Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Chapter 2134 Travel by Carriage - Status Check -

Kate and Sola returned to Maxwell after completing a request from the Astore and Astoria families.Those two were supposed to clean up their work while they were away.So Kate, who had finished the job, was heading to the training ground with Lil and Rufus to grasp the status quo.


While walking through the training grounds, Kite checks out the adventurers in the Adventure Department.

(As for the thickness of the basic combat power, has it become quite normal like the Adventurer Guild...?Thinking about that, was it correct to start recruiting more adventurers outside?)

Still, it was a good thing that it stimulated each other.For Enephian adventurers, the thoughts of those who come from Earth are unthinkable to them, and on the contrary, the experiences of Enephian adventurers are naturally untouchable to them who come from Earth.

Therefore, the adventurers who participated on this side also started to move with a lot of thought, and the people from Tenzakura School also started to move with their experience absorbed.It was hidden in the movement.

"Master, do you want to make a connection?I want to see how far we've come. "

"Can I talk to you later? I want to see senpai for now."




It has been mentioned several times, but Kite has gained a lot of confidence as an Alliance Master.And there was no doubt that he was the most powerful adventurer in the adventure department, and it seemed that there were a certain number of people who wished him luck.So, I walk for a while while while they respond like that.So I stopped at the back.




As for his own spear, the flame flamed like a feather, and the spear disappeared instantly, jumping from the spot and taking a distance.Rufus slashes the plane to control it, even as he instantly attempts to chase it.



As soon as he kicked the ground and jumped backwards, Rufus landed on the ground and launched a chase.But by the time he caught up, he had landed beautifully and was ready to intercept, and it was he who took the lead.

"Hmm... well, obviously, the technique didn't fall off."

"Are you back?

"Oh, just now.I almost finished my first job after that... is this the second round?

"That's where it is."

When asked by Kite, Lil nodded with a smile.Why he noticed was that Lil had a towel wrapped around his neck.Obviously after exercising.And even considering the time since they entered the training grounds, it was still reasonable to think after a game.

"... even though the output seems to be dropping slightly..."

"I didn't like necklaces more than that."

I see.

Kite laughed joyfully at Lil's words.At that moment, he saw a blue glowing chain on his neck, and they were the only ones.That should be it. This was the necklace that suppressed his power as a demon clan.However, due to the intention of the producers, it seems that it was made into a pretty fashionable design.

That is why he was so embarrassed.That's why we'll be watching the two fight for a while to grasp the status quo.When the intersecting blades numbered several hundred, they resolved their stance.

"Phew... thank you.In general, I know what's going on. "

"If I could be of any help to you, I'd love to... but the seal was as usual as I didn't know."

"I don't think so. I was more serious than usual.I just want to keep it down a little bit.... "

If you apply too much force, this time the seal will deploy the force of restraint, so it won't work either.The moment smiles bitterly.And while we were talking about that, they both noticed Kite.

"Kate, you're home."

"Ah, just now... here"


The two of them caught the drink Kate threw at them and put it in their mouth for the time being.The contents are just sports drinks.So I decided to talk again after a short break.

"How's the necklace going?

"Well, it feels a little uncomfortable.Every time I use my force, I feel strangely pressed... well, it's been waterproof and helpful.I was wondering what to do if I took it off and left it somewhere.Don't take it off in the shower or bath. "

In making this necklace, I was hoping that the only order I made in a flash would not be lost.At present, I knew that he was very busy making seals for adventurers, and I knew it would be bad if he didn't.Therefore, the main premise was to prevent loss.Since it was for adventurers, it was a pre-assumption about durability, and there was no problem even if he didn't place an order.

"Is it made of... Magic Ore (Orihalcon)?"

"Oh, I'm sure you'll be able to endure a little indifference."

"Somewhat. Well, what would a Rank A Adventurer do?"

After all, the adventurers will even rip apart the system of magic metals when they reach high places.The only thing to say safe is scarlet gold.

When considering the power of moments, it was not impossible for the producer Juliette to be a little indifferent.In fact, if she is the leader of the eight major guilds, she can crush the magic ore (Orihalcon) normally.I could never say it was safe.

"How powerful were the two of you when you actually fought?It feels good. "

"That's it?Well, I saw a few drops before I wore my necklace.... "

"That's what I'm talking about.Rather, it may have been easier to control because you no longer feel the absurd power. "

Following Rufus's words, Lil speaks honestly as she feels.And about this, I felt it instantly.

"Ah... I actually had the feeling of being swinging all the time... but now it's much easier to move.I can fight with a sense of closeness. "

"But shouldn't the seal be a little stronger?I didn't feel much loss of combat power..... "

"Really? I did it more seriously than usual....."

If you think about it, it could certainly have been the same situation as before.Instantly, she stared at her hand and wondered what it was like.And that's where Kite guessed.

"Hmm... probably just because I fought at the top, I subconsciously absorbed that combat skill.I dare say, how to use force?Just as the drunken child absorbed his combat skills, so did the drunken child. "

"Is that what happens?

