Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2133 Journey by Carriage - Flight Techniques

Return of the request from the Astor family, a branch of the Astralian family.At the request of the Astralian family, Kate and Sola were to attend an investigation of the ruins discovered in Astralian territory.At Kite's request, they join Kanata to complete their visit to the ruins.So, a few days after the investigation.The three had returned to Maxwell.

"Phew... it was actually about two weeks ago"

"Well, that's what big requests are like.In the meantime, I have to leave my stuff in the office for now. "

That's right.

"I'm back on my feet.I didn't have any luggage. "

Kanata had almost no luggage because Kanata was judged to have dragged on for days against Kate and Sora, who had been carrying around changing clothes for the past two weeks.So she decided to go back to the office first.

When Kate and Sora entered the guild home to follow her when she left, they were supposed to leave their luggage in their room and meet in the office.

"I'm home. Cherry blossoms, what's changed in the last few days?

"Er... as a guild, not as a cherry blossom school.But speaking of which, Mr. Valflair?I just got word from Union Branch. "

"Okay. We'll talk about that later."

Probably about the expedition.That's how Kite reads the contact from Valflair.Kite is one of the main players here, and Valflair is building a strategy.A careful meeting was essential.

So, when I finished a small meeting during my absence, Kite noticed that she couldn't see in an instant.

"Speaking of which... Senpai?

"Is this a meeting?If it's a meeting, Kate will come to the training camp a little before she gets back, with Lille and Rufus. "

I see. So, there seems to be no problem there either...?

Knowing your current situation, that is, whether you are relaxed by the demons or whether you are working with a seal.That's what Kite thinks.Besides, the Training Ground is within the Alliance Home.I think it will be possible to deal with the problem immediately even if it occurs, and I don't particularly care.So he decided to deal with Sola first.


'Hmm? What?I see you're back today.

"It's you... I think you've been stuck in research again and forgotten for days now..."

"I don't know.I keep my calendar on my desktop, so I can figure out how many days... hmm?Is this... broken?Oh? I can see a few days... "


That's what I thought.Kite sighed enormously at Tina, who moved her mouse with a strange face.

"Well, good. I'm back for now."

Hmm. Welcome back. So, what is it?Are you trying to win a special victory because you're back and you don't report back?

"What are you going to do?

There's no way.

Tina laughed at the funny kite's question.We've been dating for over a decade.If we knew what we were doing, we didn't have to report back to each other.So, Kate also decided to finish the game with Tina and get down to business.

"I want to see the full power of Sora's sword once.I need you to secure a large laboratory at the Imperial City Central Laboratory. "

"Hmm... that's definitely not necessary.He grew up to withstand his full physical strength and healed his previous injuries.Is it necessary to try it once?From there, we also have to think about the direction of training. "

"That's why.So, if that's the case, you shouldn't be bothered to apply, right?

Hmm. Very well.I'll apply here.Can you spare some time?

"It doesn't matter.It's just one shot. "

Not as a kite or as a sola, I definitely have to hurry.I just wanted to confirm it because I had to confirm it once. I couldn't do it without confirming it, but there was no problem.

"So, I'll leave it to you how to do your best.There's got to be something. "

There must be something.Let's do it over here. "


All you have to do is toss it here.Kite knew that, and Tina knew it was her job to do something about it, so it seemed good.So when we finish the meeting and make sure that there is no work in a hurry, Kite gets up.

A little bit. I'm going to the training ground. "

"Are you the head of the meeting?

"Oh, I think I should just check the situation."

This time, I left before confirming the instant seal because it was a request, so I thought I should check a lot as an Alliance Master.As she nodded to the cherry blossom inquiry, Kite jumped out of the window and moved down all at once.I will continue to move to the training ground.Sola, who dropped off such a kite, murmured.

"... aerospace technique is useful..."

"When you can use it, you can do more at once."

"Are you okay?

"That's right... well, it's not that easy.It took me months too.... "

When Sola asked, Al nodded with a slightly troubled face.Nevertheless, there wasn't anything I could do about it.

"In Al's case, it was a big deal to fly.

Well... I reflected that I relied too much on civilization for this. "

"? Does Mizuki know?

"Yeah... I was in aerospace training too."


In response, Sola unwittingly rounded her eyes.Nevertheless, the cherry blossoms and the Meizu clothes did not look particularly surprised, on the contrary, Yuri did not look surprised.So she asks Sola with a slightly strange face.

