Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2112 In the Grasslands - Again

The party was to be held at the Astralia house.It was Kite and Sora who were in the airship with the Astor family to join it, but they were called by an eagle lion named Luftu (Griffon) who joined us shortly before departure and arrived at the Phantom Beast.

In the call she received, Sola told her what had happened to herself, and Kite told her that she was a true hero kite, and she was supposed to have time to talk to Luftu for a while.

"Hmm... I see.That might be good. "

Hmm. From what I've seen, the kids don't have enough experience, and I admit it.But we don't have to go through everything ourselves. "

Basically, Kite doesn't make fun of the wisdom of the Phantom Beasts.On the contrary, he even looked respectful.And it is the Phantom Beast that shows no hostility to the opponent who shows respect without such a reason.Luftu was also comfortable with the consultation.And Kate's consultation is settled.It was run by the Adventure Department.

"Thank you. Let's take that as a guide and review the improvements."

That would be good.

Luftu nodded at Kite's promise.He merely gives his opinion.It's up to Kite to do it.That's why Luftu just wants Kite to respond nicely.

"... so, kid.My lord, is there anything you want to ask me?

"What do you want to hear...?Er.... "

"... cumming. It's the face of someone who wants to ask too many questions and can't narrow down the questions."

I wonder what it is.Looking at Sola's face, Luftu laughed one more time.That's how he suggested it to Sola.

"If that's the case, it's fine.Come to our gathering this time. "

"Our gathering?

There are many phantom beasts gathered here.Many are old enough to know him.Know the world better than I do.If you're worried about the road, it's common to ask the wise and the hidden.Don't you remember?


When asked by Luftu, Sola remembers that she was troubled by an old monk in a mountain long ago.At that time, he was suffering from the narrow space himself, with salted plums that were still running between defects and him now.It was only by chance that he climbed Mount Anma, but whether it was the mountain temple at the top of the mountain or the shrine, he found the thread to solve his troubles by assembling Zen at the suggestion of an old monk.

You seem to remember.If you're worried about the road, ask someone.It will also be one hand. "

"... thank you very much"

Very well.

Apparently Luftu is basically a carefree phantom beast.Though there was something arrogant about Sora's offer, she nodded.So Luftu tells me that this is the end of the story.

Well then, go back now.I wouldn't be surprised if I stayed too long.This time it's just a little talk, but for that reason. "


"Excuse me."

Sola and Kite stood up together at Luftu's beckon.And Luftu told him on his back.

You brave man. You stay a little longer. "


"Nothing, it's a story of love, so it won't take long."

Apparently Kite doesn't know anything about this either.A genuine strange face appeared.But Luftu is enjoyable and doesn't seem to be planning or thinking about anything.Then I wondered if it would be good for Kite.

"Well, that's good... Sora.Leave me alone.Let me talk to you a little bit more and go home. "


Kite was the only one who was told to stay in the first place.There's no reason for Sola to stay.Moreover, he has just asked Luftu to mediate with the Phantom Beasts.You'd better go home honestly so you don't lose your mood.So Sola leaves Luftu's room, while Kate sits on the sofa again.

"So, what's the story about not loving others?

"No... I think he's a good boy."


"Hmm... no, maybe it's an expression of honesty."

Luftu nodded one by one to confirm Kite, and laughed one by one.And so he narrowed his eyes.

Though we are Phantom Beasts, there are many fools who can't even lower their heads because of beasts.Oh, I didn't know you could keep your head down without hesitation.I'm a little surprised... do Japanese people have to be?

"Strange? Well, I'm not saying that all Japanese are."

It's no wonder to you.Don't hesitate to lower your head to any opponent.I've heard a lot about you. "

Fun, Luftu laughs with his eyes closed.Perhaps no nobleman can lower his head as easily as Kite, and there is no hero.Of course, it's not about lowering your head to the Black Yacod.Lower it if necessary.

But the more you go up, the less you can even do that.The attitude of not caring about the position was dangerous in a sense, and at the same time it was wonderful.Luftu saw that Sola was influenced by Kite.

If you look at his back, it will be.Yeah, but I can honestly lower my head. "

"That would be the basic attitude as a person."

What a lot of nobles can't do that.Even Lufreo sometimes gets lost and has a plan. "

"Ahahaha.You're from the civilian population.My head is light. "

Kite also laughed at Luftu's words laughing.But turning to this, Luftu told me something serious.

"... that's not true.The more you stand up, the less you can lower your head.Once you know how it feels down there, you don't want to fall there.As a result, you can't lower your head.I think lowering my head is close to falling down, so... sometimes it's better not to know. "

"... I see. Maybe that's for sure."

In response to Luftu's allegations, Kite nodded somewhat calmly.Luftu asked about this.

That face is a familiar face.

Not me, though.

"Kh... sure."

Yeah, but Sola couldn't hesitate to lower her head.Perhaps Kite, who has influenced it a lot, will not hesitate to lower her head now.Then it was unlikely that the person he remembered would be himself.That's how Kite talks as she looks away.

