slightly surprised by Uncle Astor's offer to step forward - she didn't seem to have thought that she would be wanted so far - she considered the offer a little and still showed satisfaction.He and I have been involved with Fabrice and Neue for the past week or so.When it was said that it was the place of sight, it still seemed that I was only a little interested.

"Thank you. Now, let's respond to the Astoria family by joining them both."


"Ah... oh, yes.Speaking of which, do you both know anything about clothes?

"No... but there are still a few days left.Contact your home immediately to arrange a tuxedo. "

I see.

Uncle Astor nodded impressed with Kite's reply.There are still few guilds where these arrangements can be put in place quickly.On the contrary, there are many Alliances where even the Alliance Master does not have a tuxedo.I suppose you thought it would be okay to ask for something next time.Nevertheless, just in case, I will include him.

"Well, if you're not in time, please call me by the day before.I'll take care of it. "

"Thank you."

"Ah... then, there will be preparation for training.You can go back now. "


With Uncle Astor's permission, Kite and Sora bowed their heads and quit the scene.They then decided to attend the Astralia party and then set out to train Fabrice and Neue.