Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2120 In the Grasslands - Merchant Invitation -

With Luftu's advice, I got advice from the Phantom Beasts, and Kate thanked him for riding on such a consultation.They were like that, but Kate and Lily came back to the party venue without first realizing that they had greeted each other.

"... there's something I don't understand..."

"I wonder what happened."

"Were the Phantom Beasts so generous?"

Certainly, some of them don't have phantom beasts who behave softly and verbally like the female phantom beast that I talked to Sora about earlier.However, there were not many people with rough temper because they were originally a combination of monsters.

Of course, like the eldest and Luftu, there are many phantom beasts from above, rather than from above.It is unusual for a female phantom beast to have talked to Sora before.

"I didn't think it would be easy for me or anyone else to help me."

"Well... if you're a young lady, you can say that you liked it."

"Do you like it..."

I'm not convinced of that.Lily didn't seem to give in to Kite's funny laughter.But Kite didn't do anything about this, and Lily liked it purely, but it was an accident.

"It's no wonder your daughter is unconscious.It's very rare to be able to talk properly with Phantom Beasts. "

"Normally, we can't."

"Normally, you can't.You can only train yourself to be as strong as I am, or you can train enough to be safe in front of the Phantom Beasts. "

Perhaps this is also one talent.Kite remembers herself once.Even he was terrified when he first met Phantom beasts and similar beings.It was acquired that we were able to speak properly as we are now.It was a rare thing to be able to talk without training like Lily.

"You can brag about it."

"That's right. But it doesn't make any sense, and it's dangerous in some ways."

"What do you mean?

"Basically, like the Phantom Beasts, as long as we don't compromise the logic, it will be fine as long as there is no problem.But if you can do it in front of the high-ranking adventurers, you may have missed the line to draw.Since you can endure it, it would be better not to do anything imprudent.No, if so, I should be more careful. "

"I'll keep in mind."

Indeed, as Kate says, if you are resistant to pressure, you should be careful.Lily accepts Kite's advice honestly.She recognized that she was out of her field of expertise and decided to follow Kite's advice, which she would know better than herself.

"Yes, well, on the contrary, fear can make it impossible to make a normal decision, so it's not a bad thing to be resistant to pressure.It's a good thing in terms of that, and I think we should use it. "

"I see... I see."


In the meantime, this is the extent of what I can say.Kite nodded in Lily's reply, and this is the end of the topic.Because Lily recognized her specificities, she seemed convinced of why the Phantom Beasts liked her.

"Now... let's go back to the party."

"Hmm... what do you think?

"Now... what do we do?"

Once away from the scene, it is troublesome to return to the scene this time in any world.Therefore, while listening to Lily, Kite thinks about the next move.Apparently, I went a little away from the center, and I went to the Phantom Beasts, and it seems that my attention was quite distracted.And then, those two shouted.

May I have a moment?

"Hmm? This is... Lord Riddell"


No way. Lily is deeply surprised at the flat kite.If Kite's words are correct, he is the only Lord Riddell Iris on the scene who is said to be as good as Lord Astoria Philip.That came from over there, but Russia couldn't believe it.

"Hello, Kate."

"Yes, it's been a long time."

It's been a long time. What that means is that I've had an affair before this party.Lily is even more surprised by the fact.

I haven't seen it at all, but I don't suppose it's an encounter.

"Ahahah. I can't believe it... Sora took care of the Phantom Beasts a little bit, so I wanted to thank them."

"Oh... to the Phantom Beasts.So what are you?

"No... ah, I'm late.My name is Lily Astor. "

"Yes, thank you. Lily of House Astore.I'll remember that. "

Lord Liddell and Iris nodded at Lily's introduction.Even so, House Astor is famous among the branches of House Astoria.So the family knows the basics, and I'll just say it for once.And Lily thanked him one more time and shook her head.

"Thank you... that's not me.The Phantom Beast, our guardian, was advised to take advice from him and the Phantom Beasts. "

"Oh... I didn't wonder why Kate was with the girl, but I wonder if there's a reason."

Happily, Lord Riddell and Iris ask Kite.Kite laughed at this.

"Play... not always with a girl.Is it the work flow today? "

"Do you have a job... do you have a job?

"Yes... as a proxy for a friendly guild that got hurt in a previous" Lee Knight "incident."