"Hmm? Sora, didn't you know?

"Oh, oh... eh?Do you know Yuri?


"Does that mean... about me?

Perhaps you didn't know that Zui was taking an aerospace training course in the face that still remains.That's how Sola turns her eyes round.

In the Adventure Department, the newspaper federation was well conducted, but basically the opponent was Kite.Therefore, if it is about individual technology, sometimes things that are unknown to submasters such as sola, instant cherry blossoms, etc., sometimes happen.So Al, who also rounded his eyes, said.

"... no, I'm surprised you didn't know.Kate told me. "

"I'm what Kate says."

"Ah... this is a pattern where nobody said anything after all..."

After hearing Al and Yuri's words, Sola understands the extraordinary circumstances.Nevertheless, there is no particular problem when asked whether there is any problem with this.Basically, I'm talking about what Kite needs as needed, and that what Sola didn't know so far is that the need wasn't recognized.In fact, I have never had any particular trouble without knowing it before.That's why he asks Seok-ku.

"But why even Suzuki?"

"The Dragon Knight's Essential Skill.Dragon Knight, if you fall from a dragon, it's the end of a roll. "

"Ah... thinking about it, hundreds... no, it's totally upside down from a few thousand meters..."

That's true. Sola had no choice but to accept Suzuki's point too naturally.Even if they were thrown from thousands of meters above, there would be no problem for the somewhat trained adventurer, but depending on the response, there was a possibility of damage to the surroundings.Then, it was natural to learn how to slow down momentum and kill momentum by aerospace techniques, and return to the riding dragon again.

"Yes. If we convert all the momentum into boulders for thousands of meters, the surrounding damage won't be foolish.So we also need to slow down the momentum with aerial techniques, and that will inevitably be a way to get back.Until the beginning, I was back in < >, but Kate said it was time to take an aerospace training course. "

"I see... are you in a bad mood?

At least you haven't had as much trouble as Al.

It's difficult, but I don't feel as difficult as Al feels.That's what Seok told Sola when she asked.To this, Sola sees Al.

"Why did you struggle?

"Because I was using a flying plane, I really was conscious there.How to balance in the air. "

"Not at all?

"Well, that's completely different.You fly on your own, and you fly with tools. "

I see. Sola is convinced of Al's allegations.In fact, there was one, so Al was aggressively going to do the same thing as you, often breaking the balance.On the contrary, because there was no such thing, Seoki was able to balance quickly.

Can Suki fly now?

"I still can't do it with a boulder.In the meantime, you can control your posture and slow down in the air... but you're still so free.And of course, it doesn't have that much endurance..... "


"Yes... but in my case, there is still waste in building and rebuilding the surgical technique, and the endurance has decreased with it.That was the opposite of Mr. Al. "

"I can't lose to a boulder there.I was born and raised here, and I've been involved in magic since I was born. "

Al also laughed joyfully at the pleasant Sui Tree.But this was something Sola didn't understand.

"What are you talking about?

"Ah, aerospace magic is basically a special kind of magic that is constantly changing the technique... The technique of traveling like this is naturally different from the technique of staying here, and sometimes it changes depending on the speed.It's like the best technique for linear acceleration, or the best technique for performing behavior like a curve flight.Of course, we need to develop magic to protect ourselves according to the situation at the same time, and use other magic together... that's quite difficult. "


That is difficult.While watching Al fly fluffy, Sola nodded impressively.Therefore, although it is actually possible to use aerospace technique, many adventurers said that aerospace technique cannot be used in the sense that it can be used as magic but it is not in the practical area because it cannot be deployed simultaneously during the battle or immediately remodeled as Shui said earlier.

"But should I remember that?

"That's true. It made it easier for me to remember.You don't have to worry about buildings, like coming here or moving around. "


"Speaking of which, Kate also says aerospace is easy to get back to school.I don't encounter monsters, so somehow.... "

That's right.That's what I was told several times when I went to practice with you. "


That certainly seems easy.Sola seeps a little interest in the advantage of not encountering monsters on her way back to school.Toryn told him with a smile.

"Sora, that's fine, but for now, just sign the paperwork and the application you put away while you were away."

"Oops, sorry.Let's do it. "

So did Kite, but Sora was also absent for the past two weeks.So there were a lot of paperwork for him, and I had to finish it as soon as Toryn sorted it out for me.So they went back to normal business with them.