"... once there was a man who took the heavens of a country climbing from the civilian population.But... did he really have his head down from the bottom of his heart?I don't know if it was an unassociated monkey imitation... I'm sure he cared about it too... but it attracted people again.It was more like a person than anything else. "


With Sora's glimpse of the wise man's face on the kite, Luftu still understands that he is uniquely present.So Luftu questioned one of the ends.

What happened to that end?

"I was a warrior, but I lived long enough to die on the tatami mat.Yes, I'm listening... that would have been enough. "

Well, I guess I lowered my head from the bottom of my heart.Otherwise, they would have exposed the body somewhere, but for good reason. "

"I don't know...."

Well, that's good.Kate agrees with Luftu's words.I remembered one of my concerns about a few things now.And it was such a kite, but I decided to change my mind and get back to the subject.

"... well, there's no problem with Sora in that respect.He has a funny life with him.Born to the son of a head of state, he lived like an ordinary man from a rebellion against his parents... and that's why he has no arrogance.I don't hesitate to lower my head. "

Well... then, that's good.If you join us, others will accept it. "

"Thank you."

Nobody can beat you because I'm going to lower my head right now.

After all, it is Kite who is more grateful than anyone else.Luftu laughed joyfully at Kate who lowered her head to thank her for listening to Sola's request.

"I hope my heart won't be lost."

"I won't lose you anymore..."

Once lost, my loved one desperately regained his heart.And the hearts that my loved ones are protecting.I didn't want to lose it anymore, and I didn't mean to lose it.

Well... then, brave man.It's a brave kite. Let's talk about it again sometime.

"Ah, Phantom Beast Luftu.Another time. "

Kate and Luftu finally say goodbye by calling each other's names.Then Luftu lay down again in the room and Kite went back to her room.

Well, Kate and Sora were called to Luftu's room for a few more hours.Before noon, the airship carrying the two arrived in Astralian territory.The two of them got off at the airport, and Sora asked.

"Haven't seen you in a week... well, I guess I'll say goodbye to the Astor family for now, huh?

"Ah. That's House Astor... a branch of House Astoria.Basically, the branch has a detached residence in the territory of the main house.I usually stay there. "

"Heh... what about us?

"We're a hotel.Since the villa is not as large as the main residence, it is unusual to have rooms that can accommodate guests. "

This way. Kate starts guiding with a gesture when Sola asks.Of course, I know the location of this hotel, and I told the Astoria family.He also told me to come if anything happened.And that's how I decided to go to the hotel, where the two of them would meet again with someone who hasn't seen me in a long time.


"Yes, I think there will be two adventurers here today, Kate Tennyon and Sola Tenjo, so let me know when you get here."

"? Kate, have you heard from anyone?

Sola wonders what she said at the reception when she tried to check in with her name in the hotel reception.Apparently, there was a verse in this that came to Kite's mind.

"Well, if you go, you'll see.No wonder you're dealing with him. "


In that case, should I meet him?Sola agrees with Kite's words and will be taken to the reception room with him.It was Ingway, who had asked the two of them to take his place, who entered the room that way.

"Hey, both of you.You look fine. "

"Ingway... Ah, I see.I mean, if it's possible, I'll be at the party... "

"That's what happened. Sola.It's been a while since you've been here.I haven't talked to you in a while before the general meeting. "

Ingway laughed and raised one hand to Sola, who thanked her because she was older.He was supposed to have acted as a proxy in the "Lee Knight" raid earlier, but I didn't see any uncertainty.So Sola grabbed Ingway's hand with one hand raised.

"Hmm... I'm sorry.Hmm? "

"Oh, did you notice?I bought a good perfume. "

"Heh... so stylish.It smells pretty good.... "

Somewhere fun Ingway convinces Sola that he is still out of stock.From now on, all I see are nobles and celebrities.He was also reminded that he had to worry about one smell.But to this, Kite laughs.

"No, no... the smell of medicine is off, right?Even if an adventurer wears a perfume, it doesn't smell so strong after thinking about it.Does it hurt? "

"Ahahaha.I'm not that close to a boulder.No, please talk to me.Thanks to this, my damage has been kept to a minimum. "

Ingway shook his head down one by one in response to Kite's question.All he can see is that he's safe.In fact, I wish he had been injured commensurately.And in other words, there was one reason why he came here.

"Fortunately, we had Liddy here, so the damage to the chain of command was kept to a minimum... on the contrary, not many of the guys on the front lines were badly injured.Thank you for turning me around. "

"That's fine. Kuzuha was aware of the usefulness of your place, and the Astralians agreed.It will be enough to turn the healing medicine around as a priority. "

Again, thanks to Ingway, Kite laughs and shakes her head.The first thing he did when he returned to Maxwell was grasp the damage.

Among them, he was in a hurry to grasp the damage to the Alliance in the Territory, which he judged to be beneficial to the McDawell family, and the Alliance with ties to the McDawell family, one of which was Ingway's.Therefore, I gave Kuzuha instructions early, and they were able to return relatively early.

"Well, that's what I thought... thanking the rabbit, the horns, and you."

"Yes, I did."

Kate nodded firmly to Ingway, again lowering her head, and accepted it.Passing through these lines is important in interacting with your Alliance.In terms of passing it through, Ingway would have been a good Alliance Master.Then, for a little while, the three of them were going to talk about the request from the Astor family.