"Wake up or not, and if you tell me, I'll wake up"

Sure. Kite enjoys looking at Rufus.It was because he probably remembered more than anyone else.And Rufus nodded a little shy.

"... ahh. Recently, I realized that I was able to use the power of ice attributes."

"I see... Rufus was really good at fire, wasn't he?

"Oh, rather than ice, I wasn't that good at it.It's the opposite attribute. "

Sparkling ice and a blazing flame.Producing the two as small chunks, Rufus manipulates them to draw a spiral.It had been made for a long time, but it was still easier to deal with his feelings than before.

"I dare say, I've lost consciousness.I don't feel that hard anymore. "


"So you learned how to use the power as a demon simultaneously by subconsciously absorbing the alcoholic drinking child's technology.Toyohisa Shimadzu is only a person who draws the blood of demons.Senpai is the same... but a drunken child is a demon who draws the blood of God.It's just a demon.It's only natural that he uses the power of demons better. "

"I learned that unconsciously."

I see. I think the body remembered what the drunken boy did. "

"I see...."

The alcoholic child manipulated only the flesh of an instant.Therefore, I learned that his body was done by a drunken child.That's what he said, and he was convinced instantly.Nevertheless, it didn't matter if I let it go, but Kite was careful where it happened.

"Well, you shouldn't still be careless about the boulder.Just because you're better at suppressing doesn't mean you can never suppress it. "

I know that.

"Then you'll be fine.You should accept that this was a happy miscalculation. "

Let's do it.

It is quite uncomfortable for me to know how to use it even though I don't have that recognition, but this discomfort was a feeling that I have felt many times while using < >.That's why I decided to accept the same situation instantly.That's why I grabbed the situation once in a while, but suddenly I made a complaint.

"Kate, can I ask you for a match for the first time in a while?


"Here's one thing, I want to challenge a pretty good opponent"

"... well, okay?"

By the time I got here, many people had told me the same thing, so I thought I'd prioritize you, but this was my job as an Alliance Master.Therefore, in response to the instant request, Kite jumps one by one and moves to the center of the training ground.

"We don't have much time, so let's do it quickly.No greetings, it's a quick fight. "

"A spear... good"

As they crawl around, Kate plays with the spear, and instantly weaves the spear again and immediately dances down to the training ground.Thus, he storms first and foremost.



Against the spear that was protruded, the kite also strayed from its trajectory by entangling the spear.It was a tangled spear, but at that point, the spear instantly disappeared.I immediately switched to a two-spear stream.




The kite jumped lightly to the ground and instantly turned up.That seemed like a kite, but what a giant axe he had.



Oh no. A kite with an axe of gravity accelerating the fall speed, instantly kicks the ground in a hurry and leaves the scene.Right after that. Kite's blow shakes and crushes the ground.This instantly opened my eyes unexpectedly.


"Well, what do we do?

Kite joyfully urges the next move toward the moment she can no longer land satisfactorily, shattered to where she was supposed to land.Moreover, he was relentlessly in a state of penetration if he was going to take out his bow and land on it.

(If you land like this, you will be sniped on an unstable scaffold.Even so, < > is strict in this state... if you can fly, right?)

If we could use aerospace techniques at this time, we could escape without a problem.I thought so from the bottom of my heart, but now I can't give up.

(We'll have to... try it later.)

I've never done it, but there's nothing I can't do.In the blink of an eye, take a big breath in the air and slightly relax your shoulders.The next moment, he shouted loudly.

"Whoa, whoa!


Exhale loudly from your mouth as you scream, and the blink of an eye accelerates slightly.It accelerated dramatically by releasing magic in his breath.I suppose you stepped on a simple magic release at this distance.That's how Kate shoots an arrow at him.


If we get this far, we can get rid of it.In a blink of an eye, he sees the released arrows and cuts them out in one breath.He immediately regained his posture and tried to keep an eye on Kite, but he wasn't there anymore.




Supa. A creepy sound echoes, instantly blushing.Having said that, it was Harrison, who hit him in the head with comedy.Soon he was flying over the sky and hit his head at the same time he landed.

"While... how did you do that?

"Let's see where I was.

"Is that... an arrow?

"Metastasis... no, application of spatial substitution... no, a subspecies.Soleil taught me a little special arrow.It's the technique of replacing the place where you left it with your own. "

"When did you..."

Apparently, they switched positions with the arrows they had fired and assaulted them from the air.It should be noted that at some point, the instant landing occurred simultaneously.At that moment, he lowered his gaze for a moment, but at that moment he lightly manipulated the magic yarn to the sky and threw an arrow.

"Well, I guess this is it.There's certainly less power loss than I thought. "

"Really... that means you've been completely played with your moves?"

"I still can't lose because of the variety of tricks I use."

The moment you relax your shoulders and laugh, Kite also laughs.Then, after the battle, they would once again leave the training ground.