"Yes... oh, yes.It's about "Lee Knight."I wonder if you were okay. "

"Yeah... I didn't get hurt, but that's right.There's no problem. "

You might say that this is close to a mere social resignation.In the first place, Kite's injured salted plum is better known to Lord Riddell than to Lily.Kite's condition is similar to that of the state.I had to figure it out.Therefore, Lord Riddell and Iris decided to get down to business once we have completed the necessary exchanges as a matter of decency.

"Speaking of which... Kate.I heard from the Grace Chamber of Commerce a while ago that they have recently purchased a lot of research materials.The parent company asked for an order. "

"Yeah... I got the basics of metastasis from the" Sage of the Earth "in Laelia first.And I'm going to do a basic study of metastasis. "

"Yeah, you got a report."

Although it has been said for a long time, metastasis techniques are similar to military techniques and techniques are not publicly available.Of course, there is no problem if the individual, that is, if the master teaches the apprentice, and there are more skilled magicians about it, so I keep silent.

However, if you have the technology as an organization, it is basically better to notify the country, and Kite could not have failed to do so.Of course, it is meaningless to make a notification because the reporting destination will also be him.

"So I need to ask you a few questions, okay?"

"Yes, of course."

"Thank you."

In the first place, Lord Riddell, the British, and indeed the Riddells, are merchants.Therefore, about half of the research materials were obtained from traders associated with the Riddell family, and Lily could imagine that Lord Riddell's offer from England would be related to it.

Using this as a starting point, Kite intended to impress that she was involved with the Riddell family.Therefore, Kite tells Lord Liddell that he is currently preparing for the establishment of the laboratory, and that he is acquiring various materials to do so.

"Yes... then, I'm going to buy research equipment for a while."

"Yes... I'm sure that Lord Riddell will take care of the Grace Chamber of Commerce for a while... but I'd appreciate it if you could handle that."

"Yes, of course.If there is to be any deal, it is a very important customer for the Riddells.Please buy it. "

"Thank you."

In Lord Riddell's words, Kite laughs and lowers her head.It's not a lip service or anything in the first place, it's just a decision.So I could say that it was supposed to be a predetermined decision, but here Lord Riddell and Iris cut it out.

"That's right. Speaking of which, I don't know if Kate knows... but next month, there's gonna be an exhibition of research equipment in Riddell territory, and I wonder if she knows."


"Even though it's an exhibition, there's actually a lot of stuff that's already on sale.Or rather, it might be a convention that deals with a lot of new products.Of course, a gathering of developers and researchers will be held, so it might be a good reference for future research. "

"I see...."

Is such a thing supposed to be opened?Kite seeps a little interest in information from Lord Riddell and Iris.It seems that she didn't know everything by acting, not by acting, because she doesn't know everything by kite.

"That's right. You may want to join once.It is still at the stage of capital investment.There aren't many things I'm thinking about buying. "

"Am I right? You will be eligible to participate. [M]I'll send you an invitation, so if you like anything, buy it. "


Should I consult Tina once?Kite accepts Lord Riddell's offer and decides to take it hard.It is a fact that we need to invest in the laboratory's equipment, and we are considering further construction in the future.

It would not have been stingy to buy good equipment for that.That's why I decided to receive an invitation from Lord Riddell and Iris, but it seems that the subject is over for the time being.Lord Riddell, Iris is on his way to the next target.After she left, Lily asked Kite in surprise.

"Did you know Lord Riddell...?

"Yes. There was a convention in the temple city before the Harvest Festival folding... and the Riddell family and the merchants at the top of it.At that time, we talked a little bit about it. "

"I see...."

Lily was also given two names at the Harvest Festival, and I know that the Empire was making noise.In fact, she admits that she has the strength and insight to get involved and make noise.

And of course, there is no reason why there are no two Grand Dukes and five Dukes involved there, as long as the Empire is making noise as a nation.Of course, Lord Liddell and Iris would have known about Kite, and Lily thought it would be no wonder they were involved when they saw the name benefiting them.

"In any case, will you set up a laboratory?

"Yes. Our ultimate goal is to return to Earth.It is a story that will not be solved while waiting.So R&D has to be done someday, right?

Sure, sure.

Kate is not wrong.And you know that metastasis research is not left to the outside world.Lily takes Kite's path for granted.Then it seemed only natural that he accepted Lord Riddell's offer.

"Anyway... you've been thinking a lot."

"I'm still an Alliance Master."

"That's right... oh"

"Excuse me, may I have a moment?

Lily, who agreed with Kite, slightly opened her eyes as if she had noticed something.Almost at the same time, I heard the voice of a man of great age.Apparently, I came to see that Kite and the others were available.That way, Kite would resume her role as Lily's assistant.